Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon Walkthrough

Welcome to the Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon Walkthrough! Diamon Jones is back! One again, his empty pockets force him to undertake a questionable mission that takes him from Shanghai to the ancient Lost City in search of the Eye of the Dragon! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document introduces some general tips & tricks then launches into the complete Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon game walkthrough complete with annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the menu below to quickly jump to whatever part of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by prpldva.

Walkthrough Menu

  1. General Tips & Information
  2. Shanghai
  3. Flight
  4. Ruins
  5. Chicago

General Tips & Information

  • To access the main menu, use ESC, or the Menu button inside inventory. Here you can save and load games. There is no auto-save feature, so it is recommended to save your game often. There are 20 save game slots.
  • To access inventory, hit Escape. To use an item, select it with the mouse. You can also show/hide inventory by using a right-click, or the “I” key. Use the drag and drop method to combine items inside of inventory.
  • In the beginning of the game, you have the option to use the guide; this will give you some step-by-step tutorials. For more of a challenge, select to go without the guide.
  • Inside your inventory is Diamon's journal. All goals will be listed here, along with notes on the subject to date.
  • Your cursor will change when interactions are possible. When you are holding an item, the center of the cursor will light up if you are on a hot spot. This is not an indication that you are using the correct item. If you get stuck, search carefully for hot spots.
  • Talk to all characters completely. New dialog choices may appear after certain actions, so check often.
Eye of the Dragon Eye of the Dragon


The Port Area

  • Diamon is broke again! The bartender, Win-dou offers Diamon a job stealing a seal from his brother, Yung-Ix.
  • Talk to Win-dou.
  • Win-dou tells Diamon that the drunkard has plans for the pawnshop.
  • Try to talk to the drunkard, but he is passed out.
  • Talk to Win-dou to learn about the cannon.
  • Look at the cannon to discover that there are many rats inside the barrel.
  • Take the wrench from the tool box.
  • Use the wrench on the cannon to scare the rats away.
  • Pick-up the match and light the fuse of the cannon.
  • Talk to the drunkard again; he will give you the plans to the pawnshop.
  • Look at the plans.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the inn.
  • Take the saw handle near the lower edge of the screen.
  • Enter the pawnshop.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Shoo away the cat on the counter and take the newspaper.
  • Read the newspaper.
  • Take the turtle from the table; use it with the dragon on the counter.
  • Ring the dragon/turtle bell; Yung-Ix will appear.
  • Talk to Yung-Ix completely; then, exit the pawnshop.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the saw handle near the lower edge of the screen.
  • Walk right to the courtyard.
  • Take the wheel that is leaning against the fence.
  • You can do nothing more here at this time.
  • Walk left to exit the scene.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk down the stairs to the wharf.
  • Take the pocket watch.
  • Look at the sewer cover twice.
  • Look at the swordfish twice.
  • Talk to La, the fisherman, to discover he lost his token for the pawnbroker's safe.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the wharf and return to the pawnshop.
  • Give the watch to Yung-Ix; he will give you a promissory note.
  • Talk to Yung-Ix about La's token.
  • Exit the pawnshop and return to the inn.
  • Give the promissory note to Win-dou in return for a bottle of booze.
  • Give the booze to the drunkard and talk to him about the token.
  • The drunkard will give Diamon the token.
  • Exit the inn and return to the wharf.
  • Give the token to La; he will ask you to retrieve his jug from the pawnbroker.
  • Exit the wharf and return to the pawnshop.
  • Talk to Yung-Ix about the jug; he will give you the code to the safe.
  • Click on the safe to go to the close-up view.
  • Place the token in the slot.
  • Press 1-2-5. *Note - these are in numerical order, starting at the top and reading left to right.
  • Pull the lever and take the jug from the drawer.
  • If you make a mistake, the token will appear in the return slot.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the pawnshop and return to the wharf.
  • Give the jug to La; he will give you the sword of a swordfish.
  • Inside of your inventory, drag and drop the saw handle onto the sword (bone) to make a saw.
  • Use the saw on the sewer grate. Diamon will automatically enter the sewer.
  • Try the wall lever. It opens the grate, but it will not stay open.
  • Hang the wheel on the lever and walk left to the next room.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Click on the first barrel to bring up the mini-game.
  • The objective is to cross to the other side by jumping on the barrels.
  • Left-click to jump to the left; right-click to jump to the right.
  • Time your jumps so Diamon lands on the barrel as it is emerging from under the sewer water.
  • Quickly jump to the next one before it submerges, or you will have to start the sequence over.
  • Climb up the ladder.
Eye of the Dragon
  • You are now looking at the courtyard view.
  • Click on the manhole cover and Diamon will exit the sewer.
  • Move the barrel and take the fan.
  • Walk left and enter the bedroom.
  • Ju-Ly is bored and wants friends.
  • Give Ju-Ly the red fan and she will invite you to play mahjong.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Click on the mahjong board to enter the mini-game.
  • The object of this mini-game is to clear the board by matching pairs of tiles.
  • You may only match pairs that are unlocked, or free of other tiles on one side.
  • Tiles that are free are highlighted.
  • There are four of each tile.
  • You may right-click to reverse your moves.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to Ju-Ly and ask her about the seal.
  • Move the picture aside and take the seal.
  • Take the gate key from under the rug.
  • Exit the bedroom.
  • Use the key to unlock the gate.
  • Walk left and return to the inn.
  • Give the seal to Win-Dou; he will pay you as promised.
  • Exit the tavern.
  • Give the money to Da-Shing, the rickshaw driver; he will take you to Flowers Street.

