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Your eccentric uncle dies in a mysterious way and you are named in his will, inheriting his unique and seemingly magical estate of Midnight Castle. Within the castle it is rumored that a chamber, known as the Mystery Chamber, exists that fulfills the wishes of those who occupy the castle. You are convinced the Mystery Chamber may have played a role in your uncle’s demise, so you travel to your newly inherited estate to investigate.

Upon arriving at the castle you quickly learn that you are not its only occupant. The castle is home to many enigmatic individuals, each possessing skills and knowledge beyond that of a mere mortal. More importantly, each individual holds the information that can lead you to understanding your uncle’s fate…but they aren’t going to give it up easily!

How to Play

To gain entry into the Mystery Chamber, you need to go on quests to gain the trust of the occupants of Midnight Castle. Explore the beautiful estate and play hidden object scenes to find the quest items needed by each castle occupant. If you are successful, the occupants will reward you with gold and important artifacts that will allow you to gain entry to the Mystery Chamber.

Gold is important on the castle grounds! Use your gold to unlock additional game scenes or areas of interest. You can even sell items you find to earn more gold. However you decide to spend your gold, be sure to spend it wisely!

Should you find yourself short on gold or unable to find the artifacts needed for your quest, try your luck at the Fortune Wheel or a game of dice against the ‘Grim Dealer’. You can even accept an order to help fill the cargo hold of the Airship Traders who often frequent the estate.

Not all quest items are so easy to find. In fact, some of them must be made. Fortunately, you have access to the castle laboratory in which you can craft smaller items into the more powerful artifacts you seek on your quests. However, crafting is no easy task and for this you will need the help of the castle residents from whom you can earn the instructions necessary to craft these magical artifacts.

Searching for quest items can be a busy task, and if you’re lucky you may get some help! Throughout your explorations you will encounter whimsical enchanted beasts that, should you choose to care for them, will become your pets and aid you in your explorations. Each pet is unique, with special needs and treasure hunting abilities, so be sure to care for as many as you can!

Finally, invite your friends to play Midnight Castle and gift each other the necessary Gold, Gems or items you’ll need to complete each exciting quest.

Do you have what it takes to enter the Mystery Chamber and unlock the secrets of the Midnight Castle!?

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