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We’re excited to introduce our new mobile game, Amazing Napoleon’s Great Escape from Tiny Places. In Tiny Places, Napoleon the Chameleon needs your help. In this platform-puzzle game, players need to be nimble, use skill, good timing and strategy to help the main character, an acrobatic show chameleon named Napoleon, demonstrate his daring escapes. Using only Napoleon’s super-elastic and sticky chameleon tongue to swing from peg to peg, players need to avoid dangerous obstacles and dodge falling objects while collecting stars and points as they complete mind-twisting puzzles to help Napoleon escape from all the Tiny Places he is placed.

Tiny Places on iPad: Play Now

Tiny Places on iPhone: Play Now

Game Play Features

Help guide Napoleon across courses, while he swings from his powerful tongue and soars through the air to reach tiny crevices.

  • Unique Physics-based Gameplay: A clever application of life-like physics to create a completely new and unique arcade game mechanic
  • Deep and Challenging Progression: A huge amount of levels in numerous different themed worlds provide increasingly challenging mind-twisting puzzles to navigate through using wits, skill and principles of gravity
  • Adorable Humor: From the adorable Napoleon to obscure locations with quirky obstacles, animations and sound effects
  • Achievements: Unlock badges, collect items, beat high scores, and indulge yourself on yummy Starflies to increase your score

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