Welcome to the Fetch Walkthrough

How far would you go to save your pet? Follow a young boy on a sensational journey like no other as he sets off to rescue his dog Bear from a mysterious fire hydrant that snatched the canine in the night!

Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

This document contains a complete Fetch game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

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This walkthrough was created by Fetch Team and Margie B, and is protected under US Copyright laws. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.

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General Tips

  • Welcome to a Special Edition FETCH Walkthrough. This guide contains a complete video walkthrough created by the FETCH Team. It includes Director’s Commentary, Pro Tips, Dog Tag locations, Secrets, Achievements, and Puzzle Solutions. There is also a step-by-step walkthrough for the game below each video.
  • This game is only available for the iPad at this moment.
  • The game does not contain a typical inventory system. You will pick up inventory items around the world and they will be automatically applied to the right items.
  • The achievements will appear on the screen as you collect them; you can either touch them to view them right away or let them disappear off the screen automatically.
  • Open the visor (A) to view the dog collars (B), replay arcade games (C), and view your achievements (D). All the dog tags and achievements are listed in the guide in order of appearance.
  • The amount of money you’ve collected in the game will be shown here (E).
  • Adjust your options here (F).
  • Touch a location, or an item, in the scene and the boy will walk to the place you selected.
  • You will get a speech bubble hint when you select important items in the world.
  • You will have to play the game more than once to get all the achievements.

Chapter 1

  • The video above starts at the beginning of the game and goes through the point where the boy reaches the fire hydrant.
  • Pat the dog 3 times to get the ‘First Love’ achievement 1/50 (A).
  • Touch all the equipment (green) to receive the ‘Construction’ achievement 2/50.
  • Zoom into the poster and hammer down the 6 nails (yellow) to receive the ‘Hammer Time’ achievement 3/50. Remove the 7 staples (red) on the poster (A1).
  • Take a closer look at the newspaper stand (B).
  • Touch the interactive billboard (C).
  • Touch the crane (D). Walk to the right after the crane clears the debris.
  • Zoom into the poster and throw paint at it (D). Remove the 7 staples to get the ‘That Was Easy’ achievement 4/50 (yellow and red). Note: you will only receive the achievement if you removed the staples from the poster in the previous scene as well.
  • If you touch the 6 billboards consecutively, you will receive the ‘Mad Men’ achievement 5/50 (1-6).
  • Go to the arcade machine to play the ‘Alien Shooter’ game (E).
  • Touch the screen to begin.
  • Shoot the eyes of the aliens as they appear (E). Avoid the meteors by shooting at them (green).
  • You can play with 1 finger on the screen or multiple fingers, whichever works best for you.
  • The game will reset if you get hit by a meteor.
  • Complete 5 waves to win the game.
  • Select the red button on the rocket ship to continue.
  • You will receive the ‘Planetary Defense Force’ achievement 7/50 once you beat the Alien Shooter game.
  • Zoom into the box and drag the tape down (F); take the SPACE LASER (G).
  • Pop all the bubbles on the bubble wrap to receive the ‘That’s a Wrap’ achievement 6/50 (H).
  • Walk to the right.
  • Bear will get swallowed by the fire hydrant (I).
  • Pick up the ‘Bear’ dog tag on the floor (J) and then touch it in the hand (K).
  • Shoot the fire hydrant with the SPACE LASER and the boy will get swallowed by the fire hydrant as well.
  • Watch the cut scene. You will receive the ‘You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out’ achievement 8/50 as the boy enters the hydrant.

Chapter 2: Part 1

  • The video above starts as soon as you enter the sewers and ends as you go down the first ladder.
  • Touch the grating (L).
  • Touch the net (M) for the boy to appear.
  • Touch the boy and then the ladder (N). Go down the ladder.
  • Jump off the ladder and touch the light (O).
  • Take the ‘Rocky’ dog tag (P).
  • Look at the pattern on the left (Q).
  • Zoom into the door (R).
  • Recreate the pattern on the screen by either touching each square or by dragging your finger across multiple squares (S). You will receive ‘Authorized’ achievement 10/50 for opening the sewer access door.
  • Go through the door.
  • Pick up the ‘Kona’ dog tag (T).
  • Open the cage (U) to receive the ‘Animal Lover’ achievement 11/50 for rescuing the poodle in the tunnel.
  • Look at the poster (V).
  • Walk to the right.
  • Look at the poster and then touch the 3 mice on the poster to make them sign (A).
  • Touch the grate (B) to see a dog tag fall; you will receive the ‘Grate Expectations’ achievement 9/50 for finding the dog tag in the grate. The dog tag will fall into the water.
  • Touch the mouse (C) for a hint.
  • Look at the map (D).
  • Zoom into the valve and turn it to the left to make the water level go down (E).
  • Go down the ladder (F).

