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There are many media outlets and sources these days claiming that video games are negative and that video gaming is bad for kids. But how can gaming be a bad thing when there are plenty of positive video game stories  out there?

The dictionary definition of “obsession” is something for which someone over-compensates.  It is something that takes over one’s day-to-day routine. Here’s a hypothetical: could an obsession become a positive behavior  and lead to a successful future? The answer might just be “yes.”

Check out these three ways to turn your video game obsession into a career:

Find A Mentor

There are mentors in this field? I’ll answer this question quick, yes; there are mentors in video game design.


Mentors are wonderful people to have in your circle. Why? Because they encourage, motivate and support you in your dreams and endeavors. They are the people constantly rooting for you.

Check out how you can find a mentor and learn from them to improve your future.

Share Your Experiences

Do you tell people about your passion for video games?  Do you talk about reaching new levels, cracking new codes and finding hidden worlds?

If you don’t have a way to tell the masses about the great world of video gaming, why not start a blog? Don’t shy away from sharing your opinion. You can write about the hottest new games for mobile or console; what your experience was with a game you just downloaded; or even showcase an idea that you have for a game.

The sky’s the limit!

Video Game Fun

Learn About the Video Game Industry

Did you know there are video game design degrees? With a degree in game design, you can boost your potential for a career in a field you’re passionate about.

A game design degree can also provide an opportunity for you to share your ideas with others and collaborate on new creative ideas. Hey, maybe you’ll even meet other people with the same passion you have!

So, the next time someone criticizes you for playing video games all day, remind them that there is a legitimate, and potentially lucrative, future for you in the gaming industry.

Tell us, have these three ways to turn your obsession with video games into a career given you the jump-start you need to pursue your passion?

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