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Have you ever wanted to teleport to a new location simply by touching a map? Well, that technology hasn’t quite arrived yet in the real world, but it has for Gummy Drop! Introducing Travel Vouchers: the new way to travel in Gummy Drop!


What’s Gummy Drop!? Gummy Drop! combines the fun of a Match-3 game with the excitement of resource management and world-building. Visit famous locations and use your skills to help rebuild landmarks using the resources you’ve collected along the way. If you get stuck, no worries! There are plenty of boosts and a “Lucky Spin” feature that can help get you through the toughest levels!

And now with this update, Gummy Drop! makes traveling easier! Every time you collect stamps in your Passport you’ll earn Travel Vouchers that can be used to unlock cities around the world. You can also find Travel Vouchers in treasure chests and on the “Lucky Spin” wheel.

To use your newly-collected vouchers just head to the World Map and tap on the city you want to visit. Then the magic happens! Select “Use Travel Vouchers to Unlock Now” and choose whether you want to access that city for 24 hours, 7 days, or permanently. The best part is, your progress will be saved when your times up and you can continue playing from where you left off once you unlock the city again in the future.

So where do you want to go first?

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  • Charles Clindist Reichard

    can someone help me I can’t seem to get my Facebook gameroom gummy drop to update…. it just keeps telling me that I don’t have the latest update but I can’t find where it is.

    • Rita Casey

      yes when is this available for the pc

      • Charles Clindist Reichard


    • Abby Rosman


  • Rob Wright

    I was wondering why i dont have the space for a extra spin on the wheel its a video to watch my husband has one on his game which we both have an Android device??

  • Renee StHilaire

    Need help to threw level 31 on the the second so i can through the 3rd so i can collect the diAmonds

  • Dee Larson

    My tablet crashed and after a factory reset I can’t get gummy drop back

  • Evelyn Grimes

    I am stuck at 8-2 in San Francisco – any ideas to pass it?

  • Ceu Santos

    Já jogo este jogo há mais de dois anos. Já estava ba cidade de Bangkok e joguei hoje. Agora tentei jogar e simplesmente desapareceu tudo e voltou para Tóquio. Depois de tanta cidade feita volto simplesmente quase ao inicio só se salvou Sidney. A pergunta é .onde foi parar meu jogo?

  • Ceu Santos

    I was playing my gummy drop and i was in Bangkok and
    now wen i start to play it goes to Tokio .its lost all de other citys .were is my game?

  • Joann Sorensen Keefe

    i upgraded gummy drop! game on my ipad and smart phone….now i am unable to conntect with facebook

    • Leisha Dawn Thomas

      Mine won’t even load