Chapter 2: Part 2

  • The video above starts at the Rainbow Snake Time arcade game and walks you through the skulls mini-game.
  • Walk to the arcade game on the right (G).
  • Tap the screen to activate the ‘Rainbow Snake Time’ game.
  • Feed the fish to the snake to accumulate points; fling them into the snake’s mouth. The snake will be happiest when it eats fish of the same color (H). Red fish are worth more than green or blue fish. Eat a rainbow to activate rainbow mode.
  • Don’t eat the HOPAS (I); fling them away from you. If you fling them behind the snake, they get bigger.
  • Touch each of the 3 bombs (J) on the wall when they appear on the screen.
  • While the snake is in rainbow mode (K), you can accumulate a lot of extra points. Once rainbow mode stops, the snake will turn the color of the next fish it eats.
  • You’ll beat the game once the snake meter on the top of the screen reaches the end of the line (L). You will receive the ‘Over the Rainbow’ achievement 12/50 for beating Rainbow Snake Time.
  • Take the COIN (M).
  • Go up the ladder.
  • Zoom into the valve (N) and turn it to the right (O) to raise the water level.
  • Walk to the right.
  • Zoom into the valve (P) and turn it to the left (Q) to lower the water level.
  • Take the ‘Scruffy’ dog tag (R). Note: the dog tag will not be there unless you touched the grate in the first scene.
  • Look at the sign (S).
  • Look at the map (T).
  • Go through the tunnel (U).
  • Open the control panel feeding station. Touch the button (V) and then the panel (W) for the COIN to be automatically used. This action will activate the fish flying through the scene.
  • As the fish are flying by, touch a skull of the same color so it can eat the matching fish (X).
  • For each successful attempt, the counters (Y) will increase by one number. If you eat a bomb (Z), the counters will decrease by one number. Eat 8 red fish and 8 blue fish to complete the game.
  • Touch the platform for the alligator to appear (Z1).
  • Go right.

Chapter 2: Part 3

  • The video above starts as you encounter the giant alligator and the broken robot. It goes on to show you what happens after you go through the circular door. It shows you how to solve the radio puzzle. The video ends as the boy climbs on the alligator.
  • Look at the sign (A).
  • Touch the robot (B); it will not let you get by.
  • Go up the steps.
  • Touch the mouse (C).
  • Touch the circular door; spin the handle and drag the locks into place (D). Go through the door.
  • Go down the ladder (E) and the lower right gate will close.
  • Go back up the ladder.
  • Select the key (F) to get a speech bubble hint.
  • Select the valve (G) and slide it to the right (H) to make the water level rise.
  • The first mouse has been saved. Watch it go across the crates and through the circular door.
  • Go through the door and then through the left door.
  • Touch the platform (I) and then continue left.
  • Take the ‘Charlie’ dog tag (J).
  • Go up the ladder (K).
  • Touch the dog tag and it will fall (L).
  • Go left.
  • Pick up the SAW (M).
  • Select the bridge control and move the lever to the center position (N) to allow the mouse to go down the plank. The second mouse has been saved.
  • Exit the levers and head right.
  • Touch the rope and then drag the saw back and forth, or hold it down for a few seconds, to cut the rope. You will receive the ‘I Saw That’ achievement 14/50 (O).
  • Go down the ladder (P). You will see the crate floating across the water. Go through the right door.
  • Select the radio to activate a puzzle (Q).
  • Match the shape and size of the yellow wavelengths to the ones on the screen by finding the right combinations on the 3 radio buttons.
  • The waves will slow down as you get closer to the right frequency.
  • You will receive the ‘I’m In A Band’ achievement 13/50 after you make the first mouse sing by matching the first set of wavelengths.
  • Please look at the positions of the buttons on the screenshot to solve the 3 rounds (1-3).
  • Go through the right door (R).
  • Touch the valve and slide it all the way to the left (S).
  • Go through the left door. Go down the steps.
  • Pull the lever (T). You will receive the ‘Breaking Up the Band’ achievement 15/50 for launching the crate.
  • Open the cage and take the ‘Guinness’ dog tag (U).
  • Go up the steps and through the right door.
  • Select the valve (V) and slide it all the way to the right.
  • Take the ‘Mollie Ollie’ dog tag (W).
  • Take the KEY (X).
  • Select the valve (V) and slide it wall the way to the left.
  • Go left, down the steps and left again.
  • Go across the skulls.
  • Take the ‘Salvador’ dog tag (Y).
  • Go to the center platform and use the KEY in the lock (Z).
  • Watch the cut scene. You will receive the ‘The Great Escape’ achievement 16/50 for rescuing the alligator.

