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Gather 100 random gamers together, and you may be surprised as you look around the room. You’ll see more gray hair than you expected—the average gamer is as likely to be over 50 years old as they are to be under 18. And there may also be more females as well. The average gamer is nearly twice as likely to be an adult woman than a boy.

A study by the Entertainment Software Association shows that gaming is as widely accepted across different U.S. demographic groups as other forms of popular culture like books, television, and movies.

  • 26% of gamers are 50 and older, 27% are 18 and younger.
  • 31% of gamers are women 18 and older, boys 18 and younger make up just 17% of gamers.
  • The average age of frequent game purchasers is 38 years old—the exact same as the median age of the U.S. population.

Gaming is a big part of family life. In 63% of U.S. homes, someone plays video games at least 3 times a week. And, among parents whose children play video games, 62% report playing computer and video games with their children every week.

The Entertainment Software Association ran the same study in 2014—the numbers haven’t changed that much. But keep following these stats to see how the gaming industry’s customer base evolves.


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