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Professional gaming is growing rapidly across the globe, but female gamers still represent only a small minority in this field. These ladies however, show how to play games in style with some serious earnings by the top ten earning female players. The United States has a strong showing, taking 7 of the top ten spots. Canada ranks at #2, the United Kingdom take spot #4, and South Korea holds spot #10. The full list of top ten earning women (as of April 2015) includes:

  1. Mystik
  2. Scarlett
  3. Kasumi Chan
  4. Sarah Lou
  5. Vanessa
  6. Hafu
  7. Missy
  8. Liefje
  9. Potter
  10. Tossgirl

And just how do these women match up against the gaming world overall? Three of these ladies make the top 500 earning gamers. Holding the following spots are:

#171 – Mystik

#193 – Scarlett

#472 – Kasumi Chan

If these numbers don’t seem too high yet, just remember – many of these ladies are still beginning. For example, Sarah Lou won $50,000 – and has only competed in one tournament! We can’t wait to see how these promising gaming careers continue. Well done!


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