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Mel can use magic and she’s not happy about it. Worse, little dark creatures are following her and calling her their queen!

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1. Journey to Shadwood Academy

  • Mel wakes up in the cottage she shares with Yvette in Harakauna. Yvette asks her to find flies for a birthday recipe. (Today is the mayor’s birthday again.)
  • Go west to the Blueleaf Forest and gather flies.
  • Collect treasure and fight for loot before getting the fly in the southwest clearing.
  • Collect the final fly. Two darklings appear calling Mel Mistress of the Dark. Humored by her refusal to go with them, they seize her. Just then, Edward and two strangers come to the rescue and destroy the darklings. The strangers are Professors of magic at Shadwood Academy in the empire of Veldarah. Tipped off by Edward, they recognize that Mel possesses the gift of magic and insist she train at their school. Mel refuses to go without Edward. Since the Empress promised to assist Edward in retrieving his throne for delivering a magic wielder of great power to serve the empire; he must go as well.

2. Life at Shadwood Academy

  • Mel, Edward, and the professors arrive in Veldarah. The professors give Mel and Edward tokens and tell the two younglings to enroll in Shadwood Academy.
  • Go through Veldarah and head northwest to Shadwood Academy.
  • Talk to the Head Master. Edward leaves to find the fighters quarters and the Head Master tells Mel to check in with
    Professor Yavara.
  • Go east to the Magic Wielders’ quarters and talk to Professor Yavara.
  • Go north to room 231, open the treasure chest in Mel’s room and put on the Student Robe. Then, report back to Professor Yavara.
  • Go to the professors in the Hall of magic. Enroll in two classes plus Introduction to Magic. The choices are: Storm Magic, Healing Magic and Dark Magic. Diversification is recommended; one offensive and one defensive class.
    Note: Later in the game, Mel almost always has the company of a healer.
  • After Mel has signed up for classes, return to Professor Yavara. She tells you to read the house rules in the cafeteria.
  • Go to the cafeteria and read or re-read the house rules.
  • Return to Professor Yavara and let her know that you understand the house rules.
  • Go to your room and get some rest.
  • The next day, attend your Introduction to Magic class.
  • After the class is over, go to your room to rest.
  • The story skips ahead three months. Mel has learned to control her magic and almost has enough credits to leave Veldarah. To gain her final credits, she must perform a good deed.
  • Talk to Professor Yavara and agree to exterminate the nest of magic wisps at a local inn.
  • Go to the inn in Veldarah and talk to the innkeeper. Agree to help him with the wisp infestation.
  • Go upstairs in the inn and fight the wisps.
  • Note: You must use magic to defeat the wisps.
  • For this battle, defeat the two wisps roaming the hallways. Check their corpses for loot. If you find Covey Balm, give it to Mel to replenish her MP for the next battle. When fighting the hive, you may fare better using magic against the wisps and leaving the hive for last. You can use Mel’s Steal skill to try and get more Covey Balm from the hive if her MP is getting low. When all the wisps have been defeated, attack the hive.
  • When the wisps and hive are defeated, talk to the inn keeper and collect 52 gold coins.
  • Note: Sleep at the inn to restore all health and mana before going back to the school.
  • Return to Shadwood Academy. The school is in flames. Edward comes out to meet Mel and tells her the school is under attack by monsters. Edward joins Mel and the two enter the school to help with the fight.
  • Fight the lone monster that is wandering around the atrium in Shadwood Academy.
  • Fight the lone monster that is guarding the entrance to the Magic Wielder’s quarters. When this fight is over, all of the monsters have been defeated. The professors tell the students to go to their rooms.
  • Go to Mel’s room. Along the way, Mel discovers that someone has scrawled “Darkthrop Prophecy” on the wall outside her room.
  • Go back to the atrium and warn the professors that the monsters are after Mel. The professors refuse to listen.
  • Go to the fighter’s quarters and warn Edward. Edward also refuses to listen.
  • Return to Mel’s room. A note is in the doorway. It says that a professor in the school believes Mel was the target of the attack and she should talk to the guard at the entrance of Veldarah in the morning for additional instructions.
  • Go to bed. The next day, the school has been cleaned up and things are relatively back
    to normal.
  • Leave the school and go to the entrance of Veldarah. Talk to the guard. He gives you a note and permission to leave. The note says you must go to a cabin west of Almirk Jungle.
  • Travel west through the jungle and bring along some Marsh Tea—the snakes here are poisonous. Leave the jungle, enter the world map, and then head north to the hunter’s cabin.
  • Enter the hunter’s cabin. Unfortunately, Gyendal, an evil wizard who has long wanted to force Mel to fulfill the Darkthrop Prophecy and use her as a pawn, is waiting. He seizes Mel, and tells her she must go with him to a place called Underfall. She refuses to go along, so he brings forth Stella, Mel’s dear friend. If Mel doesn’t go willingly, he will kill Stella. Mel agrees to go with Gyendal and Stella is freed. Stella flees the cabin. Gyendal teleports Mel to a cathedral in Underfall. To his surprise, the Disciples of Darkness announce that the girl must visit the Demon Realm to experience her rebirth. Mel is sent to a waiting chamber as Gyendal’s creatures prepare a portal to the Demon Realm. While Mel is alone in her chamber, a darkling named Yemite appears and says she is Mel’s personal servant. Mel tells Yemite to find Edward and bring him to her. Yemite teleports away to find him.

