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It’s April 3rd which means that we’ve all mostly recovered from the fallout of April Fools Day a couple days ago. Some of us had personalized tricks played on us, and some of us experienced internet-wide pranking. Read about the very best online pranks over the last five years and let us know how you were fooled this year in the comments.

Google Gnome

Google is obviously the reigning royalty for April First and this year was no different. Google Introduces a snarky (and slightly creepy) gnome helper to assist with all of your countless outdoor needs. It’s there to turn on your hose for watering your plants, tell you about the direction of the wind, give you an update on the weather, and anything else outdoorsy you might require.

Introducing Google Gnome


Progressive hit the ball out of the park this year with a subtle and sweet announcement about progressive insurance leading the way for insurance providers on Mars. They released a Ted Talk style video introducing the idea of Red Planet Protection, and an elegant and affective website here.

“Scientists think that by 2030 we’re going to have 9 adults, 4 kids, and 2 pets living on mars.That’s a very cute setup on mars. And Progressive will be there for all their insurance needs.”


This obvious (but extremely laugh inducing) April Fools joke from Quilted Northern introduces a device to track sits (the equivalent of and exercise tracker). It allows users to set “sits goals”, “sit with friends”, and “defend the throne”. As far as April Fools day jokes go, this one is pretty much perfect.

Quilted Northern® uSit – World’s first biometric bathroom device

Airbnb presents, Humanless Host

Airbnb proves that they pretty much rock at anything they take on, including short horror films (also known as April Fools jokes). They introduce the world to a new Humanless Host, Brandon who is an intermediary between human’s and their Airbnb visit. Brandon is a tour guide, event instructor, phone charger, and overall good guy. The video is a stroke of genius, poignant, beautiful, and extremely creepy.

Airbnb presents, Humanless Host

Choose Your Own Blizzcon Adventure

Blizzard released a Choose Your Own Adventure novel to allow fans to textually attend Blizzcon. It’s a full choose your own adventure game that can only end in tragedy. It’s fairly genius and you should probably take a look.
kitty Arcade

Mewsmnts Rcade Machines For Cats

Weighting in at a cool £999, Mewmnts multiplayer cat arcade games are extremely appealing. You’ll want three. This is a pretty sweet April Fools joke. When you try to add the games to your cart, you’re greeted with a “Happy Fools Day” message. The games are touch sensitive and help felines hone their reflexes.

Now your cat can sharpen its reflexes without destroying the local bird population. Commercial arcade-standard controls are responsive to precise inputs from paws of any size.

Sloths invade Jackpot Magic Slots

And, finally, in case you missed it, here at Big Fish we had our own major catastrophe of April Fools proportions. Sloths invaded Jackpot Magic Slots and took over the landing page, blog and social media. They held Facebook hostage for the full day in their quest to take over the internet.
Jackpot City Sloths

Be sure to share some of your favorite April Fools day jokes from this year, or classics from previous years, in the comments!

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