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When winter blows in, the holiday happiness begins, and there’s no better way to let the good times roll at the annual office holiday party than with some entertaining party games. Below are 10 of the top holiday party games to get the office bash going.

1. Ornament Guessing Game

Break the ice at the annual office holiday party and put those decorations to use with the ornament guessing game. As guests enter the party, have them guess how many ornaments are on the Christmas tree by writing down their estimates on notecards. Whoever guesses the correct amount wins a prize.

2. Holiday Charades

Keep the holiday cheer going during the office party with charades. Set up teams, and write down holiday songs, holiday-themed phrases or movie titles that guests will have to act out. The phrases can even cater to the type of crowd in attendance at the party. Got a crowd that’s into gaming? Try having guests act out characters from top mobile games with holiday-themed characters. Set the timer, and have one person from each team act out the selected word or phrase on the card. The team that correctly guesses first gets a point.

3. Holiday Pictionary

Put office drawing skills to the test with Pictionary. Have a designated person draw out holiday-themed phrases as guests try to guess each one.

4. Holiday Chronicles

In the holiday chronicles game, guests have to continue a story by stating one sentence that helps build on the previous player’s storyline. Amp up the game by requiring guests to use holiday-themed words, and get ready for laughs.

5. White Elephant Swap

Take Secret Santa to the next level with a white elephant swap. Part gift exchange/part competition, this game makes it easy to slip in the infamous “gag” gifts during the office party. Everyone should write their name on a notecard and put it in a hat or bowl. Have team members randomly select names before the party so they have enough time to get a gift.

Expecting the latest cellphone to play the most recent online mobile games? Well, this isn’t that kind of game. Think more on the side of gifting unrelated items or opposites of what everyone is expecting, such as socks instead of sneakers, a Batman Snuggie instead of some stylish throw blanket, or a dinosaur gnome instead of a mug. Set the ground rules before the party, such as re-gifting gifts or buying gifts under $25. Just make sure the team understands to keep it “office appropriate”.

6. Man vs. Santa Christmas Pie Eating Contest

Just face it. No one is going to really eat all those pies that get left behind at the office holiday potluck. So, why not put them to use with a Christmas pie eating contest? Make sure everyone who participates has their bibs on and their stomachs empty before they dine on the most pie they can eat. While mince pie is usually the choice of many Christmas pie eating contests, any pie will do. Gather a few pies per person, set a timer for three minutes, and start the game. Go for a more challenging (and interesting) game by having each player eat the pie with no hands. The person who can eat the most pie before the timer is up wins.

7. Santa Limbo

This game calls for a rod or some other makeshift limbo stick for competitors to dance under, and a pillow with a belt or rope to be used as an attachment. Book bags stuffed with gifts can also be used. Throw on a Santa jacket or suit to make it more colorful and festive, and have competitors dance their way under the limbo stick. See how low they can go by dropping the limbo stick with each round. The person who gets the lowest without falling wins the game.

8. Gift Relay Race

Bring collaboration and competition to the party — Santa style — with the gift relay race. Have two teams compete against each other by passing presents back and forth between teammates as they race to collect all the presents. Enjoy the jokes and laughs as teammates also try to balance piles of presents in their hands.

9. Name That Holiday Carol

Add a little music to the office party festivities with a game that tests everyone’s carol knowledge. Play a few lyrics from carol classics, and have guests guess the name of the song and the artist.

10. Ornament Walk

Guests can practice their balancing skills by racing to the finish line with the ornament walk game. Have competitors balance an ornament on a spoon or several ornaments at once on a paper plate as they make their way to the finish line. The trick is to make it across without dropping any ornaments and do it all using just one hand.

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