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Toppling Towers for iPad &amp iPhoneWe are very excited to announce our latest mobile release: Toppling Towers for iPad and iPhone! This tongue-in-cheek game is sure to have you chuckling to yourself by the end of the first level. Toppling Towers marks our second Arcade release.

Join the Knight and Horse on their hilarious quest as they attempt to defeat the Princess who so wounded their pride. Take your castle smashing skills to the maximum in this unique blend of arcade and puzzle style game play, Toppling Towers!

Use the right combination of weapons in the right order and find the each castle’s weak spots for castle crashing fun! Or take a more brute force approach to ensure victory. Either way, bring your funny bone on this epic tale of medieval mayhem!

Key Features

We wanted to take a minute to list what makes this game so much fun.

1. Hilarious Story Mode

From hurling horses and fire balls to cleverly disguised castle people, Toppling Towers adds humor to all aspects of this fun arcade title.

2. Challenging Castle Designs & Environments

With 5 different areas to explore and 7 castles to conquer in each level, you are sure to enjoy lots of toppling tower fun.

3. Upgrade shots with powerful runes

Work hard to unlock the shot upgrades as you attempt to defeat the princess.

4. Defeat the Princess

No Knights honor should go un-avenged. Defeat the Princess and rebuild the Knight’s ego.

Toppling Towers Screenshots

Toppling Towers for iPad &amp iPhone
Toppling Towers for iPad &amp iPhone
Toppling Towers for iPad &amp iPhone

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