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mom-gamers-casualconnectThe gaming industry is currently undergoing a revolution, as it’s already begun to banish long-held stereotypes about who plays video games. There’s a ton of statistics and interesting information in the Entertainment Software Association’s 2011 report, but here are some of the highlights to save you some time

Games Aren’t Just for Kids

In fact, the average age for computer and video game players is 37. An even better statistic: 72 percent of American households play computer or video games, which means families are playing together. Forty-five percent of parents play video games with their kids on a weekly basis. So, don’t worry. Your family is not the only one trying to figure out how to get everyone enough time on the computer!

Games Are for Both Girls and Boys

Quite possibly one of the biggest gaming stereotypes has officially been busted. ESA’s report indicates that 42 percent of all gamers are women. And while there still isn’t an even split, women 18 and older make up a higher percentage of gamers than males 17 and younger.

The Era of the Casual Gamer Has Arrived

​Another nifty recent gaming trend is the growth of casual gaming.The nature of the video game market is shifting, and casual gamers are no longer the minority audience. Actually, casual gamers make up the core of the market, according to a recent Daily Finance article. Mobile and online games are showing up their console counterparts, and are even exceeding expectations from industry experts.

That’s good news for casual gamer. It means game developers will likely respond to the increasing demand by developing even more online games!

In case you needed more incentive to relax and play a good video game, we’ll leave you with an inspirational quote from NCH Healthcare System CEO Allen Weis.

“Being immersed in a video game, and having your brain stimulated, can encourage creative solutions and adaptations. These beneficial ideas and thoughts can then be applied to real life situations. The results can be surprisingly positive for individuals, communities, and society as a whole.”

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