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Right now developers are more likely to be working on games for the PC than any other platform, but that is shifting (not so slowly) as the development of swipe-and-tap mobile games has become nearly as common.

If your preference building intricate graphics and elaborate worlds for PC and console games, you’ll still find plenty of work. Just over half of developers asked at March’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco are working on a PC game in 2016 (52%), while 28% are developing for Playstation 4 and 23% for Xbox One.

Mobile games are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the industry (44%). At its current growth rate, mobile may soon take the title of biggest game development platform. But will it hold onto it for long? Virtual Reality is currently creeping up the list of popular platforms. 15% of developers report that they’re working on VR games, even though very few Americans own VR devices. As the devices gain popularity, expect developers to focus more and more on VR.


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