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No one ever said life would be easy. People face an abundance of problems each and every day that ranges from small annoyances to issues that could significantly affect their future. From financial problems related to saving and budgeting to dealing with stress and anxiety, life’s problems can certainly take their toll. Thankfully, today’s technology has produced a large number of viable solutions for many of life’s daily problems, helping to make things easier and possibly even solve some problems permanently. Yes, apps today can do many wonderful things.

1. Mint

About 80% of Americans deal with financial worry related to saving, budgeting and making ends meet from month to month. Several apps exist to help people deal with finances better;Mint has emerged as one of the best.

Mint can help individuals keep track of all their expenses, as well as put all their financial details in one easy to view place. This includes mortgages, investments, credit cards, loans, etc. But most importantly, Mint tracks spending and helps individuals plan a budget and save.

2. Self-Help for Anxiety Management

Over 40 million people in the United States deal with an anxiety disorder. But, like everything else these days, there’s an app for that! Self-Help for Anxiety Management is an app that provides users with self-help techniques that enable them to better manage and possibly overcome their anxiety.

The app can help users track anxiety levels, discover root causes and triggers, and develop a personal tool-kit for better anxiety management. If an individual with anxiety is so inclined, he or she can also communicate with others on the app’s closed social community.

3. Romantimatic

With all the little problems people face every day, it can become too easy to remember to say something simple like “I Love You” to your significant other. With Romantimatic, users can set reminders to ensure that something nice is said to their significant other every day (or at preset intervals). Messages can be sent automatically or the reminder can prompt users to make a phone call.

4. 30/30

Time management is another issue many people deal with on a daily basis. From juggling tasks to running errands and focusing on projects, there just isn’t enough time in the day anymore to get everything done. Thankfully, 30/30 is a handy time management tool that helps users not only better manage and complete tasks, but also get much-needed breaks to recharge their energy as well.

5. ZipList

Grocery shopping can be fun for some and a headache for others. Planning a week’s worth of meals can also be pretty tedious. With ZipList, both meal planning and grocery shopping get easier. The app features over 300,000 recipes. Simply select a few, and the ingredients required are added to a shopping list. The list can then be used to streamline the grocery shopping process.

Of course, there are hundreds of more apps that can help people with many of the day’s problems and issues they face. If you know of more – share them with your friends.

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