Welcome to the Sinbad: In search of the Magic Ginger Walkthrough!

Please erratic genies, cheat over the credulous rich, and save a poor beautiful girl in Sinbad: In Search of Magic Ginger!

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This document contains a complete Sinbad: In search of the Magic Ginger game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!

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Block 1. Outskirts

  • Sinbad appears.
  • When we first approach to the tavern, some vexed person in a ‘luxurious’ underpants leaves this place in a hurry. He seems to be hurt and angry.
  • If we visit a location with the guards, we’ll learn that one should be a merchant to enter the town. Therefore we need to discover some merchant’s name.
  • If we go to tavern, we’ll learn that a merchant’s name can be won in a game with two fellows, shooting dice nearby. But we still need some money to play.
  • On the market we’ll get to know that a local fish-buyer is ready to pay with coins for the fish we’ll bring him. We also learn, that the fish can be caught in the sea.
  • Visit a fisherman on the quay. He sits and fishes with an angle. There’s a boat nearby, but a fisherman doesn’t use it, because of a hole in the sail. He offers us his fishing rod and a possibility to angle, if we find a piece of sailcloth to fix his boat.
  • We approach to the foreign ship and learn, that they’ll give us a sailcloth if we save the ship from a nasty mouse.
  • We should go to the bazaar and see the herb doctor, who was annoyed by a long-tongued parrot. A herb doctor will give us valerian if we save him from this parrot. Grab a stone and hiss a bird. Then receive the valerian.
  • Go find a cat, trying to grab a bird near the tavern. Lure him with valerian.
  • Go visit a boatswain of the foreign ship. Help him to get rid of the nasty mouse, using the cat. Receive the sailcloth.
  • Go visit a fisherman. He fixes a boat, gives us a fishing rod and ships out. Now we can catch fish and sell it to the buyer. We finally have some money!
  • Go to the tavern. No matter how hard we try to win the dice-game, we’ll always lose. Seems like there’re sharpers playing against us. The dice are enchanted. We should replace them.
  • Go visit two honest players. They’re playing dice too. We should offer them some other game in exchange.
  • Go to the tavern, buy a rum and bring it to the drunkard-sailor. Receive an fascinating ‘Twist-twirl’ game, a comb and a coral.
  • Go visit the honest players. give them ‘Twist-twirl’ game and receive the dice.
  • Go to the tavern, stand a rum to the sharpers, then ask a street musician for a slow music. The sharpers fall asleep. Change the dice. When the sharpers wake up, we win the merchant’s name from them.
  • Go to the town gates with the merchant’s name. We’re now allowed to enter the town.