Chapter 3: Part 1

  • The video above starts as soon as the boy lands on the beach and enters the giant skull. The Pier Pressure puzzle solution is shown in this video. It ends as the boy boards the canoe.
  • Touch the hole in the sand to lift the boy out of it (A).
  • Touch the robot; he wants 500 gold coins (B).
  • Look at the poster (C).
  • Push down on the plunger (D) and then touch the parrots (E) several times after the cannon has been fired to receive the ‘Turd Place’ achievement 17/50 for surprising the three parrots.
  • Tap on the skull eye (F) several times to receive the ‘What Would Voodoo’ achievement 18/50 after you find the witch doctor.
  • Untie the rope (G) and then touch the platform (H) for the boy to go there.
  • Go into the tree.
  • Take the ‘Zander’ dog tag (I).
  • Touch the arcade machine to view the ‘Pier Pressure’ game (J).
  • Choose Easy or Hard mode here (K). If you beat the game in Easy mode, you will earn 250 coins, regardless of your performance. If you beat the game in hard mode, you can earn in excess of 1,000 coins.
  • Aim and shoot the cannons at the targets (L). You earn more points by firing at objects far way (M) and for shooting at objects that are very close by (N).
  • Touch the bombs (O) to detonate them; don’t use the slingshot. Touch the screen with your fingers to destroy the bombs.
  • The submarine (P) is worth a lot of points; shoot at it several times as it passes through. If you blow it up while there are a lot of ships around, it will blow up anything that is nearby. You will receive the ‘Crimson Tide’ achievement 20/50 if you sink the submarine twice.
  • As the large skull approaches (Q), hit the lights in both eyes until they are all gone (yellow arrows). There’s no need to shoot the nose since it does not give you any points.
  • If you fail to hit all the lights before the counter reaches zero you will lose the game, but you will still earn 250 coins.
  • You will earn the ‘Terror of the High Trees’ achievement 19/50 if you earn more than 1,000 coins in one round of Pier Pressure.
  • Select the chest and grab all the gold (R). Read the message at the bottom of the chest.
  • If you need to check how many coins you collected, open the visor (S) to view your total coins (T).
  • You can choose to stay here and play the game over and over to accumulate more coins. However, remember to go back into the chest each time and grab the coins. SPOILER ALERT!! You will need around 4,000 coins to buy all the items in the vending machine (which will appear later on in the game).
  • Exit the tree.
  • Touch the ground for the boy to go there (U).
  • Give the 500 coins to the robot (V).
  • Touch the boy to make him stand up, and then go untie Iris from the tree (W). You will receive the ‘My Hero’ achievement 21/50 for rescuing Iris from the Pirate.
  • Go to Iris and she will pick up the note in the bottle. Take the MEGAPHONE (X).
  • Follow Iris to the right.
  • Open the first cage (A).
  • Look at the sign (B) and the note (C).
  • Grab the ‘Caroline’ dog tag (D).
  • Open the second cage (E).
  • Go right.
  • Take the ‘Ollie’ dog tag (F).
  • Knock down 3 coconuts (G) to earn the ‘Gigantus Coconuts’ achievement 22/50 for feeding the bird. The bird will eat 3 coconuts and will wobble onto the catapult.
  • Walk to the catapult (H) and lower the microphone (I) to launch the catapult and board the canoe.
  • Touch the canoe to make the boy stand up in it.
  • Take the ‘Lexy’ dog tag (J).
  • Move to the right by touching the canoe as needed.
  • Take the ‘Jake’ dog tag (K) from the crab.
  • Move to the right.
  • Lower the sign and take the ‘Moke’ dog tag (L).
  • Keep going forward to view the cut scene.

