We polled a group of imaginary characters from around the world and cross-referenced the data through multiple algorithms until we narrowed down a list of the top five best free slots game characters of April 2017. We admit, some of our results might skew with a little bias to specific game titles but that is what happens when dealing with divas of video game character variety. They let their big names go to their cartoony heads.


Number 1: The Scarecrow in The Road to OZ Slots

Dorothy and the Tinman made a good run, but they ultimately couldn’t outrun Toto or outsmart the Scarecrow with no brain. Scarecrow took first and Toto snuck in at second. The Lion took last since he refused to participate in the poll due to his fear of elections.

Wizard of Oz--Doroty Meets Scarecrow

Number 2: The Panda from Panda Tea Party Slots

This playful bamboo-eating ball of fur took second place and we were only slightly surprised by this outcome since we knew social media loves playful Pandas and Hollywood loves Kung Fu Pandas. In case you missed viral panda videos, watch a few favorites below.

Watch: Playful giant panda can’t let zookeeper go
Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman

Number 3: The Gummy from the Gummy Drop World Tour Slots

We thought the Gummy might take the number one spot due to its charm and world-traveler ways, but it couldn’t shake its Diva status. The Scarecrow explains, “The gummy lives in a gummy slot world. It doesn’t live in the real world.”

Number 4: The Dragon from Dragon Slots

To be honest, we were surprised the Dragon was even a contender because she is a greedy old girl just like her cousin old Smaug from the Hobbit stories. It must be the fantasy world she represents that sways other game characters her way. Who doesn’t want to meet Pete’s Dragon?

Disney's PETE'S DRAGON - Movie Clips Compilation (2016)

Number 5: The Fox from Tails of the Snow Fox Slots Game

The general consensus among other game characters was that the Fox had a mysterious aura about her that is highly contagious. As Lady Lux from Jackpot Magic Slots explained, “She is magical and makes you feel balanced. It’s like a mythic force.”

Hudson meets snow!
That’s the list folks. If you want to meet the above characters, they are typically found socializing at Jackpot Magic Slots among some other characters – including a cat and mouse that might have a Tom and Jerry dynamic.

Poll: Which character has your vote?

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