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cryptogram-thumbIf you’re itching to try out a new word game, but can’t decide which one to buy, we’ve got you covered. The five games below will either have you racking your brain for answers or bragging to your friends about your newest high score.

1. Word Zen

Word Zen combines the best of Mahjong with the brain-teasing challenge of a word puzzle. Like Mahjong, the goal is to clear layers of tiles. However, unlike the popular traditional version of the game, you don’t need to match images to do it. Instead, you’ll need to use letters on the tiles to form words. Once a word is formed, those tiles get cleared to reveal more underneath. The game keeps track of your highest-scoring words, so be sure to share your best vocabulary-defying feats with friends. As you progress through the game, you can unlock items for your Zen Garden, which is available for your digital relaxation needs.

2. Hidden Object Crosswords

This part-hidden object game, part-crossword will unite fans of both gaming genres. Although the goal is to find hidden objects on your screen, there’s a little twist! (Isn’t there always?) Before you can find an object, you’ll have to identify the object from a crossword-style clue. Don’t worry if you get stumped, because you can use other words to help you guess the one you’re looking for or request additional clues. The game keeps track of time and how many clues you’ve used, so you can challenge yourself to beat old scores, or compare your success with friends.

3. Word Whomp Underground

Word Whomp is back, and its sequel delivers a fast-paced, gopher-packed challenge. You’re given a set of six letters and must use them to spell three-, four-, five-, and six-letter words. Spelling words will help the gophers get to their capital and claim their land, but you’ll have to help them get there before time runs out. Word Whomp Underground has a few new mini-games, so there’ll be some fresh challenges if you already have Word Whomp To Go. Spelling out special, golden-colored words awards you extra time, so you’ll definitely want to go for the gold. Spelling bonus words also gives your gopher friends bonus acorns, which means extra points for you!

4. Flip Words 2

Flip Words 2 brings back the addictive word challenge game with new phrases and challenges, and even entirely new game modes. You’ll have to flip letters around to spell out words, and the first letter of each word provides a clue to a popular phrase. Your goal is to guess the phrase at the top, so you’ll want to try to use as many different first letters as you can. Practice your word-flipping skills in classic mode, or test your mental might against other players in party mode if you’re in the mood for an extra challenge.

5. Word Web Deluxe

The Word Web Deluxe spiders aren’t as cute as the gophers from Word Whomp, but they are a pretty big nuisance. Link letters to create words and sweep these pests out of your home. Spelling words over bonus tiles awards extra points, so try to get as high of a score as possible while sending the spiders on their way. Be careful, though! If the spiders make it to your icon at the bottom of the screen, they’ll wrap you in a cocoon. Word Web Deluxe has 60 quest levels, but also features a survival mode with an unlimited number of levels.

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