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The video games industry of South Africa is set to go viral. An increase in internet access is fueling unprecedented levels of growth in the area’s entertainment and media market, projecting a growth rate of 10.2% annually. The African Press Organization expects video games to be the fastest growing area of the African tech industry at 9% annually, and a large area driven by consumer demand. South Africa’s current gaming market value sits at $163 million – with numbers reflecting only discs and consoles.

New game developers and companies are on the rise in this region, but it all started out with Toxic Bunny in 1996. Toxic Bunny was released by Celestial and has sold over 150,000 units internationally. The game has continued to receive upgrades and is now available on Steam and compatible with Windows (not yet for Mac and Linux). Desktop Dungeons and Pixel Boy are other notable names to remember in South African gaming. As we see more games coming out of South Africa, the cultural diversity and creativity of the area will also make an impact.


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