3. Leave the Eastern Isle

  • To this point, the story has followed Mel—it now shifts to Stella who runs through the halls of Shadwood Academy looking for Edward. She finds him in the fighter’s quarters. They decide they must find two people who know Gyendal well: his sister, Te’ijal, and her husband, Galahad. Te’ijal and Galahad are residing in Sedona, a city on the Western Isle, and only a ship can take Edward and Stella to the city.
    Note: Now that Mel is no longer in the party, you can’t sleep in her bed for free. You can, however, sleep in Edward’s.
  • Go into the Almirk Jungle gathering loot. Bring Marsh Tea and avoid large groups of snakes until you have serpent amulets. When you have enough gold, buy the Wizard’s Staff from the Veldarah Junk Dealer.
  • Note: Save any mandrake you acquire for a while.
  • With this staff equipped, fight easy monsters until Stella gains a level through fighting. She will have the opportunity to learn one of two spells. Choose Blessing to destroy snakes quickly.
    Note: If you wait this skill will be given later in the game .
  • When you have enough gold, return to Veldarah and purchase a sword called Shard from the Junk Dealer. Then return to Almirk Jungle and use the Sword Servicing Station to upgrade Shard’s attack.
  • Continue to gather gold and purchase the shovel from the Junk Dealer back in Veldarah.
  • Travel south through Almirk Jungle and use the exit in the southwest to enter the world map. Head south to Bluebeard’s Cove. When you enter the cove, you learn that Captain Bluebeard is dead. The sailors can’t agree on who should get the ship. A judge arrives to make the determination, but says he cannot make a decision until Bluebeard’s Will is found.
  • Go into Bluebeards house and read the note on the bed. It says: “The key to me secrets is buried three paces east of the most southern palm.”
  • Go outside and dig three paces to the right of the most southern freestanding palm in Bluebeard’s Cove. In the hole,
    you discover a key.
  • Go to the locked shed and use the key on the door.
  • Enter the shed and follow these steps:
    o Push the jar to the east of the door twice.
    o Go north as far as you can and push the jar.
    o Go east as far as you can and push the jar south.
    o Go east to the wall and push the jar to the north.
    o Walk west and push the jar eight times.
    o Walk north as far as you can and push the jar.
    o Go west as far as you can and push the jar south.
    o In front of the desk, push the jar west.
  • Take the will from the desk and bring it to the judge. The judge grants Bluebeard’s ship to Bluebeard’s brother, Edward, who arrives to accept the ship and retreats into Bluebeard’s shack. The judge and sailors leave.
  • Go into Bluebeard’s shack and pay Bluebeard’s brother 150 gold coins for the ship.
  • Go to the world map and click on the ship. Sail to the Western Isle and use the dock to enter.

