Paradise Walkthrough

Welcome to the Paradise Walkthrough! Struggling to regain her memory after a plane crash, Ann needs your help on her quest to remember her identity and get back home. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document starts with general game tips then launches into the complete Paradise game walkthrough with annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the menu below to quickly jump to whatever part of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by prpldva.


  1. General Tips & Information
  2. The Prince's Harem
  3. Madargane
  4. Mulgrave
  5. The Mines
  6. The Black Vault

General Tips & Information

  • To access the game menu, hit escape. Here you can save games, access options and the main menu. There is no auto-save feature, so it is recommended that you save your game often.
  • Right-click to open inventory. You may combine items inside inventory by using the click, hold and drag method. Use the magnifying glass to take a closer look.
  • Your cursor will change when interactions are possible. If you get stuck, search carefully for hot spots; then try to use items.
  • Look at everything and talk to everyone.
  • You may double-click to run.

The Prince's Harem

  • Look at the door to find it is locked.
  • Walk down-screen to the next room.
  • Look at the small table near the window.
  • Read the letter on the table.
  • You were sent here to recover by Dr. Mourad at the Madargane Infirmary.
  • You were found at the edge of the desert with no memory and you have a strange scar.
  • Exit the table close-up and look out the window.
  • A woman waves to you and heads to your room.
  • Aicha takes your picture and returns your belongings.
  • She decides to call you Ann Smith, based on the author of the book you carry.
  • You can now access your inventory with a right-click.
  • Talk to Aicha.
  • Give Aicha the scarf from your inventory and she will give you the harem key.
  • Talk to Aicha thoroughly and she will leave.
  • Return to the start room and use the door.
  • Walk down-screen and then to the right.
  • Try to talk to the guard.
  • Return to the left and look at the bookcase.
  • Take the oil and lighter.
  • Walk up-screen to the gate.
  • Use the lighter on the lamp.
  • Use the key on the gate.
  • Walk around the balcony and go down the stairs.
  • Talk to Madame Souafi completely.
  • You may talk to Aicha again, but you will get no new information.
  • Walk to the rear and examine the two rooms. Nothing to do here at the moment.
  • Walk up and then to the left. Continue around the pool.
  • Try to talk to the concubines.
  • Enter the door to the rear of the scene.
  • Walk through the archway on the left.
  • Look at the bench and take the stick. Exit the close-up.
  • Walk forward to see the overhead view of the garden.
  • Talk to the gardener completely.
  • Walk to the right and take the stick.
  • Return to the garden.
  • Walk up the stairs in the rear of the garden.
  • Talk to the Favorite Wife until she leaves.
  • Go down the right rear steps and take the stick.
  • Try using the stick on the tree, but Ann cannot reach anything.
  • Combine the three sticks inside inventory to make a pole.
  • Use the pole on the tree and take the almonds when they fall to the ground.
  • Walk up-screen to the cage and look at the leopard.
  • Walk down-screen twice and cross the small footbridge.
  • Click on the feeding station on the left.
  • Look at the sluice control on the right.
  • Turn the wheel to the right two times and wait for the fish to swim into the small pond.
  • Turn the wheel to the left, twice, to close the sluice gate.
  • Exit the garden to the right and return to the palace.
  • Use the door and return to the area where you spoke with Madame Souafi.
  • Talk to Aicha completely.
  • Walk left past the scale and enter the aviary.
  • Take the upper path around the center cage.
  • Talk to the Favorite; she will tell you to leave.
  • Once you try to exit the conversation, she will ask you for sweet cakes.
  • Return to the pool area and go up the stairs.
  • Talk to Madame Souafi thoroughly.
  • Walk to the left and look at the large basket.
  • Notice you can observe the lock while you hide in the basket.
  • Return to the pool area and walk to the semi-circular couch.