Block 2. Kadir’s Debt

  • Kadir gives Sinbad the key from a house he wants to sell.
  • When first entering the ‘Bazaar. Fishmonger and smith’ location, we’ll slip down on a banana peel. Grab it.
  • When Sinbad comes to Kadir’s house, there’s a rich couple arguing nearby. The wife tends to buy the house and the husband refuses. The wife likes both the house and its place. The husband dislikes the place and the fact, that the house is braided with some weeds.
  • Sinbad enters Kadir’s house and sees a weed, growing right through the floor. It’s impossible to just efforce it. You need to search for the special clippers.
  • Go look for the clippers. Walk pass the garden and notice a pair of old clippers inside. Try to get into the garden, but our old-time parrot starts shouting and the gateman awakes. We need to neutralize the parrot somehow. Let’s find something to cover his cage with, so that parrot doesn’t see a thing!
  • Let’s go and search. Visit the ‘Neighbor house’ location. There’s a girl in the window, standing full-back to the street. And there’s a tissue on the windowsill, take it.
  • Return to the garden-entrance and cover the parrot’s cage. Now enter the garden – the parrot won’t wake the gateman with his shout. Take the clippers. The gardener is cutting the bush and won’t notice Sinbad.
  • Go to Kadir’s house and try to cut the weed. The dull clippers can’t cut it, so we should sharpen them. Find a grinder. His sharpening machine is broken. Take a broken part and bring it to the smith. The smith can’t fix a thing – he’s sick with radiculitis distress.
  • Learn, that radiculitis can be treated with a fish-oil. Buy a fish.
  • Go see the washwomen with the fish. They agree to prepare the fish-oil for some small regale – the fruits.
  • Go to the fruiter. He’s nervous, distressed and shouts for his daughter. He can’t leave his stand, because of the wares. He tells Sinbad, that his daughter went missing.
  • Go to the balloons-seller location. There’s a little girl nearby – she’s the fruiter’s daughter. A girl grizzles and asks for a balloon; either she won’t leave the place. The only choice is to buy her a balloon. Do that and a girl will leave the location to her father’s place on the market. The fruiter starts trading. We’ll receive a fruits’ basket as a present.
  • Go to the washwomen and give them a basket. They’ll prepare the fish-oil. Go to the blacksmith and treat his radiculitis. He will fix the grinder’s broken detail. Return this one and sharpen the clippers.
  • With the freshly-sharpened clippers go to Kadir’s house and cut the weed. Return to the street. The rich couple is still nearby, but the place around has changed. Ubiquitous weeds have vanished and there’s a fine view on a neighbor’s house. No the wife is totally against the purchase – she doesn’t like both the place and the price. But the husband is entirely happy with both – he finds the place very attractive – mostly because of the nice outlook (the neighbor’s naked back is in a good light).
  • Take money from the rich man and go to Jaffar. His greed knows no bounds! He tells that the money isn’t enough, because of the percent. He agrees to return the bill of debt, but asks something clearly impossible, ‘a solid gold donkey statue’.
  • Go to the traveling casino and speak with the fishmonger – he has already sold out all his stock. Win a donkey from him.
  • Find a sidewalk artist, portraying the Emir – mostly with the golden paint. The artist is upset – someone has stolen his blue paint, he planned to use to paint the sky-blue eyes of Emir. If Sinbad brings him a blue paint, the artist will gladly help Sinbad and paint the donkey into a golden color.
  • Go to the location, where some impudent character paints his sash frames with the stolen paint. Should we try to speak with him, he pushes us off and doesn’t want to talk. Throw banana peel under his feet. He slips down and falls. Grab the paint and go visit an artist.
  • Give the blue paint to artist. He’s going to help you painting the donkey, but the creature rebels of course.
  • Go to the well in the location with an old woman. Help her with a jug of water, while she’s holding a holed goatskin with two hands. Go to the balloon-seller. He’ll distend a goatskin through a hole and stick it down for a coin. We’ll receive a leather ball.
  • Let’s go to the location with the boys, teasing the serpent-charmer. The boys are happy with an improvised ball – the inflated goatskin. They throw away the pipe and grab the ball. Take the pipe and go to the location with donkey. Hypnotize him, then paint and bring to Jaffar. He will put the donkey down as a real one and give us the debt bill.
  • Return the bill to Kadir. He opens us a portal to the land of genie.