Flowers Street Area

  • The rickshaw has hit someone. It's Mary Ocean and she is unconscious on the street!
  • Take and read the newspaper.
  • Talk to the policeman to find that only certain professions may get near the crash site.
  • Talk to Da-Shing to find you need a hat like his to pull the rickshaw.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Go to the teahouse.
  • Take the hat and the pipe.
  • Talk to the pilot. It's our old friend Fuffy and he's hooked on opium.
  • Exit the teahouse.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Put the hat on Diamon and talk to Da-Shing.
  • Diamon pulls the rickshaw to the policeman and gets clearance to enter the crash area.
  • Take a stone and enter the drugstore.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to the pharmacist about Mary; discover that the ammonia is on the top shelf.
  • Use the stone on the ammonia and take it after it falls to the ground.
  • Talk to the pharmacist about Fuffy; learn he will give you the recipe for a remedy, if you help him solve the chess puzzle.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Click on the chess board to enter the mini-game.
  • The object is to move the knight and capture all the other pieces.
  • Available moves will be marked in green. Click on the piece you want to capture.
  • Use right-click to undo moves if necessary.
  • With the first number as the row, and the second indicating the column, click on the pieces in the following locations:1-2, 3-1, 4-3, 6-2, 8-3, 7-1, 9-2, 8-4, 6-3, 4-2, 2-1, 1-3, 3-4, 5-5, 7-6, 9-7, 8-9, 6-8, 4-7, 2-6, 1-8, 3-9, 2-7, 4-8, 6-7, 7-9, 9-8, 8-6.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to the pharmacist and he will give you the recipe.
  • Read the recipe and note the ingredients.
  • Take the pepper off the right counter.
  • Take the oil from the left basket.
  • Take the spider legs and ivy from the two rear drawers.
  • Exit the drugstore.
  • Walk down and return to Mary.
  • Use the ammonia to revive Mary.
  • Talk to Mary and learn about the book she needs to find the Lost City.
  • Walk to the bookstore.
  • Talk to the shopkeeper about the Dragon book.
  • The book is on the top level, but the lift needs oiling. The shopkeeper gives Diamon an oil can.
  • Combine the oil and the oil can.
  • Use the filled oil can on the lift; then, click the lever to activate a mini-game.
  • Left-click to start the gears and left-click again to stop them so that the red arrows are pointing at each other.
  • There are range indicators on each side of the arrows that show the acceptable area.
  • The lift will fall one level if the arrows do not line up.
  • You will need to correctly align the gears a minimum of three times to reach the top floor.
  • Take and read the Dragon book.
  • Use the lift again; it crashes to the floor!
  • Take the piece of wire that falls out onto the floor.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the bookstore and talk to Mary about the Dragon book. There are pages missing!
  • Return to the bookstore and inquire about the pages.
  • The bookseller admits the Win-Dou was interested in the book.
  • Exit the bookstore and walk down to the wreck area.
  • Give Da-Shing money and return to the port area.
  • Enter the inn and open the door behind the bar.
  • Take the salt from the shelf.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Use the wire on the chest to activate a mini-game.
  • To successfully pick the lock on the chest, you need to move all five tumblers to the top.
  • Move the pick under a tumbler and left-click to release the tumbler.
  • Left-click again to freeze it at the top. Do this with all five tumblers.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the kitchen and the inn.
  • Give the money to Da-Shing to return to the Flower's street area.
  • Talk to Mary about the Dragon book. She will head to the dirigible.
  • Walk down to the dirigible and speak to Mary again. She will give you her ticket.
  • Give the ticket to the guard and he will allow you entry.
  • Enter the left building to access the dirigible.
  • Enter the deck house and take the moth balls from under the blue couch.
  • Exit the dirigible and return to the teahouse.
  • Give the pipe to Fuffy to activate a mini-game.
  • The object is to prepare the fire mixture according to the recipe.
  • You can click on the recipe at any time to reference the list of ingredients.
  • Drag the ingredients to the pipe bowl until you have completed the recipe.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Give the pipe with the fire mixture to Fuffy to break the opium spell.
  • Fuffy heads back to the dirigible.

