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We’ve all been there: That one level is SO hard to beat, but you almost made it. Come on, just one more try, and — the next thing you know, it’s three hours later, maybe even five.

Video games can be addicting as an adult, so it must be even harder to set that controller down as a child. Luckily, there are great parents out there who are always ready to help. In fact, 95% of parents monitor their child’s video game content. In addition to monitoring, the modern parent sets limits on their child’s game play.

When it comes to limits, 83% of parents limit their child’s video game play. 80% of parents also limit their children’s television viewing, including 70% who place limits on movie viewing. This means parents are involved to actively help monitor both time and content involved. Internet usage is watched too, with 76% of parents placing time limits on surfing the web.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone to help the rest of us adults power down and go outside to play for a while?


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