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Admit it: you play games on the toilet. There’s no need to be embarrassed. You most likely have talked to someone today who secretly plays games on the john – three out of four gamers play mobile games in the bathroom. (Even more than those of us that play mobile games in bed at 62%!) Welcome to the elite ranks of the Game-and-Go generation. Why not make it a comfortable experience if you’re going to play while you do your business? Here are a few ideas to inspire your ultimate gaming throne.

“Three out of four gamers play mobile games in the bathroom!”

Vinyl toilet seat stickers


Super Mario Bros. Piranha Toilet ($19.99)

There’s something wrong with this toilet. Better call someone who knows what they’re doing. Like a plumber. With superpowers.


Star Wars “The Force is Strong” toilet seat ($12)

But don’t force it too much because that’s just not good for you.

Game of Thrones toilet ($25)

Queen Cersi summed up gaming on the toilet best: “In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.”


WarGames “Do you want to play a game?” toilet seat ($14.99)

Drop the bomb that starts World War III while you game.


Harry Potter “Ministry of Magic” toilet seat ($12)

Will someone clean the portal, please? Magic is becoming a dirty job.


Custom toilet seat covers


Super Mario Bros. toilet seat, tissue box cover, light switch ($70)

This carefully hand-painted acrylic on wood is an easy way to coordinate your ultimate gamer bathroom.

Because who doesn’t want their bathroom to look like this, really?

Zombie toilet seat cover ($20)

Lovingly pay tribute to your favorite zombie movie or video game with this pillow print.

Ouiji Board toilet seat ($79.99)

Summon the spirits to give you some clues into beating that intensely difficult mobile phone puzzle game. Handmade toilet seat made from paint, acrylic, and glass stones.

Minecraft Creeper Seat Cover ($45)

The Creepers are known to come out at night to destroy your carefully constructed domain – maybe you’ll scare them away with, well, you know. Handmade from terry towel, this adorable little guy can come in blue, pink, red, green, or white!


Rest easy: making gaming comfortable


Pink fuzzy toilet seat cover ($32.50)

This isn’t particularly flashy like everything else, but just think of how your toosh feels after an hour on that hard seat. Handmade cotton fleece will soften the experience. Maybe you can even fit some foam under there for extra support. (Although it looks like you have to aim carefully.)

And if a pink, fuzzy toilet friend isn’t executive enough for you, try this leather business throne on for size. (We highly suspect this is photoshopped as we can’t seem to locate where to buy one. Bummer.)


Super Mario Bros. toilet paper cover ($14.99)

Super cute hand crocheted plumber pipe sitting on top of your plumbing. Watch out for snapping piranha plants!


Video game cartridge urinal

Make your own urinal built from video game cartridges. No, really! And it’s not that expensive, either! Especially considering the plethora of homeless video game cartridges from the last 30 years.


iPotty ($34.99)

Finally, entice your little one to use the toilet with this iPad-mounted training potty. Pretty sure we know a few adults who wished they had one of these, too.


How do you game on your throne?

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