Aboard the Dirigible

  • Exit the tea room and return to the dirigible.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Enter the deck house and open the trap door.
  • Enter the trap door and go to the machine room.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the hanging cloth.
  • Turn on the machine with the red wheel to discover it is leaking gas.
  • Place the wrench on the bolt.
  • Try to turn the wrench, but it will not move.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the machine room and return to the deck.
  • Walk down to the cabins and talk to Caruso.
  • Take the lighter from the table and return to the deck.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to Capone on the upper deck.
  • Talk to him a second time to ask about the machine.
  • Capone will tell Buffy to go assist.
  • Use the cloth on the tar.
  • Return to the machine room, Buffy will follow automatically.
  • Tell Buffy to turn the wrench.
  • Take the fallen machine part to activate a mini-game.
  • Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, tilt the board to guide the ball from the top to the exit at the bottom.
  • You can see the degree of tilt in the inset box.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the valve from your inventory and replace it on the machine.
  • Exit the machine room.
  • The commandant is very upset you have started the engines and starts yelling out the window.
  • Use the tar on the commandant's behind; then, use the lighter to set it on fire.
  • Talk to Fuffy, and the dirigible rises above Shanghai.


  • Talk to Fuffy to discover he has lost the map. The four pieces are scattered on the dirigible.
  • Exit the deck house and walk to the cabin area below deck.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk down to the other end of the corridor
  • Enter Mary's room.
  • Take the pillow and the pen.
  • Talk to Mary about the map; she will give one of the pieces.
  • Exit her room and enter Capone's room.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to Capone about the map.
  • He will give you his piece in return for sending a telegraph.
  • Take the skull label off the box.
  • Exit Capone's room.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Try to open the closed room.
  • Walk to the other end of the corridor and enter Caruso's room.
  • Take the tail-coat and the sedative.
  • Combine the sedative with the skull label.
  • Give the pen to Caruso.
  • Talk to Caruso several times, until after you discuss his suicide.
  • Give Caruso the fake poison and leave the room.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Re-enter Caruso's room to find him sound asleep.
  • Take the map piece that has fallen to the floor, near Caruso's hand.
  • Sit in the wheelchair and you will automatically exit the room.
  • Move down to the other end of the corridor.
  • Click on the closed room; Diamon will use the wheelchair to break down the door.
  • Take the gum arabic.
  • Try to move the right crate.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Try to take the cheese cookies from the left crate; a ninja will attack!
  • In this mini-game, use the left mouse button to attack and the right to defend.
  • You must drain all his energy before your own energy is drained.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the cheese cookies and exit the room.
  • Give the cheese cookies to Buffy.
  • Talk to Buffy; ask her for help moving the crate.
  • Return to the ninja's room and ask Buffy to move the crate.
  • Take the map piece that was underneath the crate.
  • Exit the room and go to the deck house.
  • Click on the telegraph to open a mini-game.
  • The object of this mini-game is to move the arrow to the green end of the meter.
  • Click for dots; click and hold for dashes.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the deck house and return to Capone's room.
  • Talk to Capone about the map; he will give you the final piece.
  • The four map pieces will automatically combine.
  • Return to the deck house and give the map to Fuffy.
  • Airplanes begin attacking! A cut-scene has Diamon jumping from the dirigible to an enemy airplane.
  • This opens a mini-game in which the goal is to shoot down the other enemy plane.
  • Use the right and left arrow keys to move, and press the space bar to fire.
  • You have won when the green bar is empty.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Diamon is back aboard the dirigible, but it has taken heavy damage.
  • Run to Capone's room and take the trousers from the drawer.
  • Return to the deck.
  • Climb the rope found on the far left of the screen.
  • Use the gum arabic to repair the three small holes.
  • Use the pillow, trousers, and tail-coat on the three larger holes.
  • Talk to Mary; she suggests convincing the brothers to stay put until they land.
  • Talk to Win-dou and Yung-Ix.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Return to the deck of the dirigible and walk to the deck house.
  • Talk to Fuffy; he warns you about the approaching storms.
  • This triggers a mini-game.
  • The object is to safely maneuver the dirigible through the tornadoes.
  • Use the right and left mouse buttons to maneuver.
  • Try to keep the indicator arrow in the green portion of the dial.
Eye of the Dragon