Chapter 3: Part 2

  • The video above begins at the Speakers puzzle and will guide you through the point where you arrive at the piranha area.
  • Grab the GRAPPLING HOOK (M).
  • Take the ‘Milo’ dog tag (N).
  • Touch the speakers using the colors on the sign (@) as a clue. Please look at the screenshot for the correct order (1-7). This solution may be random.
  • Go to the left.
  • Touch the vine to attach the GRAPPLING HOOK to the tree (O).
  • Climb up the rope. Once you reach the top, go and take the ‘Callie’ dog tag (P).
  • Select the cliff to go there (Q).
  • Go to the right.
  • Touch the vines to view the speech bubble hint for a stool (R).
  • Select the vending machine (S) and buy the stool for 500 coins. Press the buttons B and 3 and then press OK (T) to get the stool.
  • You can buy the fortune cookies to read random fortunes.
  • If you get to this point and you don’t have enough money to buy the stool, hop in the tram (U) and pull on the handle. You will get the ‘One More Thing’ achievement 23/50 for taking a ride on the tram.
  • Go left (V), climb the vines and go into the tree house (W).
  • Play the ‘Pier Pressure’ game (X). Instructions for this game are in Chapter 3: Part 1 of the guide.
  • You need approximately 4,000 coins total to buy everything in the vending machine.
  • Don’t forget to go in the chest and collect the coins before you leave (Y).

Chapter 3: Part 3

  • The video above starts at the point where you get past the piranhas and go through the skull door. It shows you how to play the Skull Organ puzzle. It ends after you solve the Ship Invaders puzzle.
  • Exit the tree house and touch the ground for the boy to jump through the vines. Head right. Enter the tram and pull the handle.
  • Select the vending machine (A) and the boy will hop out of the tram. Buy the ROCKET (B2) for 500 coins, the HEART (B1) for 500 coins.
  • Select A1 to buy the ‘Hanna’ dog tag and A3 to buy the ‘Rorschach’ dog tag. If you buy everything in the vending machine you will receive the ‘Everything Must Go’ achievement 24/50 for buying everything in the vending machine.
  • Touch the ground to place the stool (C).
  • Touch the right side of the ground for the boy to go there (D).
  • Take the SWORD (E).
  • Go to the vending machine. Give the SWORD to the little pirate (F) and then pick up the KEY (G) on the ground.
  • Touch the far right side of the ground for the boy to go there.
  • Touch the door to use the KEY; go through the door.
  • Take the ‘Malcolm’ dog tag (H).
  • Touch the organ (I).
  • Repeat the sequence on the organ. If you make a mistake, the birds will start squawking; you will get kicked out of the game after 4 failed attempts (J).
  • Select the hole in the ground to lift the boy back up (K).
  • The bird that swallowed the coconut (L) will throw the coconut back into the hole. Note: if you select the keys correctly, the boy will not fall through the hole.
  • Touch the organ to begin.
  • Follow the green flashing lights (M). Select the same key the organ is showing you, one by one, until you complete the melody.
  • You will receive the ‘It’s Working’ achievement 25/50 for playing the organ correctly.
  • Enter the cannon to access the Ship Invaders game.
  • Touch the screen to begin.
  • If you bought the ROCKET in the vending machine, they will be automatically used here. If you bought the HEART from the vending machine, you will have 6 hearts instead of 5.
  • Slide the cannon back and forth to shoot the robots while avoiding the destroyers.
  • Grab the gold coins (N) by positioning your cannon to catch them; they are worth extra points and the points are increased by your streaks multiplier that increases each time you kill a robot. The multiplier will reset if you get hit.
  • Pick up the falling hearts (O) to earn extra lives, but don’t go after them if you don’t need them. If you hearts go down to zero, the game will reset.
  • The green robots (P) require 3 shots or 3 rocket hits to destroy them.
  • Pick up the double cannon (Q), when it appears, to shoot two cannonballs instead of one.
  • Avoid the big robot (R) because it fires a huge cluster of ammunition.
  • Make the barrels (S) explode to destroy everything around it (except the large robot).
  • Complete 6 waves to win the game. The wave and streaks counter can be found here (T).
  • You will receive the ‘Winning Combination’ achievement 26/50 for beating invaders with all power-ups (you have to purchase the rocket and the heart from the vending machine to get this achievement).
  • Go up the ladder and collect the following dog tags: CJ (1), Izzy (2), and Cora (3).
  • Go up the rest of the ladder.

