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Hidden object games are great to play. It is always a joy to dive into the worlds and go explore all corners of those games. Here at Big Fish we have tons of these games and also tons of people making, playing and testing them all day long.

So I set forth to ask some of these people to see what kind of tips or strategy they use when they are playing these games. The games usually have puzzles to solve and hidden object scenes  (HOS) to explore and collect items from. I have my style of solving these, but I learned that there are many more strategies to apply.

So here is the list of tips, sharing with the community – and do share back if you should have more, (I am sure there are more out there!) – so maybe later we can make and update of this article to keep it a list of all the top tips for  hidden object games.

So far big thanks goes to Kirsten Rogers, Belle Sayre, Joline Ernest, Rye Johnson, Carlotta Boyd, Will Herschelman, Ricky White, Adriana Nodal-Tarafa, Danial Cole,  Julia Kelson, Tim Swanson and Zachary Cannon (and the Mobile/PC QA teams!) for sharing.

The organized approach, “the brain train”

“In general, I usually do 3 items at a time. Large lists of items can be overwhelming. So I am looking for 3 items at any given time so that I don’t forget what I’m looking for.”

“Start in one corner, and work your way across the scene, back and forth, like a crossword puzzle.”

“It is sometimes hard to take in the whole scene. So searching scenes in sections tends to be easier for me. You can either do it in quadrants, or by memorable items in the scene.”

“Imagine what the item looks like in your minds eye as you scan for it. It really helps your brain connect with your eyes for the shape of the object.”

The zen or metaphysical strategy

“Relax your eyes, it helps things stand out better.” (the technique is actually very physical, but when bystanders watch it seems very metaphysical)

“Don’t rush to solve the hidden object scene (if you are in casual mode it’s usually indicated by sparkles an catches your eye).”

The “getting sneaky” tips

“I noticed that sometimes two objects listed next to each other also appear near each other, so when I find one object i also look in the same spot for the ones listed immediately next to it… This is not all the times, but sometimes.”

“Stuff is spaced out pretty evenly, I’ve found. So if you haven’t found an item in a “section” of the screen, you could try looking there.”

The use of actual tools!

“My father will hold up a magnifying glass to his screen sometimes while playing.”

“Going to the forum game page, usually I find a lot of tips on how to proceed in the game here.”

“The walkthrough usually has the tips for me on how to solve a puzzle or just advance in the game if I get stuck somewhere.”

The last two suggestions are from the Big Fish Game Forum where each game has it’s own community talks about the game, player to player. And then the Walkthroughs which in very well-described details walks through the game.

If you have any ideas or thoughts to share, please do so below in the comments, hopefully we can get a great big list here for all the tips for hidden object games.

Photo Credit: aussiegall (license)

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