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2015 was a significant year for games on Kickstarter, with  978,189 backers pledging over $144.4 million to gaming projects. That’s almost double the reported amount for 2014. These projects brought in a total of 2,249,391 pledges on 7,466 projects. Of these projects, 2,259 were successful (or about 30%). Video games account for a significant portion of these statistics, bringing in $46,177,705 pledges with 480,382 backers. 374 video gaming campaigns were successful.

When considering successful (and record-breaking) games, two projects must be mentioned – Bloodstained and Shenmue III. Bloodstained describes itself as, “a gothic, exploration-focused action platformer.” The project is currently supported by 64,867 backers pledging $5,545,991. Kickstarter’s top game for 2015 was Shenmue III. This game follows up the story and gameplay created by Yu Suzuki in 1999 with this open world action-adventure game. At the time of launch in July 2015, the project reported 69,320 backers pledging a staggering $6,333,295.


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