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Video games have often gotten bad press for initiating violence and causing poor parenting, but how much of that is true and how much is tabloid fodder? The truth is that most parents are positive and proactive when it comes to their involvement with their child’s gaming experience. In fact, 91% of the time parents are present at the time a game is rented or purchased by a minor. Even better, of these purchases the child asks permission beforehand 82% of the time.

Additionally, 42% of parents surveyed said they not only allow their kids to play games weekly, but sit down and enjoy playing as well. These parents, 56% in fact, say games are a positive and important part of their children’s lives.

We just love the idea of using gaming as a way to create a positive parenting and family experience. Learning limits, asking permission, and spending quality time together as parent and child, are all reasons we rate gaming as a 5 star family experience!



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