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By 2019, video game revenue is projected to reach an estimated $93 billion. According to PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers, a professional services network), social gaming should bring in an additional estimated $22 billion. PwC analyzed hundreds of application program interfaces (APIs) for social gaming, based on a wide range of capabilities (monetization, streaming and recording, gave reviews, modding, retrieving data, etc.) The top ten APIs were:

  • EVE Online – A popular MMORPG game recognized for multiple awards and featured in both PC Magazine and an exhibit at the NY Museum of Modern Art.
  • Riot Games – Known for the popular game League of Legends, which reports up to 27 million players a day.
  • Battle.net – The API for Blizzard Entertainment’s collection of games, including Diablo, WoW, and StarCraft.
  • Facebook Game Services – Currently home to 2000+ games highly addictive games (think Candy Crush.)
  • Google Play Games Services – Official API of the Android App Store.
  • Guild Wars 2 – Another popular MMORPG, Guild Wars reports 7 million accounts, and ranks at #47 on PC Gamer’s top 100 games of all time.
  • Steam – This popular gaming platform features over 6,000 games and 100 million members.
  • TwitchTV – This social video gaming platform features a gaming community that hosts over 100 million unique viewers per month.
  • Giant Bomb – Giant Bomb provides information on everything video game – from reviews to news, to wikis, to video game news and reviews
  • SpongeAPI – This API features the modding communities of Minecraft, and is intended to act as both server and client API.


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