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The United States leads the world as the workplace and the birthplace for video game developers. The US employs 57% of game developers and is the birthplace of 48% of developers surveyed. Canada and the United Kingdom follow and Mexico adds 0.4%. This means 59% of those surveyed were born in North America. Australia, Japan, Brazil, and many western European countries reported 5% or less of respondents born in each location. Tallies showed that 5% of developers were born in Latin America, 7% in Asia, and 24% in Europe.

The International Game Developers Association describes itself as the largest professional association for game developers worldwide. Starting in 2014, they launched an annual research survey called the Developer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is open to anyone working in a professional or academic capacity in the video game industry. The 2015 survey collected almost 3,000 responses in multiple languages. The results are intended to generate industry insights and drive new gaming initiatives.


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