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Big Fish Games Top Chef ContestThat’s right; it’s time for another round of Felix’s Top Chef!

We have a lot of sweet toothed gamers around our office so to follow up the best 30-minute meal recipe, thought dessert would be appropriate. As such, the challenge is: The Best Cookie Recipe Ever! After all, who doesn’t love cookies?

Submit your favorite cookie recipe to bfgcontest [at] bigfishgames [dot] com between now and 11:59pm PST on August 25th. We will pick our top 10 recipes and post them for a community vote. After you select the top 5 recipes, our moderation and community team will recreate the dishes, following the recipes very carefully. The winning cookie recipe will be featured here, complete with pictures of the taste test, earning the original cook the title of “Felix’s Top Chef”!

Who will be judging this month? The team that brought you the Drawn games! You love their games. Now it’s time for them to love your cookies!

Drawn Game Development Team

All right Fishies! Send in those recipes! We cannot wait to try them out.

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