  • Take the vase that is near the feet of the concubines.
  • Walk left to the next screen.
  • Take the vase and use it on the water.
  • Head to the scales area and look at the woven bags.
  • Use the vase of water on the woven bag closest to you.
  • Enter the scale and take the light sweet cakes.
  • Go left to the aviary and give the Favorite the light sweet cakes.
  • She wants more, so return to the side of the pool and collect more water with the vase.
  • Return to the woven bags and use the water on the far bag.
  • Enter the scales and take the normal sweet cakes.
  • Return to the aviary and give the Favorite the normal sweet cakes.
  • The Favorite still wants more sweet cakes.
  • Go to the woven bags area and pull the handle at the top of the screen to lower the scale.
  • Climb on top of the scale and take the heavy sweet cakes.
  • Go to the aviary and give the Favorite the heavy sweet cakes.
  • The Favorite now wants a steam bath.
  • Talk to her thoroughly; she will give you her medallion.
  • Exit the aviary and walk past the scale.
  • Walk to the left rear room.
  • Look at the right wall and use the medallion at the top of the device.
  • Pull the lever and take the projector card.
  • Take the dirty rag found near the round door on the boiler.
  • Wrap the dirty rag on the end of the pipe.
  • Use the oil on the dirty rag; then, light the rag with the lighter.
  • Exit the boiler room and go to the far right room.
  • Walk to the close-up of the devise on the right.
  • Insert the projector card into the top, rear side, of the machine.
  • Pull the front lever.
  • Look at the wheel on the left wall.
  • You need to align the holes with the projected light circles.
  • Turn the left crank three times and turn the right crank four times.
  • The Favorite heads for the steam room.
  • Walk up the stairs and hide in the large basket.
  • Watch Madam Souafi unlock the door.
  • When she leaves, exit the basket and look at the lock.
  • From left to right, turn the bird heads to point: West, East, and Southeast.
  • Enter the Favorite's chambers.
  • Pull the bell rope in the corner of the room, just to the left of the chest.
  • Aicha comes and takes the robe from the chest.
  • You both return to your chamber.
  • Talk to Aicha and learn you will need perfume to get past the Prince's guard.
  • Return to the pool area and talk to Madame Souafi completely.
  • Exit the pool and head to the garden.
  • Walk up the stairs and continue until you reach the tower.
  • Enter the tower.
  • Look at the book on the table and find the recipes for the perfume.
  • Look at the other table and take the Barbary water.
  • Place the almonds in the grinder and turn the crank.
  • Take the almond powder.
  • Walk up, to the right, and look at the telescope to see the Madargandier flower.
  • Return to the palace and walk upstairs.
  • Walk past your chamber to the Prince's balcony.
  • Head towards the Prince's door and notice the Madargandier flower blooming.
  • Return to your chamber; go to sleep by clicking on the bed.
  • You are now controlling the leopard.
  • Click, hold and drag the arrow to control the leopard.
  • Move him down the stairs and towards the palace entrance.
  • As the leopard nears the Madargandier tree, he jumps and knocks one to the ground.
  • You awake in your chamber.
  • Exit your chamber and return to the garden.
  • Look at the bench and take the flower.
  • Return to the tower.
  • Look at the distiller.
  • Pour the Barbary water into the funnel.
  • Add the almond powder and the flower.
  • Use the lighter on the burner.
  • Take the perfume.
  • Return to the palace and talk to Aicha.
  • She takes you to your room and helps you dress in the black gown.
  • Exit your room and go to the Prince's balcony.
  • The guard is fooled by your disguise and steps aside.
  • Go down the stairs and walk to the right.
  • Talk to the Prince completely.
  • In order to return home, Ann must return the leopard to his home.
  • You now have permission to leave the palace.
  • Walk left once and use the door to exit.
  • You are back in your room with Aicha.
  • Exit your room and head to the fountain by the garden entrance.
  • Walk to the right and exit the palace through the door at the rear of the scene.