4. Convince Te’ijal and Galahad to Help

  • On the Western Isle, travel northwest through Riven Forest and enter Sedona.
  • Note: The Scorpion Ring hidden in a treasure chest is powerful but will break eventually so use it wisely.
  • Enter Sedona and go to Te’ijal and Galahad’s house. When Stella and Edward find them, Te’ijal and Galahad are delighted to see their old friends. After relating that Mel is in trouble, Galahad is eager to help, but Te’ijal is disheartened since they are no longer powerful vampires. Galahad convinces Te’ijal to help Mel and tells Stella and Edward to assist the king while he and his wife
    gather their things.
  • Talk to the King to receive a job. (The castle is in the northwest.) Find out who is conspiring with the thieves and why.
  • Read one of the notices distributed throughout the city.
  • Go to Lady Arana’s house. While she is away, read the note on the table.
  • Go outside and find Isabelle. She tells you that someone stole her elven-made wedding ring.
  • Go the gem dealer. Someone has sold Isabella’s ring to him. He will sell it to you for 210 gold coins.
  • Go into Riven Forest and fight monsters until you can afford the ring. To defeat monsters more easily, upgrade Shard in Sedona.
  • Purchase Isabelle’s wedding ring from the gem dealer and return it to her. She gives you a pretty fan.
  • Bring the fan to Lillian. After she runs out to show off, open the treasure chest in her house and collect the quill.
  • Bring the quill to Gregor so he can finish his literary masterpiece.
  • Talk to the gem dealer for additional information and learn who sold him the ring. He tells you it was Lady Anara.
  • Go see Lady Anara at her house. She gives you a package and tells you to take it to the thieves in the caves east of Sedona.
  • Upgrade all of your equipment and go into Riven Forest. Head east until you find the Thieves Caves.
  • Note: If Stella hasn’t learned Blessing, an old woman near Thieves Caves entrance teaches it to her and then disappears.
  • Go into the Thieves Caves and find the Thief Lord. Switches must be flipped, a puzzle solved and four colored buttons pressed to get into the thieves’ den.
  • To solve the puzzle of the nine treasure chests, open them in this order:
    1. Top right 2. Middle center 3. Middle right 4. Top left
    5. Bottom left 6. Bottom center 7. Top center 8. Bottom right 9. Middle left.
    When you open the last treasure chest you get a key needed to enter the thieves’ den.
  • Talk to the Thief Lord and bribe him to tell you why he is blackmailing Lady Anara. He tells you that Lady Anara sold the king’s baby girl to slavers in Veldarah so that her son could one day become king.
  • Before you leave the den, enhance Shard.
  • Go to Veldarah, talk to the laundress, Wyona, and accept the job that Retta has failed to show up for.
  • Gather laundry and visit Katie the slave in her room at Gabrielle’s house. She is looking at a golden medallion. When she sees you, she hides it under her bed and runs outside.
  • Go outside and leave the property. As you leave, Gabrielle tells Katie to go inside the house. She’s in big trouble. Katie goes inside. Follow her.
  • Inside, talk to Katie. She tells you that Gabrielle has discovered her medallion and won’t give it back. Speak to Gabrielle and purchase the medallion for 100 gold coins.
  • Leave the property and go south to the children playing in a clearing. Talk to the little girl named Jenna who is standing off by herself. She is upset that Ingrid gave everyone but her a caramel apple.
  • Get into Ingrid’s lunch bag and grab a caramel apple. Give it to Jenna. She says thank you and runs home.
  • Return the laundry to Wyona and collect 10 gold coins.
  • Visit Yari in the taxidermist shop next to the Laundromat and agree to exterminate infesting Storm Bugs in the Almirk Jungle for 15 gold per carcass.
  • Visit Jenna’s house and talk to her mom, Dana. You’re invited to Jenna’s birthday party. Go to the Gift Merchant’s shop for a present. You can get Jenna a kitten, some candy or a knife.
  • Note: To get a reward for this quest, you must give Jenna a kitten or candy. If you attempt to give her a knife, her mother will throw you out of her house.
  • Return to Jenna’s house and give her the birthday gift. As long as you didn’t give her a knife, her mother will offer a cupcake. Take it from the table.
  • Head back to Sedona and show Katie’s medallion to the king. You learn the medallion belonged to the queen’s lost daughter, Katie. You tell the king and queen that Lady Anara sold Katie into slavery to open the throne to her own son. The thieves knew this and had been blackmailing Lady Anara. To keep their silence, she had to steal jewelry to pay them off. The King and Queen have Lady Anara arrested for her treachery and they leave for Veldarah.
  • Check in on Gregor to find he has finished his manuscript. He gives you a biography of Hercules and asks that you take it to the publishing house in Veldarah.
  • Return to Veldarah and bring Gregor’s book to the publishers. Then go to the palace in the north. Katie and her parents are there. Katie gives you a treasure key that can unlock blue chests. At this point, you can enter the treasuries in Veldarah Palace and Sedona Castle.
  • Back in Sedona tell Gregor you’ve delivered his book. He rewards you with a lute.
  • Give the lute to the beggar south of the castle and pay him a little gold to play a song for you.
  • Talk to the Chancellor in the castle. He gives you 500 gold coins for solving the jewelry thief case.
  • Go to Te’ijal and Galahad. They join your party. Te’ijal says the first thing you must do is return to the place where
    Mel was kidnapped.

