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Games Affiliate Program

We’re happy to announce the release of a new and improved Big Fish Games Affiliate Program. The new Affiliate Program provides tools for affiliates at all levels of technical experience and knowledge.

Both the My Game Space and the Principal Network Partner (PNP) programs have been restructured and integrated into the new and improved Affiliate Program. As a result, the My Game Space and PNP websites are no longer available.

If you were a My Game Space or PNP member, you have several options for claiming your rewards or earnings:

  1. Redeem your rewards or earnings for games
    Your available rewards or earnings can be paid to you as free game coupons. Each coupon has a value of $6.99 USD and is good for 1 game at Big Fish Games. We will round up your rewards to the nearest number of game coupons. For example, rewards up to $6.99 will receive 1 game coupon. If you have $7.00, you will receive 2 game coupons.
  2. Receive your rewards or earnings as cash
    You can request a check for the total amount of your account balance.
  3. Join the new Affiliate Program
    Register your existing account with the new Big Fish Games Affiliate Marketing Program and become an affiliate. Take full advantage of all the new features and improved tools, as well as our new website.

New Look and Feel

We’ve included a screenshot of the new affiliate program dashboard. If you were part of our affiliate program before this update you can see the program has undergone a complete redesign to make things easier on you to sell more games and make more money!

Games Affiliate Program


If you have more questions, we’re offering detailed instructions on how to cash out your MyGameSpace account.

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