  • Walk right until a cut-scene is triggered. The rebel knows the king's daughter and warned her not to come to Maurenia.
  • Look at the shop with the red carpets.
  • Walk right and look at the covered truck.
  • Walk right and meet a carpet merchant selling his wares.
  • Once he walks away, head North, through the covered road.
  • Continue on to the street.
  • Walk down-screen.
  • Walk to the far right and enter the garage.
  • Talk to the mechanic.
  • He agrees to fix an old truck for you, if you find the needed parts.
  • Walk right and take the pump.
  • Look at the plane for a close-up.
  • Take the battery, spring, and burned letter from the plane.
  • Read the letter inside your inventory.
  • Exit the plane and walk down-screen.
  • Exit the garage and walk to the left.
  • Walk up and to the left.
  • Continue up twice and you will see a cut scene of men riding strange animals.
  • Talk to the man wearing green at the opposite end of the square.
  • He will give you a pass form that needs a picture and the Prince's signature.
  • Walk up and through the triple gateway to the docks.
  • Try to take the tires used as bumpers for the boats, but they are too heavy.
  • Talk to Aicha's brother, Moktar.
  • He agrees to take the tires to the garage.
  • Exit the docks and walk right.
  • Return to the covered road and walk down.
  • Head to the right and talk to Moktar once again.
  • Enter the barbershop on the left.
  • Talk to the barber.
  • He agrees to give you the fan, provided the old one is repaired.
  • Look at the foot pedal to view the close-up.
  • Use the spring on the foot pedal.
  • The barber asks you to take the fan.
  • Look at the fan and turn off the power at the base.
  • Remove the screen and take the blades.
  • Exit the barbershop and witness a cut-scene.
  • Enter the cafe and take the newspaper.
  • Walk to the rear of the cafe and talk to the owner.
  • He will give you a key to the photo shop.
  • Exit the cafe and return to the covered road.
  • Use the key to enter the photo shop.
  • Pull the switch by the door all the way down.
  • Walk right into the lab area.
  • Look at the developer on the right.
  • Place the undeveloped film into the machine.
  • The carpet merchant comes in and turns on the lights.
  • Pull the switch by the door all the way down, once again.
  • Return to the lab area and turn on the developer's timer.
  • Take the developed film.
  • Look at the enlarger and place the developed film in the center slot.
  • Take a piece of photo paper and place it on the lower part of the developer.
  • Push the button over the tray to start the process.
  • When the light turns green, take the photograph paper from the enlarger and place it into the solution tray.
  • Take the photograph.
  • Inside your inventory, combine the photograph with the Pass paperwork.
  • Exit the photo lab and walk up to the street.
  • Walk down, all the way to the right, to enter the garage.
  • You find the mechanic has been murdered!
  • Walk up to the rear of the shop.
  • Click on the winch rope to tie it to something sturdy.
  • Look under the hood and replace the battery.
  • Place the fan just above the battery.
  • Look inside the truck and flip the winch switch on the console.
  • The winch pulls the truck off of the blocks.
  • Use the pump on the drum of gas.
  • Click in the hose to connect it to the pump.
  • Click on the hose to attach it to the truck.
  • Use the hand pump to fill the truck with fuel.
  • Click on the truck and you will automatically drive back to the palace.
  • Walk to the Prince's chambers.
  • Talk to the Prince; he gives you the key to the leopard cage.
  • Walk to the left side of the garden and talk to Mustafa.
  • Walk up-screen to the lily ponds and look at the cages in the center area.
  • Use the key on the lock and enter the turnstile.
  • Walk to the right and pull the lever to drain the pond.
  • Look at the bridge controls.
  • Numbering the tic-marks from left to right, click on number 3; then use the right switch.
  • Click on number 6 and use the right switch.
  • This will align the bridge, and the leopard will walk to the cage on the truck.
  • Return and talk to the Prince. He will automatically sign your travel pass.
  • Return to the garden and click on the truck.