5. Travel to Underfall

  • Return to the Hunter’s Cabin on the Eastern Isle. When you enter the property, Yemite appears and tells Edward to accompany her to Underfall. Edward won’t go without the others, so Yemite agrees to take them the long way through a cave on the Northern Isle.
  • Sail to the Northern Isle.
  • At the entrance to Dire Woods a large pile of ice blocks the path. Yemite destroys it. Nearby is an old woman who again shares her powers with Stella.
  • Note: Some monsters in the Dire Woods heal their party members. Defeat those ones first.
  • Find a cave entrance in the west. It is dark and a torch is needed before you can get through.
  • Travel north to Thornkeep in hopes of finding a torch to light the Marauders cave.
    WARNING: Before you enter Thornkeep, save your game and don’t save over that spot. If your backpack is not already brimming with ice scrolls, food and medicine, make sure you have some gold to spend in the village.
  • Enter Thornkeep. Dusk falls. Galahad’s intuition tells him something is amiss; the night is dangerous.
  • Search the town for treasures and then go to the inn. The inn-keeper says the place is full. Go upstairs—the inn is empty. Confront the inn-keeper for lying. He reluctantly agrees to let you stay. Go upstairs to bed. A while later, there is a shriek in the night. The party is roused and everyone runs downstairs. The front door is locked. Galahad busts it open. Outside, the villagers are surrounded by wicked-looking ghosts.
  • Fight the ghosts and triumph—but nobody cheers. It appears that the monsters will be back tomorrow night and every night after. Upon a second look, the party realizes that the villagers are also ghosts. They were killed hundreds of years ago and their souls are trapped from a curse cast by a dark wizard. The curse’s evil is tied to an artifact hidden from the villagers. Yemite senses that the cursed object is at the bottom of the village well.
  • Note: Before descending into the well, stock up on the items being sold by the merchant just south of the village. He is
    standing by a fire.
  • Descend into the well.
  • Note: Only magic works on most creatures here. Fighting with Yemite is a good idea, as well as having non-magical players use scrolls and rings. You may have to use some of your most valuable items to survive, but once you find the cursed object, the route home is fairly direct.
  • Enhance Shard at the Sword Servicing Station. When this happens, Stella observes magic flowing between Edward and his sword. He was not born with magic, but nevertheless, if he can gain mana he can use Shard’s magic.
    Note: Have Edward consume Mandrake to increase his capacity for magic.
  • Search the well for equipment and weapons then head to the lowest level where the cursed object is located. When you find the cursed object, Yemite asks if she can eat it. According to her, curses are delicious. And once the curse is hers it will be lifted from the villagers. Bon Appetite, Yemite!
  • Once Yemite eats the curse, use the teleportation star in the room to go back to the beginning of the well. Back in the village, the ghost people notice that something has changed. They feel different. Dawn returns and they depart, except for Varrah—she can’t find her daughter.
  • Talk to Varrah, the semi-transparent woman standing south of the well.
  • Search in the house west of the well. The scared little ghost girl is hiding in the lower left corner of the house. You tell her the monsters are gone and she runs to her mother. Sarah gives you a ghost doll before she leaves with Varrah.
  • Obtain the torch by the well and leave Thornkeep. Head south into Dire Woods to the cave that was too dark for you to navigate. With the torch in your possession you can now venture into Marauder’s Cave.
  • Fight monsters in Marauder’s Cave until you have 2 opals and 2 topazes.
  • Find the dwarf in the mine who is selling an Ice Pick and purchase it. Also buy a couple jars of skin cream.
  • Search the mine for a large chunk of blue ice. Use the Ice Pick to get spelled ice. Return to Dire Woods and search for Star Temple. Outside is a non-functioning Sword Servicing Station.
  • Go northeast in Dire Woods to the blacksmith’s house. Tell him about the broken Sword Servicing Station. The blacksmith says he’ll need spelled ice to fix the station. Give him the spelled ice. He leaves. Return to the broken Sword Servicing Station. It’s now fixed. Use it to upgrade Shard.
  • Return to Marauders Cave and find Ashera’s Tomb.
  • Travel through Ashera’s Tomb and exit into Underfall.

6. Save Mel

  • Hustle to the city sneaking past enemies as much as you can until you buy Witcheye Root and Toxic Sludge.
  • Go northwest to Underfall Cathedral where Mel is being held. The Skelton guard won’t let you inside. Te’ijal notices his right arm bone is short and the Skeleton is abashed; he lost his bone in Ashera’s Tomb and has substituted an elf’s bone. He would give anything to have his own arm bone back. The rescuers have a lead.
  • Go into the house where the ghoul mother and daughter reside. The unhappy girl has eaten all her dollies. Give your ghost doll to the child. She can’t eat this one. The pleased ghouls depart. When the house is empty obtain the Tomb Key on the bedstand.
  • Purchase the best equipment you can afford before adventuring into Ashera’s Tomb. Then go southeast and this time enter the tomb through the locked door east of the cave opening which you exited into Underfall.
  • Obtain the arm bone and before you leave, make sure to search the tomb for weapons and armor. Most importantly, find a sword called Justice for Galahad, the Sword Servicing Station for Shard, and any equipment that will fit Yemite.
  • Return to Underfall and go to the cathedral giving the skeleton his arm bone. Inside, the portal has at last been opened. Gyendal brings Mel and pushes her into the portal transporting her to the Demon Realm. Yemite runs to accompany her and disappears. Edward rushes to follow but Te’ijal stops him. Only someone with a touch of evil can go and leave the demon realm untainted. Hope of helping fades, but Te’ijal admits there is a way. A vampire could enter unharmed. She reveals that the vampress, Beatrice, owes her a favor. She tells the party they must travel to Ghed’ahre so that Beatrice can transform her back into a vampire. Edward asks why she hadn’t done this sooner. Te’ijal says she did not want to face the humiliation and would not choose Beatrice for her maker. Galahad is shocked that she would seriously desire to become a creature of the dark again.
  • Leave the cathedral and talk to the Skeleton Guard on your way out. He won’t let you back in unless you bring an expensive silver femur that was stolen from him.
  • Go to the Reaper Express which is assessable in the graveyard. Pull down the switch then pay the reaper to transport you
    to Ghed’ahre.
  • Explore Ghed’ahre and Wyrm Forest before you redeem the favor from Beatrice.
  • Buy the scary mask at Herb’s Trick or Treat Shop.
  • Don’t gamble at the casino unless you have a round of Witcheye Root.
  • Finally, go to Beatrice’s house and talk to her. Indebted or not, Beatrice is reluctant to bite Te’ijal—seeing her as food is far too amusing. When Edward threatens to stake her she complies… by biting Galahad! Declaring the debt paid, she transforms into a bat and flies away. Te’ijal tries to convince Galahad to bite her, but the noble knight won’t inflict the vampiric curse, a fate worse than death. He will be the one enter the demon realm and save Mel. The point of view transports back to Mel, who is now stuck in the Demon Realm.