  • Talk to Mary and discover she is trapped by giant scorpions!
Eye of the Dragon
  • Look at the dungeon door to activate a mini-game.
  • The object is to correctly place all the tiles to complete the design.
  • Left-click to select a tile. Left-click again to rotate.
  • Left-click on two tiles to swap places.
  • Right-click to set the tile.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk down to the archeologist's camp.
  • Take the pry bar that's near the shovels.
  • From inside the tent, take the diary, bug spray, and wire.
  • Read the diary.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk right to the temple area.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk to the upper right and head to the statues.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk to the left to see the crashed plane.
  • Take the gas can.
  • Return to the temple area.
  • Walk up and to the left, to the crashed plane.
  • Use the gas can on the spilled fuel.
  • Take the bomb.
  • Talk to the pilot until he passes away.
  • Look in his pocket and take the flag.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the plane area and return to the temple area.
  • Use the flag on the water.
  • Walk to the left and return to the landing area.
  • Use the spray on the scorpions and free Mary.
  • Pick up the detonator and combine it with the bomb.
  • Enter the dungeon area.
  • Put the fuel in the basin.
  • Use the lighter to light the skulls according to the diary entry.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the dungeon and return to the temple area.
  • Pull the now-accessible lever to lower water in the moat.
  • Enter the temple.
  • Take the candlestick.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Look at the center of the raised platform.
  • The niche is shaped exactly like the brother's seal; the engraving is of the living statues in front of the tomb entrance.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to the brothers about the seal.
  • The seal heats up in Win-dou's pocket, and he drops it to the ground.
  • Use the wet flag to pick up the seal.
  • Use the seal on the center of the platform. *Note - you cannot place the seal in the close-up view.
  • A mini-game is activated in which you must move the symbols around the board to their matching positions.
  • Press the arrow buttons at the four locations to move the symbols.
  • Please note there are many solutions for this puzzle. Yours may differ from this solution.
  • The top and bottom sets of arrows move left and right, while the left and right sets of arrows move up and down.
  • The solution is written so that “L-U x 4” the first letter (L, U, B, or R) represents the left, upper, bottom, or right sets of buttons; the second letter (D, R, L, or U) represents down, right, left, or up buttons; the number following the “x” designates the number of times the particular button should be pressed:L-D x 4, T-R x 6, B-R x 2, T-L x 4, B-L x 2, R-U x 2, B-R x 1, R-U x 1, B-L x 1, R-D x 3.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the temple and walk up to the area with the statues.
  • One of the statues is alive and preventing you from entering the tomb.
  • If you have not done so, combine the bomb with the detonator.
  • Give the living statue the bomb to keep him occupied.
  • After the statue explodes, walk up the stairs to the tomb entrance.
  • Take the rat.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Pick up a piece of the broken stone heads to activate a mini-game.
  • The object of this mini-game is to rebuild the three stone heads.
  • Select a piece from the bottom. It will be enlarged so you can see the shape of the piece.