  • Sometime after leaving the palace and Madargane, Ann has a wreck.
  • The truck is demolished and the leopard is nowhere to be found.
  • Take the shard of glass near the front of the truck.
  • Walk down-screen and look at the vine-covered, hollow log.
  • Use the glass to cut the vines and enter the hollow log.
  • Continue walking until a branch breaks off.
  • Walk back one screen and take the path on the upper log.
  • Walk to the end of the branch and take the vines.
  • You are bitten by a snake!
  • Click on the vines to lower them to the ground.
  • Return to the lower branch and climb down the vines.
  • Walk ahead two screens and watch the palmettes bury themselves in the sand.
  • Cross the sand when the eagle is flying over, forcing the palmettes deeper into the sand.
  • You can read about both creatures in the book authored by Ann Smith.
  • Click on the log twice and climb down.
  • Cross through another group of palmettes. Again, wait for the eagle to fly overhead.
  • Continue walking ahead until you come to a lily field.
  • Cross the lily pads by jumping from one to another.
  • Don't worry about falling in; you will automatically step back if you select an unstable lily pad.
  • Continue on the path until you come to a man by a dead animal.
  • Talk to General Goodmorning thoroughly.
  • Continue down the path to a wooded area. Watch the leopard walk by.
  • Walk into the hollow tree on the left and the bats will attack.
  • Take the branches by the broken fence and place them in the hollow tree.
  • Use the lighter on the branches.
  • After the smoke dissipates, re-enter the hollow tree and climb up to get to the village.
  • Walk to the left and take the wood handle near the gap in the walkway.
  • Combine the handle with the piece of glass to make a spear.
  • Continue left and look at the close-up of the rope.
  • Use the spear to cut the rope and lower the walkway to the next level.
  • Walk to the stump; try to stand on it to reach the branch.
  • Look at the close-up of the dirt mound and use the spear to cut footholds.
  • Continue on the walkway and you will fall through to the level of homes below.
  • Walk to the right and enter the hut.
  • Talk to the Matriarch fully. You have two days to capture the leopard.
  • Then you faint.
  • You awaken in the Sorcerer's hut. Talk to him completely.
  • Exit the hut and walk right twice.
  • Go left at the ladder and take the plant from the railing.
  • Walk down, then right twice.
  • Reel in the jar of fat.
  • Return to the ladder and walk up to the leftmost hut.
  • Take the plant.
  • Walk right, left and down the ladder.
  • Walk right, left and right, passing through the corral of animals.
  • Continue right and climb the ladder.
  • Talk to the prince about how to catch a leopard.
  • Go back down the ladder and to the left.
  • Talk to the fisherman.
  • Sit in the fishing chair.
  • Click on the colored bait and wait for a sand dab to come under the pole. You may also change your position with the dials.
  • Click on the reel when a sand dab is close. A cut- scene will play when you are successful.
  • Go inside the hut and talk to the Major.
  • Give the sand dab, two plants, and fat to the fisherman.
  • Exit the hut; wait for a moment, and then return.
  • Take the cured drum skin.
  • Exit the hut and walk to where you found the fat.
  • Walk down the ramp; then climb the short ladder.
  • Place the sand dab skin on the drum.
  • Go tell the prince that the drum is repaired; he will ask you to play the drum.
  • Return to the drum and click on the drumsticks to play.
  • You will see a cut scene with the polopolo and the eagle.
  • Return once more to the prince and take the polopolo.
  • Walk down the ladder and across the corral.
  • Go right, and forward, and climb the ladder.
  • Walk to the rightmost hut and take the hook and the large nuts.
  • Exit the hut and walk back to the ladder.
  • Walk up and to the right.
  • Read the sign; then enter the hut.
  • Stand on the scale and discover that you weight two and one half nuts.
  • Place a nut in the cup, just to the right of the scale.
  • Pull the lever, and the nut will be drained and tossed.
  • Repeat this with another nut.
  • To measure only half a nut, place a whole one in the cup and click on the center.
  • A large knife will cut the nut. Pull the floor lever.
  • You should see the scale showing two and one half nuts.
  • Go to the machine on the right and pull the lever to make the bungee cord.
  • Take the elastic and exit the hut.
  • Return to the fisherman's chair and go down the ladder.
  • Ann drops the hook, so use the elastic on the board just to the right of the ladder.
  • Ann bungee jumps and retrieves the hook.
  • Use the hook on the hanging rope in the trap.
  • Hang the polopolo on the hook.
  • Pull the lever to open the trap floor and take the pile of branches near the ladder.
  • The branches will automatically hide the missing floor.
  • Climb up the ladder and it will become night. Ann falls asleep.
  • You are now controlling the leopard. You can walk him to the trap or hit escape and skip the sequence.
  • When you awaken, walk to the area in front of the matriarch's hut.
  • Talk to the sorcerer fully.
  • He will give you an espionage report and tell you the story of King Rodan's daughter as you leave.

