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People often comment on the beauty and innovation of art in video games, but gaming can offer greater enrichment than just a visual appeal. Art has been shown to be an important part of child development. With ever-increasing cuts to many school arts programs, video gaming can help provide a unique way to provide artistics enrichment at home. Art has been demonstrated to help develop motor skill by increasing dexterity. Both making art (Minecraft anyone?) and talking about it can help improve language skills. Additionally, art provides a window to other languages and cultures by studying works from other countries (eg. Dali and the Spanish Surreal landscapes). Children able to experience art have also shown improved levels of inventiveness and cultural awareness.  Visual learning and academic performance may also improve, along with helping youth develop decision-making skills.

Loot Interactive takes art to a whole new level in the new mobile game Back to Bed. The game offers artistic enrichment by providing backdrops from well-known surreal artists include Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, and Rene Magritte. Players act as a sleepwalker named Bob (Subob) and travel through a variety of different art-inspired levels solving puzzles. Players navigate these surreal landscapes using logic to solve puzzles in levels with titles such as “30 Flights of Frenzy” and “Puzzle Gameplay Turned Updside Down.”



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