7. Survive the Demon Realm

  • Mel is scared and alone on the Demon Plains. Nox pops up encouraging her to think positive about her destined path. A moment later, Uma appears saying she won’t stand by while Nox continues to mislead Mel. They are both breaking the rules by going to Mel and Mel argues that she doesn’t need them, but a frightening sound convinces her to let them stay.
  • Head east and then south. Examine a sign which indicates Aveyond is near. A frightening monster appears and chases the party into Shadow Aveyond and out of the Demon Plains. When you enter Shadow Aveyond, the monster retreats.
  • Walk into the village. Along the way, a stranger in dark clothes motions you to follow him south of the village. Go south but the man is gone. Farther down you encounter an old woman waiting by a bridge. She increases the entire party by seven levels and warns that nothing is what it seems in this place. Then she disappears.
  • Go north to the temple and talk to the oracle. She says that a portal in Aveyond can take her back to the Mortal Realm, but that the portal is broken. While the Staff of Destiny could repair the damage, the object is in the possession of a demon. The Oracle convinces Mel to seek the Staff of Destiny and gives Mel an Orb Rod. The oracle instructs Mel to activate the rod’s power by dipping it in three wyvern flames. When the rod has all the flames, it will be strong enough to defeat the demon and claim the staff.
  • Before you wander into the Demon Plains in search of the wyvern flames, buy and equip your character with Magic Amulets, one each for the three of you plus an extra. Also bring along plenty of Covey Balm.
  • Venture out into the Demon Plains fighting carefully.
    Note: It is advised that you don’t battle the Hell Hounds until you are more powerful. When in battle target Specters first, as they can heal and raise fallen Hell Hounds.
  • Go southeast to a stairway that descends into a hole in the ground. Enter Sheian Lyr and stock up on better weapons and armor.
  • Note: This time instead of donating to the goddess: steal.
  • Leave Sheian Lyr. Go northwest and fight a large group of monsters that are guarding the first Wyvern Flame. Once the monsters are defeated go up to the flame and click on it. The flame goes out and the magic and power of the flame infuses Mel’s staff.
  • Return to Sheian Lyr and go to Gabrel’s house. He is dying and needs a remedy.
  • Visit the apothecary and ask about a cure for Gabrel. A wyrd vegetable is required for the remedy.
  • Exit Sheian Lyr and head north to a cave entrance near some lava pools. When you attempt to enter the cave, Yemite finds Mel and joins the party to protect her. With Yemite’s Destroy spell, the group is more successful at challenging monsters here.
  • Go into the cave and head north. You’ll see the same dark-cloaked stranger that you saw in Shadow Aveyond. He opens a cave exit that leads north, then disappears through this exit. Follow him.
  • Note: Along the way, you will pass a locked door in the Demon Caves. Remember this location.
  • When you get outside, the stranger is gone. Go north across the bridge and then west to a patch of wyrd vegetables. Collect one and return to the apothecary. The apothecary creates poison for Gabrel.
  • Return to Gabrel’s house and give him the poison. His health is restored and he rewards you with a cave key.
  • Go outside and talk to Helga. She tells you that someone stole her house. Go to Gretta’s house and take Helga’s shrunken house in the corner. Bring Helga her house. She attempts to restore it but Gretta’s counter curse turns into a lump of red gel. Collect the gel.
  • Descend into Morbert’s Slime Farm and talk to Morbert. A Dragon has wiped out all of his Red Slimes and to grow more he’ll need red gel. Give him yours. After he plants it, borrow his shovel.
  • Note: The slimes collected here can be used in battle. Red slimes curse an enemy, blue slimes make an enemy fall asleep, and yellow ones make an enemy clumsy.
  • Talk to the Red Queen and her sister the White queen. They both want Maudran’s Diadem to rule all of Sheian Lyr instead of just the east or the west. The queen you talk to gives you a rope.
  • Return to the Demon Caves and use the cave key to open the locked door.
    Note: From this point on, the Demon Caves are vast and intertwined with exits to the Demon Plains. Some doors in the Demon Caves are hidden until you solve puzzles. Look at the maps to navigate around these areas.
  • Go through the Demon Caves to an exit that takes you to the Demon Plains. In the northeast you will see Maudran’s Diadem on an island. Use your rope to get over to it.
  • South of the diadem is the second Wyvern Flame.
  • Return to Sheian Lyr and give Maudran’s Diadem to the queen of your choice. The queen you select snatches the diadem and crowns herself with it. Then she turns her sister into dirt.
  • Note: If you helped the White Queen, your reward is Myrica infusion; if you helped the Red Queen, your reward is a Level Egg.
  • Take the pile of dirt from the throne and open the treasure chest beside it.
  • Return to the slime farm and gather slimes. Also, load up on fire amulets before you leave.
    Note: If 15 minutes have passed since you gave Morbert the red gel, red slimes are available. Don’t use your last red slime until you have finished the slime herding challenge.
  • Return to the Demon Caves and locate a wall with a note on it. According to the note, only the weight of one queen will reveal an entrance. Nearby is a scale. Put your bag of dirt on the scale. An entrance is revealed and onward the group ventures into the strange wilderness.
  • Explore the new areas open to you. In the Demon Caves find the scary mask that is lying on the ground. Place it on a wall between two other frightful masks and another entrance is revealed.
  • Go through the new opening to the Demon Plains. Destroy the Wyr Dragon guarding the third Wyvern Flame and dip Mel’s staff in the final flame. When you do this, the story shows Edward and Stella’s party back in Underfall. They insist on entering the Cathedral, but the Skeleton Guard still wants his expensive silver femur. Cleverly, Te’ijal pretends to see it in the grasp of an innocent bystander. The Guard rushes off in pursuit and the party sneaks in. Again, Te’ijal tells Galahad to bite her—but he won’t. Stella warns Galahad not to bring anything back from the Demon Realm; then he rushes past the servants of darkness guarding the portal and goes to the other side. Gyendal arrests Edward, Stella, and Te’ijal then throws them in the dungeon.
  • Return to the Demon Caves and find the room with blue and yellow slimes in cages.
  • Make sure you have one red slime in your inventory, and then go up to the empty cage and put a red slime in it. Next, click the switch on the wall. Slimes populate the room.
  • Herd all of the slimes into the appropriate pens. Click on the entrance of a pen to shut its gate and keep the slime inside. Put blue slimes in the left pen, red slimes in the middle and yellow slimes to the right. When this is done, a door is revealed on the north side of the room.
  • Go through the door into a passage that takes you to the demon’s lair.
    Note: Make sure you have the best weapons and equipment scattered through the Demon Realm.
  • Mel boldly confronts the demon and demands he give over the Staff of Destiny. He laughs and calls her a fool. Momentarily Galahad appears to join to fray.
  • Before you battle the menu opens so you can choose your fighting party. Galahad is a fierce asset. A healer is also valuable. When the fight is over, Mel takes the Staff of Destiny.
  • Travel to Shadow Aveyond and visit the Oracle. She repairs the portal and tells Mel to keep the Staff of Destiny. She deserves it.
  • Return to the Mortal Realm. Back in Underfall, Gyendal is shocked to see Mel. He demands the darklings send her back, but she brings down fire using the staff, and now they follow her commands. They put Gyendal in the dungeon and free her friends. Stella is taken aback to see Mel has brought a staff from the demon realm. The power emanating from it is intense… and dangerous. Mel, however, assures that she is safe. Besides, one can imagine what wondrous things could be accomplished using it. Edward, Stella and Te’ijal all notice something amiss with Mel And Galahad. Just then, an apparition of the oracle calls the three of them to Aveyond. The point of view switches to Edward, Stella, and Te’ijal.