The Mines

  • Read the espionage report and discover that your initials are M.R.
  • Walk up to the truck and take a jerry can.
  • Walk to the right, in front of the ferry landing, to the dock.
  • Use the jerry can on the sinking end of the ferry.
  • Do this two more times.
  • Walk to the far left and look at the gazaline. It will walk to the ferry.
  • Click on the feet of the gazaline to get the treadmill started.
  • A cut-scene shows a storm capsizing the ferry; Ann is alone again.
  • Walk forward to the mine entrance.
  • You can listen to the two miners by clicking on them, but they will not speak with you.
  • Walk right into the mine and follow the road until you see a man in front of a building.
  • Walk up the stairs and use the first door on the right.
  • Open the upper door and talk to Harambee thoroughly.
  • Exit the office and hear Harambee tell some one that King Rodon's daughter is at the mine.
  • Walk outside and listen to the injured man.
  • Return to the office and speak to Harambee about the injured man.
  • Harambee apologizes, but locks Ann in the office.
  • Look at the bookshelf and take the miner's clothing, three knobs, and the two rods.
  • Inside your inventory, combine the new rod with a knob to get a miner's stick.
  • Walk down and click on the dressing screen.
  • Use the miner clothes on the screen, and Ann will change clothes.
  • Look at the floor in front of the desk.
  • Use the miner's stick to tear up the floor and see the mine shaft.
  • Click on the animal trophy head, and Ann will hide in the rafters.
  • Harambee enters and thinks that Ann has gone down the mine shaft.
  • Once Harambee leaves, exit the rafters and leave the office.
  • Head for the front entrance of the mine. You will pass Harambee on the way.
  • Walk to the far left mine shaft and listen to the two miners.
  • Walk to, and enter, the right mine shaft.
  • Click on the elevator control, near the left corner of the elevator.
  • Walk left to the mine office and go inside.
  • Talk to Bill thoroughly and he will leave.
  • Exit the office and walk to the mine shaft, just to the left of the office.
  • Take the rope.
  • Walk left and find an elephant.
  • Return to the office and ask Bill about the elephant.
  • Ann changes her clothes after Bill leaves.
  • Look in the open desk drawer; take the wrench and two wedges.
  • Return to the elephant and use the wrench to remove the bolt holding the chain.
  • Walk to the elevator and look at the ceiling.
  • Open the trap door and climb up to the top of the elevator.
  • Look on the left side and find holes.
  • Place the two wedges into the holes.
  • Climb back down and push the elevator button.
  • The elevator only rises a bit, exposing a false floor.
  • Use the rope on the “floor” handle.
  • It is automatically hooked to the elephant and pulled away.
  • Climb down to the secret elevator and look at the yellow controls.
  • Turn the right switch once, to the right. Pull the lever down.
  • Walk forward and talk completely to Dada.
  • You are thrown unconscious down the mineshaft, where the beast is lurking.
  • You are the leopard once more.
  • Guide him to Ann. You may skip this segment by hitting escape.
  • Ann awakens to the leopard's nudge.
  • Walk to the left and take the broken lamp.
  • Look at the close-up of the lift lock.
  • Use the broken lamp on the rope.
  • Use the lighter on the rope.
  • Enter the lift and push the Up button.
  • Exit the lift and take the emeralds.
  • Walk left and take the fuse wire from the tray.
  • Enter the lift and push the Up button.
  • Throw emeralds at the bat until it lands on the crate of dynamite.
  • Re-enter the lift and take it down two levels.
  • Take a stick of dynamite.
  • Return to the second level.
  • Take the drill and use it on the patch of emeralds.
  • Place the dynamite in the hole and attach the fuse wire.
  • Return to the bottom level.
  • Take the end of the fuse wire and walk down screen to the detonator.
  • Attach the wire to the detonator and set off the dynamite.
  • Ann and the leopard escape in the water.
  • Climb out of the secret elevator and walk to the office.
  • Talk to Bill. He refuses to leave his post.
  • Exit the office and walk to the right of the elevator.
  • Jump on the elephant and you are hoisted to the surface.
  • Talk to the seated man and learn you are Malkia Rodon-Brown.
  • Walk right to exit the mine.