  • Hover the mouse over the three niches, until you find an outline that matches the enlarged piece.
  • Click to place the piece. Repeat this process with all the pieces.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to the left head to learn the secret word.
  • Tell the center head the secret word to discover that the left head tricked you.
  • The right head gears up to blast you, but he fizzles out and drops an emerald.
  • Take the emerald.
  • Talk to the left head about football and the secret word.
  • Talk to the center head and learn that the left head lied to you again.
  • Talk to the left head and threaten to use a pickaxe.
  • Talk to the center head to find you have only part of the word.
  • Talk to the right head to learn the rest of the secret word.
  • Tell the center head the secret word, and the door will open.
  • Walk ahead to enter the gloomy hall.
  • Talk to Capone and learn that Buffy found a ruby.
  • Talk to Buffy about the ruby.
  • Buffy wants three songs about cheese cookies in exchange for the ruby.
  • Sing songs to Buffy until he gives you the ruby.
  • Talk to Mary about the dragon book.
  • Read the book once more. Note that the last drawing is similar to the giant head over the door.
  • Take the lever from the left urn and the topaz from the right urn.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk through the left doorway to the round room.
  • Take the sapphire (labeled opal) from the urn.
  • Place the lever in the slot.
  • Pull the lever, but nothing happens.
  • Talk to Fuffy and pull the levers together.
  • The floor opens up, and Caruso falls through.
  • Climb down the ladder.
Eye of the Dragon
  • It's very dark! Use the lighter on the wall torches.
  • Take the amethyst and the shield.
  • Use the pry-bar on the stegosaurus skull to find the light blue gem (labeled diamond).
  • Walk through the doorway and return to the gloomy hall.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Hang the shield on the wall to the right of Mary.
  • Turn the shield to reveal a hidden passageway.
  • Take the horned skull from the sarcophagus.
  • Use the pry-bar on the skull and get the aquamarine.
  • Toss the rat to the scorpions to keep them busy for a while.
  • Take the bone.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Click on the temple to open a mini-game.
  • Refer to the symbols in the diary.
  • Select the stones in the correct order to solve the puzzle.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Place the bone in the crack on the pillar.
  • Take the chain to attach it to the bone.
  • Grab the chain to cross the room.
  • Exit and return to the gloomy hall.
  • Walk up the steps to the large skull.
  • Use the diagram from the Dragon book as a reference.
  • Place the gems into the niches in the correct sequence.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Walk ahead into the burial vault.
  • There is a ball of lightning protecting the Dragon's Eye.
  • Combine the candlestick and the wire and toss it at the ball of lighting.
  • Connect the end of the wire to the vase to draw the lightning away from the Dragon's Eye.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the Dragon's Eye and activate a mini-game.
  • Use the Dragon's Eye to defeat the monster.
  • Use the left-click to attack; right-click to defend.
  • You must watch the bottom energy meter and allow it to recharge.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Capone enters the room, takes the Dragon's Eye and opens a portal.
  • Diamon tries to stop Capone, but Capone uses the Dragon's Eye to turn him into a statue.
  • Mary jumps through the portal to chase after the Dragon's Eye.


