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Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing areas for mobile usage. The primary countries in this geographic area are considered to be Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Asian mobile users are big on data, with traffic experiencing a 1000% growth rate and high percentages of weekly app downloads. What’s interesting to note is that this rate of download consumption for apps and games is often on some of the weakest national internet speed averages. For example, the Philippines has the highest percentage of weekly mobile downloads at 51%, but the slowest average internet speed at only 3.6 Mbps. As a complete opposite, Singapore has the smallest percentage of downloads with 22%, but the highest average internet speeds (by far) at 61Mbps. All countries except Singapore showed internet speeds to be less than 20 Mbps, with the majority being under 6 Mbps – yet this hasn’t stopped the southeast Asian mobile growth!



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