8. Travel to Mt Orion

  • Talk to the Butler at Darkling Hall; the owner found a northern star and is having a hide-and-seek party for it. Since only monsters are invited, trick him by having Edward put on the scary mask purchased from the Trick or Treat shop in Ghed’ahre. Go through the maze until you find the star.
  • Purchase the snail from the Junk Dealer.
  • Leave Underfall and go to Dire Woods bringing the northern star to Star Temple. Place it on the pedestal to release the
    golden bridle.
  • In Dire Woods, head east to Aveyond.
  • In Aveyond, seek the oracle. According to the her, the world is in great danger. The Darkthrop Prophecy is at hand and Mel is at the heart of it. The staff she brought with her belonged to a demon and still retains his essence. As long as she holds the staff it will corrupt her and eventually transform her into the demon himself. To save Mel and Galahad (and the world) their souls must be purified using the Stone of Aya. The staff has to be removed from her possession before this can be done. The party must go to Mysten Far and consult the priestess for help.
  • You will need a dragon to fly to Mysten Far. Sail to the tropical island where the dragon ranch is located and buy your favorite for 1000 gold. With the golden dragon bridle from Star Temple you’ll be able to ride it.
  • Fly to the Mystic Isle between the Western and Eastern Isle.
    Note: You can land your dragon anywhere on grass.
  • On the Mystic Isle, enter Mt Orion. The way to the mountains is blocked by a large boulder. There is a statue of a woman holding a bow pointed at the boulder. The arrow is missing from the bow.
  • Back on the Western Isle, go to Sedona and check on the beggar. By now, he should be getting pretty good with his lute. Give him some coins to play for you and leave.
  • Go to Riven Forest in search of the dynamite wielding militant squirrels. Walk across the repaired bridge and east to the Squirrel Hideout. Talk to General Beal. He is upset because the secret location of the squirrel hideout has been compromised. Stella and company must find a map of an abandoned temple for General Beal if they want his help.
  • Go northeast to Clearwater.
  • Talk to William. He needs a bouquet of lilies for his wife’s birthday present. Talk to Jemma in the flower shop. She doesn’t have any lilies but will make a bouquet for you.
  • Go south into Riven Forest and pick lilies by a stream. Bring them to Jemma then deliver the bouquet to William. He gives you a hat.
  • Go to Jebb who is trying to nap on the grass in the south part of Clearwater and give him the hat so he can sleep with the sun out of his eyes.
  • When Jebb falls asleep, open the chest beside him and take the temple map.
  • Return to the squirrels and give General Beal the map. The troop marches away. Now that the treasure chest is unguarded, open it and collect the pipe.
  • Walk north to witness the Militant Squirrels on the march to the abandoned temple. A boulder is blocking the path so they blow it up. Follow the squirrels but the temple is locked.
  • To the right of the temple, look for a cave entrance hidden with vines. You need something to cut them down.
  • Before you leave the clearing find another piece of pipe.
  • Return to Clearwater. The lady who was doing yard work finished and her shears are on the lawn. Take them.
  • Go to William and Yemina’s house. See how Yemina likes her flowers. Oops! She’s allergic to lilies! Go ahead and accept
    them back.
  • Cut the thick vines away from the cave entrance using the shears you grabbed.
  • Enter the cave. Inside, turn on the lever. Water flows from the pipes. Turn off the water and use the two pipes you collected to repair the water system.
  • Flip the switch again. When you go outside, the entrance to Green Rock Temple is open.
  • Go into Green Rock Temple. You see three circular slots and a stone arrow on a pedestal.
  • Go outside and obtain the red, blue, and yellow starcrystals hidden in Riven Forest and guarded by squirrels.
  • Return to Green Rock Temple and place the three starcrystals. The stone arrow turns to gold.
  • Take the golden arrow and return to Mt. Orion.
  • Note: Before you leave, get some Fel Gen equipment in Clearwater.
  • Put the stone arrow in the statue’s bow. The statue shoots and crumbles the boulder blocking the way.

