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It seems like everything we do has some kind of impact on the environment. Driving, charging a cell phone, generous paper use, etc. But, have you ever stopped to consider the impact of your gaming on the environment? Well, in celebration of America Recycles Day, we did JUST THAT! Take a look at the infographic we put together below to find out how your gaming behaviors may impact the world around you. Environmental Impact of Gaming - Full Infographic[1] (1)

Producing a digital video game creates 53% more co2 than a physical game.

Production of a single physical video game creates 1.20kg of co2.

A digital download creates 2.27kg of co2.

Co2 Emissions from Digital Games


But most Co2 is produced during gameplay.

Gaming PC’s in California use the energy equivalent of 4.5 million refrigerators

Gaming PC’s can use up to 5 monitors, with 1.5 million machines in California alone, that’s the energy equivalent of 4.5 million refrigerators.

So there you have it. It’s something to think about the next time you sit down with your controller or at your PC. Consider downloading more games instead of buying physical copies. Maybe take a pause to enjoy a walk and some nature. And definitely put your Xbox One in energy saver mode!


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