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Goo Technologies surveyed 2000 people aged 18 and older for their 2013 State of Gaming Index. The survey included questions about mobile gaming and browser-based gameplay. The majority of Americans were shown to be familiar with, and enjoy, this type of gaming experience.

Of those surveyed, 85% of Americans who played smartphone or tablet-based games indicated that they would want to play games almost anywhere. These locations were based on a perfect world setting, with no limitations on data use or streaming, and no need to purchase additional items to continue play.

Most respondents said they enjoyed playing on the couch or on a plane, but there were some less conventional answers. Showing a complete disregard to traffic safety, 4% of respondents said they would enjoy playing games while driving. The irresponsible trend continues with 25% enjoying gameplay at work. We aren’t so sure about the quality of workout for the 11% playing games at the gym, and we probably don’t want to know about the 34% who enjoy gaming on the toilet.

It’s clear that mobile gaming is becoming more and more present in daily activities, with acceptance in almost any location.



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