The Black Vault

  • Ann/Malkia has been captured by the rebel soldiers.
  • Talk to the guard.
  • Use the cursor to swing the cage to the right by clicking and holding the mouse on the right side of the screen during the swing to the right, and releasing it on the swing to the left.
  • When the cage is at its highest, click on the tree and take the stick.
  • Swing the cage to the left and use the stick on the beehive.
  • Ann is released from the cage.
  • Talk to Conrad Siri completely. He wants you to stop the drums and get the King to abdicate.
  • He gives Ann/Malkia emeralds and a walkie-talkie.
  • Take the documents off the desk and read them.
  • Exit the tent and walk down to the rebels’ camp.
  • Talk to the soldier completely.
  • Return to the tent; walk just to the right of it and take the thorns.
  • Walk up to the front of the tent.
  • Walk up and to the right.
  • Take the cat tails.
  • Walk up and to the right.
  • Talk to the guard.
  • Talk to the prisoner. Wamganga.
  • Walk right two times and look at the Black Vault.
  • The snake on the chains is preventing you from climbing aboard.
  • Go talk to Wamganga and ask for help.
  • Give him the reeds and the thorns.
  • After the guard falls. Take the knife by the chair and cut down the cage.
  • Walk back to the ship and watch Wamganga get rid of the snake.
  • Climb the chains; then you will have to move up the side of the ship in this sequence:Right Up Right Up Up Left Left Up
  • Take the smoke flare from the small cabinet.
  • Walk left to the rail.
  • The monkeys have taken over the cannon!
  • Toss the smoke flare into the cannon door.
  • After the monkeys are gone, enter the cannon.
  • Pull down the power lever on the right.
  • Turn the right wheel, as far left as it will go.
  • Use the left wheel to raise the cannon so it will hit the large vent.
  • Use the top left switch; then, the bottom left switch.
  • Exit the cannon and walk right twice.
  • Climb up the ladder and down the vent hole.
  • Press the elevator button and go down.
  • Walk left and enter the right door.
  • Look at the yellow control box to the right of the coal.
  • To load the coal into the furnace, follow these steps:Turn the top left switch on, for power. Move the horizontal lever to the right. Pull the vertical lever down. Push the left red button. Push the vertical lever up. Push the right red button. Move the horizontal lever to the left. Push the middle button to feed the coal to the furnace.
  • Exit the control panel.
  • Walk through the Northeast door and take the gas can.
  • Walk up, left, and left to the front of the leopard head furnace.
  • A metal figure rises up.
  • Use the gas can on the hole in the head.
  • Use the lighter on the hand.
  • Push the right button; then push the left button, to light the furnace.
  • Walk right twice, and down, to the control station and the right end of the room.
  • Push the left orange button; then switch the lever.
  • Exit the console and go down the ladder.
  • Walk left and through the door.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Walk to the right and turn the red wheel.
  • After the monkeys leave, turn the wheel again.
  • Walk up and enter the doorway.
  • The leopard is in a circle of candles.
  • Take the chalk by the leopard’s rear haunch; then exit the room.
  • Return to the elevator and go down.
  • Talk to Wamganga thoroughly.
  • Walk to the left and talk to the man by the statue completely.