9. Obtain the Stone of Aya

  • Head east toward Mysten Far. Use skin cream if Cockatrice turn a character to stone. Star Griffins are loaded with gold, so fight the lone ones, especially the one near the exit because you can leave and he’ll return. Try to collect around 9000 gold coins before you enter the priestess community.
  • In Mysten Far, get the best equipment for Stella and stock up on mana-replenishing tinctures. Wait on using the sword servicing station for a little while.
  • Un-Equip Shard then talk to the head priestess in the temple. Edward states that they have been sent by the oracle to retrieve the Stone of Aya. The Priestess then asks who is willing to face the Trials of Citrelium. Only the pure of heart and mind can pass the trials and obtain the stone. The consequence for failure is death. Stella says she’ll go. Edward is wary of letting her because it sounds dangerous, but Mel must be saved and neither Te’ijal nor Edward can pass the test of purity. Stella accepts the challenge.
  • Edward and Te’ijal stay behind and Stella goes into the mountains alone. A little ways up, the old woman Stella has seen before approaches and teaches Starshine.
  • Search for the Sword Servicing Station and upgrade Shard for Edward before going into Mt. Orion Caves.
  • Go to the top of the mountain. The entrance is closed. A plaque reads: For LOVE I gave all, In HOPE of finding thee, my JOY,
    my PEACE, my life.
  • To enter Mt. Orion Caves click on the locked gate over the entrance.
    Riddle: Without me, all else is lost.
    Answer: HOPE
  • Explore the caves and collect as much treasure as you can. There are lots of important weapons and armor in these caves for Edward and Te’ijal. Make sure you do this before solving the final riddle.
  • The following riddles must be solved to proceed:
    Riddle: I am great happiness
    Answer: JOY
    Riddle: I am the opposite of hate
    Answer: LOVE
    Riddle: I am the opposite of war
    Answer: PEACE
  • When all four riddles are solved, the gate that blocks you from a special room disappears. Enter this room. The Lady of Light appears telling Stella she has completed the Trials of Citrelium. Stella is deemed pure of heart and pure of mind. For this deed her wings are restored. The Lady of Light tells Stella that she can find what she seeks beyond. The Lady of Light disappears.
  • Go out the cave exit on the north side of the room. Stella flies up the mountain side.
  • Retrieve the hunter’s horn from the mountain top cave. Upon exiting, Stella automatically flies down the mountain.
  • Return to the temple and reunite Stella with her friends.
  • Outside, find the pretty comb that is on the ground at Mysten Far.
  • Visit Priestess Diona at her home. She has broken yet another truth mirror. While Te’ijal is quick to note that she’s in for seven years of bad luck, Edward is most willing to find her another mirror.
  • Leave Mysten Far and go into the lower part of Mt. Orion heading west and then north to Harmony Temple.
  • At Harmony Temple there is a stone orb fixed to a pedestal and a statue of a hunter without her horn.
  • Return the hunter’s horn to the statue. The stone orb turns purple. Collect what appears to be the Dreamer’s Orb.
  • Enter the cave where priestesses guard the portal that goes between the dream world and the waking world. Return the Dreamers orb to the statue. The portal to Dreamland opens.
  • Note: before you enter Dreamland, service Edward’s sword at the station in Mysten Far.
  • Reach out to the restored portal. You are teleported to Dreamland.
  • In the Forest of Mirrors, take the one that does not lie! You only get to choose once.
  • Talk to the three weaving fates. Their thread has been stolen and they need it for their tapestry or everyone is doomed.
  • Find the glittering Stone of Aya.
  • Collect treasure and upgrade Shard at the Sword Servicing Station.
  • Back in Mysten Far, bring the truth mirror to Priestess Diona. She gives you magical thread. Take that to the three fates in Dreamland. The fates give a Nightmare Bow.

