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Gaming with FriendsWe can all agree that playing video games is fun. But isn’t it true that most things that are fun are even better when shared with those who are special to us? What better way to play through your favorite game than with your favorite friend?

What’s that you say? Your friends aren’t into gaming?

Pish posh!

Gaming together is about being together. It’s the friendship and camaraderie that is the end goal. While the game you’re playing may be temporary, the memories you’ll create and the fun you’ll share is permanent. Let gaming be a fun reason to spend more time with your best friends.

We offer six steps for introducing your friends to the world of video gaming.

1. Know Your Friend

To begin with, you need to recognize you might only get one opportunity to introduce your friends to gaming. That being the case, you need to make sure you are getting your friends started on a game they are inclined to enjoy.

We recommend you take the time to figure out what type of entertainment your friends enjoy. What type of books do they read? What type of movies do they watch? Both forms of entertainment have their own collection of genres (horror, romance, action, or mystery) that map nicely to casual gameplay.

Another angle is to consider the brands your friend gravitates toward. This is a long shot, but if they happen to enjoy Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, or Agatha Christie, we have them covered!

Nancy Drew Games

Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

2. Know Casual Gaming

Make sure you know your way around casual gaming. If your friend is interested and starts asking questions, you need to be sure you have good answers.

Be sure to learn our different game genres, understand Game Club, and take time to play the bellwether games such as Slingo, Bejeweled, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, and Mahjong Towers Eternity.

3. Free to Try, No Obligation

One of the great things about the casual gaming industry is the Try/Buy model. Nearly every game (99%) offer a free trial version you can play for an hour. Of course, your friends are going to want to know how much playing video games is going to cost.

Reassure them they can play for weeks without spending a penny!

4. Start with the Classics

Sometimes all a person knows is what they saw growing up. Rather than jump straight to Mystery Case Files, it might be better to start with Pac Man, Mahjong, or Sudoku. Nearly everyone has seen these classic games before and the gameplay is pretty straightforward. Get your friends going on classic games in preparation for other casual gaming genres.

Real Myst

Myst – A Recognized Classic Game

5. It’s All About Timing

We all lead very busy lives. Finding time to play games can sometimes be a challenge – especially if you are new to gaming. It’s important to pick a good time to introduce newcomers to gaming. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling with your friend (or if you can schedule a trip), you’ll have a great opportunity to share games on your iPhone or iPad.

What better way to pass the time on the train, on a plane, or in a car than with a game?

6. Offer Support

It’s important that your friend not feel frustrated during their introduction to casual gaming. As an accomplished gamer, you can offer assistance, finding objects, solving puzzles, navigating our site, and posting questions in our forums.

If you both get stuck, remember, we offer complete game walkthroughs for some of our most popular games.

In the end, remember everyone deserves to have fun. Everyone also deserves to spend time with friends. With the right pitch, we’re sure you’ll be gaming together in no time!

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