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Ajay Ghale From Far Cry 4 Takes Us To The Himalayas

When you imagine the Himalayas, you may picture imagery of frigid mountain tops peppered with brave mountaineers, but the formidable mountain range is actually far more diverse and welcoming to travelers than meets the eye. While the land is one of extreme conditions—housing the world’s highest peak Mount Everest—within its 1,500 mile territory, tourists will find much more than unyielding snow, they’ll have the opportunity to test their sense of adventure and channel their inner adrenaline junkie through extreme activities and bold experiences.



I have neither of those qualities, but I can think of one man—a regular video game character turned audacious hero—who may be able to sway my cautious heart to the brave side. Introducing Ajay Ghale from Far Cry 4, a guy who ended a civil war, saved his people and already withstood the Himalayas.


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Extreme Activities in an Extreme Landscape

Admittingly not the most memorable gaming protagonist in the universe, Ajay’s value as a Himalayan travel guide, vacay-buddy, and excursion companion doesn’t necessarily hinge on his “captivating” personality; what we need on the trip of a lifetime is outright audaciousness and a propensity for awe-inspiring feats. Luckily the Himalayas are ripe with intense entertainment that Ajay should be right at home with such as riding motorbikes through serpentine mountain passes, cold water rafting with the dense forest backdrop of the Teesta River, high-elevation skiing at 6500 feet, and a menacing trek atop the frozen Zanskar River.


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Thanks to the heightened elevation, exquisite panoramic views are plentiful throughout the Himalayan landscape. And Ajay just so happens to carry a camera in tow, although he doesn’t seem to use it for actual photography, more like staring people down from afar. Several locations such as Leh Ladakh and Kashmir-Gulmarg are celebrated as spectacular stargazing sites and paired with the Himalayas’ more tranquil offerings, like local trout fishing and backpacking, the Himalayas truly has something for any devotee of nature’s recreation.

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