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2017 Black Friday Stats

The height of the 2017 shopping season is nearly upon us; Black Friday is coming. In 2015, an estimated 74 million people were shopping on Black Friday. In 2016, shopping numbers skyrocketed to an estimated 101.7 million. What does that mean for the 2017 Christmas shopping season? History suggests the numbers will grow despite the fact that more and more retailers now offer similar deals before and after Black Friday.

Which 2017 Black Friday adventure do you choose?

What will you do this Black Friday? Will you opt to stay home and play video games? Will opt to go outside and explore the wilderness? Will you sleep off your Thanksgiving meal from the previous night? Or will you be one of the many brave people that line up in the cold in order to catch the elusive Black Friday shopping deal? If you’re choosing to battle through the crowds this season, then you might want to consider reading our 2017 Black Friday field guide. It was carefully designed to help you navigate around the many characters found in the retail jungle. Choose your own path this Black Friday but do so at your own risk. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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