  • Exit the close-up and look at the telephone table near the door.
  • Make note of the telephone number on the piece of paper.
  • Once you exit the close-up, Ann will radio Siri and have him call Mr. Gretzenberg.
  • Walk back to the statue and look at the gold emblem on his hand.
  • Use the knife to take the medallion.
  • Exit the close-up and walk to the double doors on the right.
  • Use the medallion on the symbol and enter the treasure room.
  • Walk to the left and take the mask from the bottom shelf.
  • Walk to the center display.
  • Take the hanging voodoo dolls and the treasury bonds.
  • Gretzenberg has returned and is blocking the exit!
  • Look at the table and use the lighter on the wooden rectangular voodoo doll.
  • Exit the treasure room and return to Wamganga.
  • Give him the voodoo doll with the yellow outfit.
  • Take the elevator and return to the leopard.
  • Use the chalk to draw a sun at the top left.
  • Draw a moon at the opposite side of the candles.
  • Draw a circle around the leopard.
  • Place the voodoo doll with a dress on the moon.
  • Put the tree voodoo doll near the door.
  • The last doll goes opposite of the tree doll.
  • Wamganga tells Ann to get her doll for the sun position.
  • Exit the room.
  • Go to the elevator, but do not enter.
  • Walk down and go through the door.
  • Open the first door; Ann recognizes her childhood bedroom.
  • Open the chest and take the Ann doll.
  • Return to the leopard and place the doll on the sun.
  • Place the treasury bonds on the leopard.
  • The sorcerer removes the large snake.
  • He now needs disinfectant, morphine, and bandages.
  • Exit the room; walk left, and then right through the entryway.
  • Walk down and left and enter the room with the bunk beds.
  • Walk right and take the access card. A monkey steals the card.
  • Open the first aid kit and take the disinfectant, morphine, and bandages.
  • Return to the sorcerer and give him the disinfectant, morphine, and bandages.
  • Walk back to the corridor before the infirmary; walk right in to the control room.
  • Walk up to the camera room and use the mask on Ann.
  • Click on the camera and the monkeys will be frightened away.
  • Return to the control room to find one monkey.
  • Give the monkey the emerald and he will return the access card.
  • Walk down and right twice.
  • Enter the kitchen on the left.
  • Walk to the stove and take the can opener.
  • Use the opener on the can.
  • Dump the can into the pan.
  • Use the lighter on the stove.
  • Exit the kitchen and walk right until you find a room with double cabinets.
  • Open the left cabinet and take the espionage report.
  • Read the report while in inventory.
  • Look at the post-it on the inside of the door, “2577.”
  • Look at the keypad and enter “2-5-7-7.”
  • Use the access key card and enter the room.
  • Take and read the military report under the map.
  • Climb down the ladder in the upper right corner.
  • Look at the console and flip the switch to stop the drumming.
  • Climb back up the ladder.
  • Walk down and left; go up the ladder.
  • Walk forward and talk to Vandergard.
  • After Ann leaves, Vandergard commits suicide.
  • Ann runs in and takes the key and gun.
  • Go down the ladder and return to the royal apartments.
  • Walk up and use the key on the door.
  • King Rodan gives his story.
  • Ann declares she has come to kill Rodan.
  • The King would prefer a hug from his daughter.
  • A shot rings out …
Congratulations! You have solved Paradise!

Created at: 2009-07-18