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Do you enjoy spending your free time spinning the slots on your mobile device, anticipating a big win? How can you ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your virtual buck? Throw out the bar and seven slots from yesteryear, and check out these top five features to look for when choosing your social slot game for your mobile device.

1. Community

The lure of a real casino comes from the thrill of chance, the excitement of winning and the fun that comes from sharing it with others. Choose a game with a large community, so you can get even closer to community scatters (group payouts).  The more people playing, the more you win as a group.

2. Rich Graphics

With the increase of mobile slot games coming to market (expected to make up 46% of mobile game categories in 2014), playing with weak visuals isn’t an option. To bring home the excitement of Vegas, rich animations and “big win” celebrations are crucial to create the level of excitement loyal slotters crave.

3. Auto-Spin

Keeping your finger on the trigger can be a drag when you’re zipping through several hours of gameplay. Auto Spin allows you to set your bet and keep spinning while you sit back and watch your winnings grow.

4. More Pay Lines

More lines mean more ways to win! You should be looking for at least 9 pay lines.  Some machines offer up to 25 lines.  

5. Special Bonus Features

Seek out a game with expanded wilds, win multipliers and/or mini games to keep your gameplay diverse and exciting and to increase your earnings.

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