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It’s not just playing, but creating video games that has soared in popularity recently. The Entertainment Software Association has compiled a list of colleges, universities, and art and trade schools in the United States that offer courses, certificates, or degree programs in game creation. This map represents the distribution of schools across the US. Every state in the nation has at least one video game creation program with the exception of South Carolina. While Rhode Island and Washington, DC, are not represented on the map due to size, don’t worry – they are represented by 1 and 2 program offerings respectively.

The states with the most programs is unsurprisingly California, with a total of 72 listings. The runners up, New York, Illinois, Texas, and Florida, all offer almost 30 options each. After these, with 10-19 programs each, are Washington, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Maine. Program offerings include Master’s degrees and Bachelor’s, Certificates, Minor’s and some universities with specific courses.


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