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Setting world records often takes a lot of work and collaboration. This particular record takes DIY to a whole new level as Jason Camberis built and created the World’s Tallest Arcade machine. As a network engineer from Chicago, Camberis had the technical know-how to get this project done. This impressive machine took over 2 years to build. Standout features include a light-up trackball that is 16 inches wide and full arcade controls including joysticks and buttons. The arcade machine is designed for retro games like Pac Man, Rampage, and Robotron, but has a slightly modern twist. Using today’s technology, Camberis was able to set up the system with over 250 of these retro games to choose from.

The full games height stands at 14 feet, 5 inches tall and 6 feet wide. That’s taller than the average basketball backboard. Guinness describes the height as, “taller than a fully grown African elephant.” The average human stands between 5’2″ and 5’6″, which means that most people could lay sideways across the machine and still not reach the end. The machine has giant quarter slots, but since there aren’t any giant quarters – these are just for show. Gamers can play for free, but might need to use the built in stairs to enjoy a classic game.


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