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Video games are often thought of as entertainment, but they can also be a great learning tool. In fact 74% of K-8 teachers have said that they use video games to promote learning.

So how does this work and what are the games used for?

Teachers use video games across all grade groups including primary, elementary, and middle school students. While 43% use this media to teach skills mandated by local and district curriculum standards, 45% use this media to supplement existing content. In just another example of dedicated educators going above and beyond the job, teachers will use video games and digital media to help students see the bigger picture and expand on basic knowledge.

What else can teachers use games and media for? How about a pop quiz or a test? Teachers surveyed reported that 33% of them use digital games to assess students’ supplemental knowledge or skills, while 29% reported conducting formative assessment of students on standards-based knowledge or skills.

From testing to teaching, digital media and gaming has crossed over from entertainment to educational tool.



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