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Mystery Case Files© has long been the most beloved hidden object adventure series by Big Fish fans, and for good reason. These games were among the very first that casual gamers experienced in the hidden object genre and are known for amazing storylines, innovative puzzles and impeccable art. Arguably, the Mystery Case Files© series represents the gold-standard for hidden object adventure games. It is for this reason that League of Light: Wicked Harvest stands out!

In every way, League of Light: Wicked Harvest is comparable to the very best games in the Mystery Case Files© series. From a fast paced story that keeps you on your toes, to advanced mini games and hidden object puzzles, to a unique art style that is absolutely gorgeous, League of Light: Wicked Harvest offers players a new high quality hidden object series.

The game begins with an urgent letter from the League of Light about a series of child disappearances in the village of Blake’s Mountain. These disappearances began in the weeks leading up to the ominous red moon, an event that the locals believe unleashes evil upon the world. Many have reported that a large and terrifying scarecrow was seen at or near the last known location of the missing children. Who took these children, and their intentions, are a mystery that must be solved before the red moon fades.

Like any good hidden object adventure series, League of Light: Wicked Harvest requires players to explore the world of Blake’s Mountain to hunt for clues as to the whereabouts of the missing children and the villain, or villains, at large. As you explore, you will encounter items that can be collected in your inventory for use in solving puzzles or unlocking new areas. The game also uses a variety of hidden object scenes as a means of acquiring inventory items. If players get stuck, the game includes an advanced hint system that shows you the object or area in the scene with which you can interact, or redirects the player to the correct location.

There are also a variety of achievements that the player can earn throughout the game. For more on the features included in League of Light: Wicked Harvest check out the “League of Light: Wicked Harvest – Preview” video with JessicaPlays:

What sets League of Light: Wicked Harvest apart is not what’s in the game, but the way in which the game is executed. The story, mini games, hidden object puzzles and art style were designed in concert to offer the player a truly cohesive and memorable game play experience. League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector’s Edition is available for PC and Mac, and coming soon to mobile devices.

If you love the Mystery Case Files© series and wish there were more games of this caliber then you’re in luck…that game is here!

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