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Who is the average video gamer?

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Games Aren’t Just Child’s Play

While once thought to be an activity just for kids, gaming has truly become a mainstream activity for adults. The average age of an adult game player is 31 years old. With over 65% of the United States playing games, the single largest percentage of those gamers fall in the 18-49 year old range – that’s 49% of the 65% for those who are keeping track. Did you know there are actually more people over 50 that are playing games than those under 18?

And as for gender – well, there is still a male majority playing games, but that could change quickly. Males represent 52% of surveyed gamers, while females are represented at 48%. This data is based on the entire gaming industry, and not the more female-dominated genres and consoles. If we surveyed Wii and casual game players we would get a very different set of answers!

As rapidly as the world of games is evolving, so are the people who play those games. Moving from a child’s toy to a mainstream entertainment option, the average gamer has grown up. Who knows what gaming will look like in the next 5-10 years?



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