Chapter 4: Part 1

  • The video above begins as the boy enters MOHAI (Museum of History and Imagination) and ends in the Steamtown Station.
  • Touch the boy to drop him to the ground (4).
  • Hop on the diving bell and then select it again to begin the ride (5).
  • Shoot the creatures in the scene (6), the jellyfish (7) and anything else that appears. The faster you shoot them, the more you’ll earn. Keep hitting them until the points reach zero on all of them.
  • Keep hitting the light on the large fish until it swallows you (8). Keep hitting the fish after it swallows you until it sets you free.
  • Pick up the ‘Max’ dog tag (9) before you get taken to the next level.
  • Once you beat this level, you will be automatically transported to the next scene.
  • Get the gear from the octopus (10) by hitting the gear several times.
  • Take the ‘Duke’ dog tag (11).
  • Open the chest (12) and hit the crab (13) until it picks up the gear from inside the chest. Keep hitting the crab until it goes to the left with the gear in its claw. Touch the hook and then hit the crab so it can pick up the gear and place it on the fishing hook (14).
  • Raise the gear.
  • Hit the large whale several times to get the third gear (not pictured).
  • Touch the shark as the flying fish passes by it (15). If the shark eats the flying fish, you will receive the ‘Reely Big Shark’ achievement 27/50 for feeding the shark.
  • Hit the rock repeatedly to make the eel (16) appear; you will receive the ‘That’s A Moray’ achievement 28/50 for finding the hidden eel.
  • Hit the UFO as it passes by (not pictured).
  • Hit the last gear (in the upper right) several times to advance to the next level.
  • Throw the spears at the Triceratops until it falls off the cliff (A).
  • You will earn the ‘Epoch Battle’ achievement 29/50 for saving both cavemen.
  • Shoot both sides of the wall; you will automatically pick up the ‘Lola’ dog tag on the left (B). Once you find the eggshell and crack it (C) you will receive the ‘Geode Job’ achievement 30/50 for unearthing both fossils.
  • You will be taken to the next level.
  • Touch the catapult (D) and take the ‘Asha’ dog tag here (E).
  • Hitting the soldiers (E1) with your laser only slows them down. Hit the red windows (red) to get the archers to come out and hit the soldiers.
  • Hit the windows (yellow) to find the princess (F). You will receive the ‘Just Peachy’ achievement 31/50 f0r finding the princess in the castle. Note: the princess could appear in any of the 3 windows (yellow).
  • If the soldiers make it to the door, they will start a fire.
  • You will be taken to the next level once you defeat all the soldiers.
  • Shoot the window with the rooster in it (F).
  • Hit the flashing ‘Farm’ sign (G) and it will change to ‘Station’ (H); a railroad track will appear.
  • Hit the hand cart (I) repeatedly to get it going. The steam train holds eggs, wool, and mail.
  • Take the ‘Maude’ dog tag (J) on the wheel.
  • Dump some coal into the engine (K).
  • Open the post office by hitting the sign (L) and hit the mailbags (M) as they come through so that they fall into the cart with the envelope symbol on it.
  • As the cart gets full, the flag will rise; once it’s full you will earn the ‘Air Mail’ achievement 33/50 for filling the mail car while the train is in the lower track. However, if you get this achievement, you will not be able to get the other two in this scene because the train will move out of this scene when the mail car is full.
  • Hit the steam engine (N) to make the train go to the top.
  • You can accumulate points just by hitting all the things in the scene.
  • Touch the wool on the sheep (green) to fill up the wool car (yellow).
  • Touch the stars in the sky to form the big dipper (Q).
  • Hit the sign (R) on the chicken coop to make the chickens appear. Hit the chickens as they fly through the air to make them drop eggs. If they drop an egg in the big dipper (Q), you will earn the ‘Galactic Griddle’ achievement 34/50 for frying an egg. Note: you have to get this achievement before you fill the car with the eggs because the chickens will disappear once the egg car is full.
  • Drop the eggs into the car (S), while the train is on top, to get the ‘Eggstra Cargo’ achievement 32/50.
  • If you hit the sign on the house (T), the sign will change each time.
  • Finish dropping the mail in the mail car (U) to make the train move out of the farm.
  • The flying saucer (not pictured) will suck up the cow; hit it for extra points.
  • You will be taken to the next scene.
  • Hit all the signs to get points (yellow) and make the train appear.
  • Hit the train (green) 5 times as it passes by to get the ‘Pew Pew’ achievement 35/50.
  • Take the ‘Marv’ dog tag (@).