10. The Finale

  • Leave Mt. Orion and stop by Sedona to visit the beggar. He’s no longer in the same place. Go into the castle. Now he’s a court bard! For your kindness, he gives you an original love song.
  • Travel to Underfall. Stock up on restoratives because once you enter the cathedral, the final battle will start. Make sure that Stella levels up with her final staff so she can gain the abilities in the staff before the fight.
  • Enter the cathedral. Upon returning to Mel, Edward explains the staff she holds is demon-touched and must be destroyed, according to the oracle. Mel retorts that the Oracle told her to take the staff. Plus, she has been through a lot to earn it. She bids him to leave. Stella says they can’t go and urges her to understand she has been possessed by a demon. Mel does not understand; after all, she killed the demon that had the staff. When she orders Galahad to escort them away and they still refuse, a fight ensues.
  • Fight Yemite with magic and magical items. Use your weapons to undermine Galahad. Sometimes Yemite will cast the sleep spell but the Lucky Charm, Sleep Amulet and Snap Dragon Eggs will counteract. Keep health levels high using Heal Extora often.
  • When Edward’s group triumphs in the fight, Te’ijal calls out for him to take the staff. He snatches it. Mel stirs and protests, but Edward refuses to give it back. Moments later, the dark-hooded stranger that Mel saw in the Demon Realm appears on the portal. The staff flies from Edward’s hands into the grasp of the stranger. He throws off his cloak and it is revealed that he is Mordred Darkthrop, Mel’s wicked ancestor who first attempted to fulfill the prophecy. According to him, his son never destroyed him. He created a portal to the Demon Realm and was trapped there for centuries (you don’t die there unless something kills you). He attempted to fulfill the prophecy several times, but realized that he wasn’t the chosen one. So he waited for the that person to be born. He strikes Mel down because she is of no more use and a battle with Mordred Darkthrop and his minions ensues.
  • In this battle, use Stella frequently to heal the group and shield against physical attacks, though her blows are fierce when she is available to send them. Since the Grim Reapers heal the others in battle, destroy them first. One at a time, target the others straight away. If the dreaded Death Spell kills one of your fighters, revive and restore health immediately, generally keeping health as high as possible. Finally, close in on Mordred Darkthrop with weapons to defeat him at last.
  • Having destroyed Mordred Darkthrop and his army of Grim Reapers, Stella is able to use the Stone of Aya to purify Mel and Galahad. When Mel awakes she is disoriented. Galahad still thinks he must go to the Demon Realm on a rescue mission. Possessed with evil and now purified, he cannot recall the experience. Stella verifies to Te’ijal that he is cleansed. She promptly demands he bite her. When he refuses, she bites him! The exposure to vampire blood restores her magical condition.
  • Te’ijal calls Galahad to return with her to Ghe’dahre, but he no longer follows her orders. While the marriage contract is invalid now that they are both dead, it lasting only as long as they both shall live, Galahad is her maker and assumes the right to order her
    for all eternity.
  • Just then, Gyendal runs into the main hall and snatches the Staff of Destiny ready to call the darklings to his command. “Not this time, Brother.” Te’ijal calls and shoots an arrow. He falls into the portal just before it winks out.
  • The world is safe—for now. It is time for Edward to return to Thais and finally take the crown following the usurper, Lydia.
  • A month later, he and his friends arrive home. Lydia is thrown in prison by Edward’s parents and Edward insists he is ready for the throne. His parents agree to give him another chance under one condition: that he find a bride. And no procrastinating. The maiden must be chosen by the end of the day and they must be married by the end of the next. If Edward doesn’t choose a bride for himself, his mother will choose for him.
  • Get gold coins from the treasure chests in the castle.
  • Ask Lydia, Stella, and Mel what kind of rings they like. Mel likes purple rings. Stella likes green rings, and Lydia likes white ones.
  • Purchase a wedding ring from the jeweler in Thais.
  • Woo the girl of your choice with gifts. Each girl requires a different number of gifts to want to marry Edward. Some gifts
    will disappoint.
  • Mel: Needs three gifts to make her happy. She accepts the cupcake, love song, lilies and comb and loves the snail.
  • Stella: Needs two gifts to make her happy. She likes the cupcake, love song, lilies and comb but not the snail.
  • Lydia: Needs no gifts to make her happy. However, if you make her unhappy, she won’t marry Edward. She likes the cupcake, love song, lilies, and comb but detests the snail.
  • Propose once the girl you’ve selected to marry is pleased. If she says yes, tell the queen. If Edward chooses none of the girls his mother will marry him off to the Orc Princess Belf.

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