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Research by Alex Wade, Professor of Psychology at the University of York in the U.K., suggests that gaming names can correspond to gameplay traits. To conduct his analysis Wade looked at usernames and behavior in Riot Games’ League of Legends. This was a good game to study as it has the options of playing both independently and in collaboration with a team.

Now, anyone who’s seen Wade’s research may be able to decide whether to trust you based on your gaming name. If you have an obscenity in your name, the research shows that you’re more likely to be antisocial and have a higher chance of being destructive. On the other hand, the research shows that players with kinder language in their name are seen as an asset to their teams. If you want to be counted as an ally, you may want a name like “HappinessIsFreshFlowers35.”

If you don’t want to reveal anything about your personality, you might try using a randomizer to generate your name. Or might that suggest something else entirely?


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