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China has more internet users than any other country. Eventually, it will have the most gamers, too. Already, the Chinese online gaming market is worth about $30 billion in U.S. dollars—but there’s plenty of room to grow.

China’s most popular game is the Chinese-language-only MMORPG Fantasy Westward Journey, with 310 million registered users. Western MMORPGs like World of Warcraft are popular as well—half of WOW players are in China.

In June, the movie adaptation of World of Warcraft, Warcraft: The Beginning, earned $156 million on its opening weekend in China. That’s $30 million more than Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned for its entire Chinese run. So, even though Warcraft only lasted 2 weeks in the U.S. top ten movies, thanks to Chinese audiences it’s still the highest-earning movie adaptation of a video game ever.


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