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Big Fish is proud to announce this week’s release of Cascade on iPhone and iPad. Download for free and start playing today!

Cascade is THE game that will finally help everyone break their Candy Crush sweet tooth! With 140 handcrafted puzzles to solve, Cascade is a Match-3 game that combines a unique mash-up of skill and luck with a slots machine mechanic. This combination results in a game that is both familiar and entirely unique, requiring both strategy and luck.

How to play: You match the available gems in the vertical column above each crate in groups of 3 or more. If you run out of matches simply hit the SPIN button to swap out the gems in your crates. Each level comes with specific goals to achieve as well as a set number of available spins.
You only need 1 star to advance to the next level! To prove you’re REALLY good at the game, strategize your matches to earn more points and more stars…with 3 stars being the maximum for each level! If you do get stuck on a puzzle, there are a variety of boosts that you can use to make things a little simpler, and a daily spin wheel that awards free boosts.

The story of Cascade has you journeying alongside Jasper, a mole participating in the Great Cascade Gem Rush. Accompany Jasper through 10 hand-painted lands and meet his wildlife friends: bears, arctic foxes, and an otter who LOVES kayaking. Just as Jasper has friends, Cascade comes with social features that allow players to invite their Facebook friends to enjoy the fun, send each other gifts, and compete for the high score in the Daily Challenge. However, you don’t need to participate in ‘friending’ to successfully play Cascade. Each hand-crafted puzzle is quick and fun so you can play anywhere, anytime, by yourself or with your friends, and for as long as you want!

Cascade is available now for free on iPhone and iPad!

With new lands, characters, obstacles, and gems being added each month it’s a never-ending cascade of fun (pun intended)! Cascade is available now for free on iPhone and iPad!

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