Chapter 4: Part 2

  • The video starts at the Dust Bunnies puzzle and continues through solving the Computer puzzle.
  • Hit the dust bunnies until they are all gone (1).
  • Once the dust bunnies are gone, shoot the screws (2) to remove them. It will reveal the inside of a desktop computer.
  • Hit the battery (3) repeatedly until it gets to 100%; if you keep hitting it and get to 110 % (4), you will reveal one of the secrets.
  • Hit the fan (5) and the CPU (6) repeatedly.
  • If your computer overheats it will reboot; hit the dust bunnies (5) on the fan before it overheats.
  • Hit the Vidgia XFX (7).
  • Remove the 4 screws on the panel (A).
  • Take the ‘Kennedy’ dog tag from inside the panel (B).
  • Hit all the black spots until they are gone (white arrows).
  • Take the second ‘Bear’ dog tag (C) on the fan.
  • Remove the dust bunnies if they appear (D).
  • Hit the red virus in the scene to get the ‘Antivirus’ achievement 36/50 (E).
  • Note the flashing numbers (F). Enter the code 6310 on the panel (G).
  • Touch the photos/memo button (H). Look at all the pictures to get the ‘Weekend With Bernie’ achievement 37/50.
  • Exit the pictures by selecting the ‘X’ (J) and choose the door button on the right (K). Then hit the DOOR.EXE sign (K1).
  • Go through the door.

Chapter 4: Part 3

  • The video above starts at Prep Work (the first step to building the large robot) and ends at the Airplane puzzle.
  • Hit the two lights (green).
  • Hit the 8 tiny robots (white).
  • Take the ‘Sam Dixon’ dog tag (L).
  • Touch all the drills to get them going (orange). You will receive the prep work complete secret at this point.
  • Hit the top of the 4 claws on the top until they release the 4 robots (M). Then, hit the 4 robots with 4 shots each (N).
  • Hit the wrench clamps (O) and then hit the screws (P).
  • Hit the pumps (green) repeatedly to make the ‘Beckett’ dog tag appear. You will receive the ‘Exhausted’ achievement 38/50 for finding the dog tag in the robot’s chest.
  • Hit the elbow disks (Q) and the wrists disks (R) several times.
  • The robots will bring in the head.
  • Touch the center button (S) on the robot repeatedly. You will receive the ‘Glow Bot’ achievement 39/50 for powering the robot’s core.
  • You will be taken to the next scene.
  • Get all the engines going by hitting the 6 areas marked in yellow repeatedly to find 2 of the secrets.
  • Hit the aliens (T) in the planes repeatedly. You will receive the ‘Intergalactic Infestation’ achievement 40/50.
  • Get the ‘Porter’ dog tag (U).
  • Hit the UFO as it passes through the scene to get more points. The UFO will pick the boy up and drop the cow. You will receive the ‘Ancient Aliens’ achievement 41/50 for the ride in the spaceship (V).
  • Take the ‘Fletch’ dog tag (V1).
  • Shoot your way out of this scene (W).

Chapter 4: Part 4

  • The video above starts at the At the Wall Exhibit and goes through all the steps in that area.
  • Lower the ladder (A) once you get out of the rocket ship. You can take the ride again by going down the ladder and entering the diving bell.
  • Take the ‘Kumu’ dog tag (B).
  • Go left.
  • Interact with all hanging flags (white).
  • Zoom into the touch panel (C). Touch the panels to see all the scenes (D).
  • Go to the left.
  • Lower the ladder and go down the ladder.
  • Hit the yellow button (E) to see Bear inside the case and watch a cut scene.
  • Go back up the ladder and then go right. The boy will be swallowed by the fire hydrant.

Chapter 5: Part 1

  • The video above shows you how to dig through the tunnels and ends as you board the rocket ship.