Block 3. In the Land of Genie

  • We find ourselves in the location with the main genie in the desert. He’s annoyed with our presence. Sinbad tells him, that he came here in search for the magic seeds! Genie laughs – he’s amused by our impudence. But then he comes up with an idea: we bring him the brothers, he gives us the seeds!
  • Roam the world and try to guess, where we can find the genie Barkhat’s brothers.
  • If we arrive to an underwater location – we’re pushed out of there, because we cannot breathe!
  • If we arrive to one of the islands – nothing will happen. Our attempt to catch the shell-fishes will be in vain.
  • If we visit Bakhadur – we’ll get to know, that one lamp is in Memegley’s possession (he lives nearby). He himself was a keeper of another one, but he diced it away to the very same Memegley. There’s a rope near the Bakhadur’s house – take it.
  • If we go to the pensioner, we’ll find a house, buried in the snowmass. Memegley asks you for help and promises to tell you whatever he wants about genies. We learn that to save the pensioner-mage we should bring the sun from Bakhadur’s stove.
  • Go to Bakhadur and he’ll promise to give you the sun in exchange for an ancient potty.
  • There’s no potty. We can search through all the location – and it’s nowhere to be seen.
  • Go to Memegley and learn, that he has the required potty, and he’s ready to give it away in exchange for the sun, that will save him. So Sinbad should dip something into the chimney, so that he could take a potty.
  • Go to Bakhadur’s house and grab the rope (if not yet done).
  • Go to pensioner’s house, use the rope on the chimney and receive a potty.
  • Go to Bakhadur, give him a potty, and take a sun from the stove. Bring it to the pensioner.
  • Go to the pensioner’s house location and use the sun on the chimney. The snow melts. Now the ‘Inside Memegley’s house’ location is available.
  • When we go inside the house, we’ll learn, that one of the genies is inside his lamp deep undersea, and the other one is high on the mountain heights, in the Roc bird’s nest. We also learn, that Memegley knows no way to get undersea, but the only way to get to the Roc’s nest is to dress like a sheep. There’s a fleece on the wall, but Memegley doesn’t agree to give it to us for free. He tells us, that he hase some things, and he’s ready to exchange them for some other things:
  • Fleece for a hook.
  • Vine for a cup.
  • Umbrella for an ancient potty.
  • Sword for a horn.
  • Leg for a boot.
  • cuckoo from a clock for a teddy bear.
  • Palm for a pearl.
  • Worm for a comb.
  • Axe for a goat statuette.
  • Big bottle of milk for a recipe book.
  • Wisp for a candle.
  • Bat for a shovel.
  • Holed sock for a coral.
  • Ancient poetry book for a compass.
  • Slipper for a stuffed fish.
  • Cracknel for an iron.
  • Cactus for a rope.
  • If we visit Bakhadur – we’ll learn that he also wants to make some exchange. He has some ‘…’ and he’s ready to change it for ‘…’:
  • Hook for a vine.
  • Cup for an umbrella.
  • Ancient potty for a sword.
  • Horn for a pad.
  • Funny flask (bait for the shell-fish) for the stuffed leg.
  • Boot for a cuckoo from a clock.
  • Teddy bear for a palm.
  • Pearl for a worm.
  • Goat statuette for a big bottle of milk.
  • Recipe book for a wisp.
  • Candle for a bat.
  • Shovel for a holed sock.
  • Compass for a slipper.
  • Stuffed fish for a cracknel.
  • Iron for a cactus.
  • You can start the exchange. It continues until we speak about the pad.
  • You may walk around the world as long a time as you want – but you’ll find no pad. Ask Bakhadur about a pad once again. Learn, that the pad is deep underwater, near the moray eel’s hole. We can go there. If we descend underwater, we’ll be pushed away. Return to Bakhadur. He’ll tell you, that we won’t finish moray eel without a special shell-fish. We cannot breath underwater, and this beast is dangerous even by itself, so we need 2 shell-fishes.
  • Go to Bakhadur. (He won’t tell you about all the aspects of this search for a pad, so you’ll need to eventually return to him). Learn, that you’ll need a special bait to catch a shell-fish. Of course, Bakhadur has one, but he’ll only exchange it for a stuffed leg of lamb!
  • Go to the islands and find the shell-fishes. Use the bait and catch both of them.
  • Use the respiratory shell-fish and descend underwater. Moray eel will attack. Use another shell-fish on moray eel and it’ll be neutralized. Receive the pad and one of the lamps.
  • Continue with the chain of exchanges and finally receive the fleece.
  • Use the lamb on yourself in any place, where Roc’s shadow is visible. Get to the nest. If you try to grab the lamp – the nestling will be nervous. Use the hypnotizing pipe and he will calm down. Grab the lamp and come down.
  • We can experiment with ascent and descent. If we do this too much – the game will end and all the saves will be deleted.
  • Bring both lamps into the genie desert and receive the seeds of the magic ginger.
  • Watch the final comic strip.

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