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Gamers in the United States spent almost $25 billion on games, hardware, and accessories in 2011. That’s almost the equivalent of gaming revenue worldwide in 2004. It’s not just our large area and population that are blowing the Asian and European competition out of the water, but the portion of the population that likes to play games – 70 percent in the US compared to 50 percent in France, for example.

A large part of the rise of the American gamer is due to online gaming. Online gaming attracts diverse audiences, from casual gamers to the hardcore professional gamers. Mixed use package games such as Call of Duty are a large part of the driving force of this increased game consumption, letting players experience games on multiple consoles and with different levels of interaction.

The Arab gaming market is expected to grow from $900 million in 2011 to over $3 billion by 2016. Let’s not forget the home of gaming giants like Nintendo, or the emerging European markets and conventions like GDC Europe. With the gaming business spreading and increasing worldwide, will the US still be able to maintain its superpower status?


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