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Written by Alexandra Ovanesyan, bio 

Alexandra works at Big Fish out of Seattle. Besides gaming, her hobbies include watching movies, reading, knitting, photography, and cooking. But favorite pass time that she always looks forward to is foodie travel: eating great food all over the world while traveling.

We asked Alexandra to recommend -in her view- the best hidden object games for iPad and iPhone. Since she daily plays these games here at Big Fish, she definitely has the good background to share these recommendations. Enjoy!

First of all, let me introduce myself: I’m a localization tester at Big Fish. Each day I work on various Big Fish products: translating and editing text for Russian localizations, researching likes and dislikes of our audience, and playing the games (I love this job!) before release to ensure functional and linguistic quality.

Obviously, my friends often ask me to recommend good hidden object games. And needless to say, this is hard, as there are of course so many great games already! Besides, there is so much going on with hidden object games, that everyone can find something that fits their taste. (Like “history”-focused, fairytale-ish or really dark ones.) For me hidden object games are not all about finding the objects. I like it when a HOG (as it is often shortened) has an intricate plot, beautiful locations, and creative ways to use the objects I find.

I could go on about this…so I will try not to make it too long, but just let me describe a favorite game plot of mine: Some mystery happened and I am investigating why. Wandering about in wonderful and sometimes scary places, I find unexpected yet useful things – like jewels on the lawn or cheese in upholstery (where is that mouse!). I creatively use these things, like using coins as screwdrivers; using pearls as slingshot ammo, or using blankets to protect from thorny roses. And at the end of every hidden object game there is some revelation or a grand finale, which makes the overall story complete.

Although there are many different great hidden object games, I definitely got my favorites. The plot is important to me, so I have focused on this in the below recommendations, but at the same time I have tried to pick

  • games for players of all skill levels;
  • games for both solo gamers and entire families;
  • games for both sophisticated iPad/iPhone users and those who just start getting to know their devices.

So let’s start looking at some recommendations.

Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father CE

Plot: This game takes us to 19th century. The bride of the main character is kidnapped by faceless creatures in masks. He travels to a mysterious town to look for her. As the mystery unfolds, our hero finds lots of useful objects, very hard puzzles and some interesting characters. (Click the image to go and download it for free.)

Other parts that makes this game good: Vintage backgrounds, unusual puzzles and great love story – basically a very amazing game!

Haunted Manor: Queen of Death CE

Plot: The main character gets alarmed and concerned when she receives a letter from her mother. She goes back to her family manor and learns that her family is in great danger. There is a bloodthirsty beast roaming the grounds and the root of all troubles is a mysterious charm that must be destroyed at all cost. (Click the image to go and download it for free.)

Other parts that makes this game good: Great game for those who are not afraid of ghosts, haunted houses, and scary beasts.

Awakening: The Skyward Castle CE

Plot: Princess Sophia wakes up from century of sleep and learns that curse befell her people. Her long journey is full of magic creatures: wounded unicorn, talking owl, lovely furry rabbit, petrified sorcerers, belligerent basilisk. (Click the image to go and download it for free.)

Other parts that makes this game good: Magical helpers, woods full of surprises, and victory over ancient evil if the player stays brave, inventive, and smart. This game is a real feast for imagination!

Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen CE

Plot: There is a reason villagers are scared of winter storms – their children mysteriously disappear every time snow blankets the village. Ancient legend has it that this is the work of an evil Ice Queen. As the legend go, there is fog of mystery, and very little evidence. And that is why I am invited to unravel this mystery and be the “hero of the day”-detective. (Click the image to go and download it for free.)

Other parts that makes this game good: I love games inspired by timeless tales like Nutcracker, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella! And this one is a new twist on the Ice Queen-tale. [Spoiler-alert!] One of the final revelations is that under the guise of the heartless kidnapper hides a nice character from another well-known fairy tale… Oscar worthy adventure!

Grim Tales: The Wishes CE

Plot: You are solving the mystery of your nephew’s life who got involved with some evil force. The boy is very lonely, his family is going through the rough patch and he wants to change it. He wants a friend, for his father not to die on a dangerous mission, and for his mother to stop crying herself to sleep. He meets a wizard who offers help and grants all his wishes! And of course the boy agrees to all that the wizard asks for. It turns out [Spoiler-alert!], that the kind wizard is an evil swamp demon, the wishes asked for have a flipside though, the price of granted wishes is a child’s soul… (Click the image to go and download it for free.)

Other parts that makes this game good: This is a story about how important it is for kids to be happy. The story has beautifully crafted hidden object scenes, magic helpers, cunning villains and head spinning intrigue.

That was my 5 recommendations of the best hidden object games for iPad and iPhone. And by the way, if game title has CE in it,– it’s collector’s edition. This means that the game has extras – extended play, game images, game’s soundtrack, extra puzzles, and sometimes I’ll learn how game was created.

I hope you will enjoy these hidden object games on your iPad or iPhone as much as I have. If you have any favorites that you want to share, please do, and please describe why that hidden object game for the iPad or iPhone is great, so others can see how they would relate to it.

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