  • You are now playing as Mary Ocean.
  • Talk to Shag-rock and learn he requires a lock pick.
  • Take the rubber pig and soap.
  • Try the gate to the park, but it is locked.
  • Enter the casino.
Eye of the Dragon
  • The banker under the table yells at her to be careful. He has lost his prosthesis.
  • Take the spoon, dentures, sandwich, and tea.
  • Try to give the dentures to the banker, but they are missing two teeth.
  • Combine the spoon and the tea to find a tooth.
  • Combine the tooth with the dentures.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit the casino.
  • Give the sandwich to Shag-rock.
  • He finds a tooth in the sandwich and gives it to you.
  • Combine the tooth and the dentures.
  • Return to the banker in the casino.
  • Give the banker the dentures. He is very happy.
  • Talk to the banker; he tells you that children are not allowed in the casino.
  • He gives you a dollar to buy bubble gum.
  • Exit the casino and give the dollar to Shag-rock.
  • Shag-rock runs off to gamble, leaving the lock pick in the car door.
  • Try to take the pick, but it is stuck.
  • Use the soap on the lock pick; then take the pick.
  • Use the pick on the garden gate.
  • Walk through the gate.
  • There is an open window, but it is too high.
  • Give the dog the rubber pig.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Push the trashcan to open a mini-game.
  • The objective is to stop the arrow just past the midway point so that the garbage bin will stop under the window.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the glass shard that was behind the trash bin.
  • Climb into the window.
  • Read the note on the chair about repairing the slot machine.
  • Take the blue key from the desk.
  • Take the yellow key from the cupboard.
  • Take the light blue key from the drawer.
  • Open the bottom cupboard door and take the satchel.
  • Use the glass on the satchel to find the gray key.
  • Open the bottom drawer on the dresser to find the green key.
  • Try to open the top drawer, but it's stuck.
  • Try to peek inside the drawer and you can see something shiny.
  • Take the coat hanger and use it on the top drawer. You now have a bunch of keys.
  • Exit through the window and return to the casino.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Use the keys on the broken slot machine to activate a mini-game.
  • The object is to get three sevens on the line.
  • Left-click once to start the first barrel rotating.
  • Click again to stop it on seven. If you are unsuccessful, click again to start the barrel rotating.
  • Duplicate this process with the other two drums.
  • The huge jackpot draws the bouncer away from his post.
  • Run up the stairs.
Eye of the Dragon
  • There's Buffy! Good thing he's asleep at his post.
  • Enter the security room on the left.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Take the ruler.
  • Open the electrical box to begin a mini-game.
Eye of the Dragon
  • The objective of this mini-game is to correctly place, and rotate, the wire pieces, so that the charge can continue moving along the wires.
  • Click on two tiles to swap. Left-click to rotate the tile and right-click to set the tile.
  • If the charge gets to a point where it cannot move forward, the mini-game will reset.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Now that power is restored to the alarm, push the button to sound the alarm.
  • Mary will automatically hide as Buffy runs in to investigate.
  • Exit the security room and the boardroom at the end of the hall.
  • Answer the telephone. Capone thinks you are Buffy and tells you to get the key and open the safe.
  • Take the cigar.
  • Exit the boardroom and enter Ellie's room.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Talk to Ellie.
  • Take the candles and place them on the cake.
  • Use the cigar to light the candles.
  • Talk to Ellie; she blows out the candles.
  • Use the ruler to cut a wedge of cake.
  • Give the cake to Ellie.
  • Talk to Ellie thoroughly; she will give you the key.
Eye of the Dragon
  • Exit Ellie's room and return to the board room.
  • Use the key on the safe.
  • The safe is an elevator!
  • Enter the elevator and go down to the lower level.
  • Talk to Capone to begin the final mini-game.
  • Mary automatically picks up the mirror.
  • The object of this mini-game is to deflect the fireballs that Capone is firing from the Dragon's Eye until his energy bar is depleted.
  • To protect Mary's body area, use the left mouse button. Protect her head with the right mouse button.
Eye of the Dragon
  • When you defeat Capone, he will turn to gold.
  • Take the Dragon's Eye and leave the lower level.
  • Try to exit the boardroom; the bouncer will not let you pass.
  • Use the Dragon's Eye and turn him to gold.
  • Exit the casino; use the portal to return to the Lost City.
  • View the final cut-scene where Mary destroys the Dragon's Eye to restore life to Diamon.
Congratulations! You have solved Diamon Jones: Eye of the Dragon!

Created at: 2009-07-29