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Come October, everyone seems to be pondering over how to stand out at the next Halloween bash. In 2017, the obvious Halloween staples from the Marvel and DC universe will most likely be out and about again. However, for those truly looking to stand out, it pays to dig deep and maybe look at characters that aren’t too mainstream. Consider, for instance, Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. A giant hand is hardly going to go unnoticed at a party! Here are 10 more obscure ideas for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

1. Alucard from Castlevania

The son of Dracula who is out to destroy all evil, Alucard is popular enough to be recognized and yet obscure enough to not be ubiquitous at a Halloween party. The crusader sword will be a good enough excuse to play a self-righteous crusader out to purge the world of all evil.

2. Alice from American McGee’s Alice

This series has a lot of dark characters that are perfect for Halloween. However, Alice is perhaps the most versatile of the lot, including her choice of weapons. To really stand out, include her Hobby Horse, which will take some crafting; don’t forget her deathly blank gaze.

3. Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw

There are likely to be a lot of Harley Quinns this season. Lollipop Chainsaw is the perfect inspiration to avoid running into your Halloween doppelganger while still maintaining the same aesthetic. Juliet Starling from the horror game is ideal for those who don’t want the Halloween horror (pun intended) of looking just like everyone else. Don’t forget to make the lollipop chainsaw.

4. Joel from Last of Us

For those on a tight budget, or on a tight timeline, Joel from The Last of Us could work. Simple pieces of clothing and a fake gun in hand are all that is needed. Father-daughter duos out there can team-up as Joel and Ellie from the horror game and maybe garner some “awwwws” from the crowd.

5. Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man

Kick up some nostalgia with the ever-popular Pac-Man and his better half. It is one of the easiest and most noticeable DIY Halloween ideas out there and works well for the entire family. With some polka dot pants and huge cut-outs of Pac-Man, the costume is just about done. If there is a big enough group, ghosts could be included as well, and the whole troop could go around the room, playing a live Pac-Man game.

6. Shy Guy from Mario Kart

Super Mario is too mainstream, and so is the good old Mario. Why not take inspiration from Mario Kart instead and be the elusive Shy Guy. When it comes to obscure, Shy Guy is probably at the top of the list, given that he is not a playable character in a lot of Mario Kart versions. Dressing up as Shy Guy is pretty simple. All you need is a red cloak, blue trousers, and a white mask. Pinterest has some easy DIY Shy Guy ideas.

7. Geno from Super Mario RPG

This one is strictly for those who are willing and confident enough to put on a bodysuit, like Cameron from Modern Family. Geno — Mario’s heroic partner who helps him restore peace in the Mario universe — ran into copyright troubles, which left him out of Smash Bros. The limited visibility of the character makes him the perfect choice for obscure Halloween costumes. Geno fans will need a body suit, a hat, a cape and tons of swagger.

8. Simon Riley from Call of Duty

The “ghost” from Call of Duty fits the occasion neatly. The Simon Riley costume is relatively easy to put together. All that’s needed is a cool enough fake gun to look badass. War stories, even made-up ones, are obviously a big draw and can keep the audience engaged. While not the most obscure, Riley still makes for a great video-game-inspired Halloween costume.

9. Kirby

Gone are the days when Halloween had to be about scary. These days, cute works, too. Kirby is one of the cutest characters out there, and the DIY Kirby costume is pretty fun to put together. Using a large Swiss ball as a mold, papier mache the body of the costume. Once the papier mache dries, deflate the ball to remove it and paint the outer shell pink. For more authenticity, paint a pair of old trousers pink to wear to the big event or trick-or-treating.

10. Master Hand from Kirby

Feeling particularly adventurous? Dress up as the giant hand from Kirby. Defend the candies at Halloween to be really in character. There is a dearth of costume inspiration for Master Hand online, which means a lot of brainstorming will be required to put it together. It also means that those who choose to go down this less-traveled path will be duly rewarded with plenty of attention at any Halloween party.

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