Chapter 5: Part 2

  • The video above guides you through the Ship game.
  • You’ve been captured and put in prison.
  • Touch the boy to lift him up.
  • Take the ‘Mickey’ dog tag (A).
  • Hit McDivot 5 times to get the ‘Gopher Broke’ achievement 42/50 (B).
  • Pick up the SPOON (C).
  • Use the SPOON to dig your way through the tunnel by tapping on the screen. The faster you dig the faster the boy will move.
  • Take the ‘Emerson’ (D) dog tag.
  • Open the grate and take the ‘Coco’ (E) dog tag.
  • If the boy (F) gets captured by the guards (red), you will earn the ‘Snake! Snaaake!’ achievement 43/50 for getting captured by the guards.
  • If you don’t get caught by the guards, you will receive the ‘Solid’ achievement 44/50 for sneaking by the guards on the first try.
  • For the sake of the guide, we’ll pretend we were caught by the guards. This will automatically take you back to the last scene.
  • Take the ‘Bindi’ dog tag (F).
  • Take the ‘Kisha’ dog tag (G).
  • Take the ‘Jethro’ dog tag (G1). Note: the tags may not all appear at once. You may have to replay the game to get them all or get caught by the guards again so you can end up back here.
  • Touch the boy to stand him up. Dig your way out of the tunnel again.
  • There lights follow a pattern: left, right, both lights, and then right. Hop on the ship as soon as the second right light appears (H).
  • Tap and hold to make your ship go up. Swipe up or forward to do a quick dash.
  • Pick up power-ups along the way (I).
  • Score extra points by passing through non-obstacles (J).
  • Avoid obstacles (J2) and being hit. If you get shot down, you will have to start over. There are a few checkpoints in the game, If you make it through the first metal wall and you crash, the game will start you over at the halfway point.
  • The green bar on top shows you how much time you have to complete the mini-game.
  • When you destroy a crate there’s a random chance that power-ups, coins or nothing will appear (K).
  • Once you complete the mini-game, you may receive the following achievements:
  • You can earn the ‘Fly Clean’ 45/50 achievement if you Fly Clean for 3,000 M. The longer your clean flyer number is, the more bonus points you’re going to get from coins (J1).
  • You will earn the ‘The Last Starfighter’ 46/50 for destroying 30 robots in 10 seconds (L).
  • You will receive the ‘Just put that anywhere’ 47/50 for entering the Embark lobby.

Chapter 5: Part 3

  • The video above starts as you board the elevator in Embark and guides you through the end of the game. It also contains some bonus materials.
  • Take the ‘Frankerz’ dog tag (1).
  • Go to the elevator and enter it (2).
  • Exit the elevator once it stops to be reunited with Bear. You will receive the ‘Best Friends Forever’ achievement 48/50 for saving Bear (3).
  • You will receive the ‘Team Player’ 49/50 achievement if you beat the game with a score of at least 280,000, 000.
  • You can start the game over and your arcade games will still be unlocked. To earn the ‘A new Foe has Appeared’ achievement 50/50, you have to complete a challenge sent to you from a friend via the Game Center on your iPad.
  • Congratulations, you have completed Fetch!


  • This section contains the 19 secrets in the game.
  • Underwater: Kill the snake following the tram on the bottom section (1).
  • Underwater: Release all fish from inside the larger fish on the bottom section (2).
  • Underwater: Eat the flying fish with the shark on top of the water (3).
  • Underwater: Shoot all the corals in the top section (4).
  • Volcano: Shoot the right breakaway wall on the volcano, then shoot the bird until it drops the shell on the tree (5).
  • Volcano: Shoot the pterodactyl that flies behind the volcano (6).
  • Castle: Find the catapult (7).
  • Castle: Find Iris in the castle window (8).
  • Farm: Fry an egg in the little dipper (9) by dropping an egg from the flying chickens into it.
  • Farm: Drop mail from the top onto the mail car while it’s on the bottom track (10).
  • Scranton: Launch the train 5 times (11).
  • Computer: Once the fans have started, shoot a fan to speed it up to max speed (12).
  • Computer: Shoot the power supply enough times after powering it on to get to 110% (13).
  • Computer: Crack the hard drive window (14).
  • Computer: Press the secrets option on the computer display (15).
  • Robot: Get all the drills and little robots up and running before you start building the big robot (16).
  • Robot: Overheat the pistons in the left and right forearms (17).
  • Planes: Shoot a propeller up to max speed (18).
  • Planes: Start all planes (19).

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