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Welcome to the Phantasmat Walkthrough! After crashing your car in the middle of nowhere, you stumble upon a mysterious town with a shady background. Solve a dark mystery! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Phantasmat game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! This walkthrough was created by Codeminion, and is protected under US Copyright laws. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.

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Chapter 1: Crash Site

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Investigate the car trunk (A) and find the KEYS to it in the pond (B) to the left.
  • Open the car trunk with the KEYS and get the WRENCH.
  • Use the WRENCH to open the electrical box (C).
  • Solve the electrical box puzzle by switching all lamps off to shutdown the power. Pull the lever down.
  • Grab the FLASHLIGHT (D) from under the crashed car's trunk and follow the path towards the old shack deeper in the forest.
  • Find a hidden Codeminion logo on the backseat of the car (E) to get the trophy.
  • Use the FLASHLIGHT in the forest maze to disperse the darkness.
  • Talk to the girl standing in front of the old shack.

Chapter 2: The Hotel

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Follow the girl's directions to get through the maze: on the bends go right, right, left, right.
  • Inspect the hotel's door (A). You need to find something long to reach for the doorbell, because the chain broke down.
  • Find the BOATHOOK on the hotel's porch (B).
  • Use the BOATHOOK to pull the doorbell handle on the hotel's entrance.
  • Talk to the hotel owner in the hotel's lobby and go to the basement (C).
  • Notice the doors while you're passing the basement's corridor. They'll be important in a while.

Chapter 3: Generator Parts

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Talk to the girl in the hotel's basement.
  • Go to the generator room (A) in the basement and pull the generator's lever. You need to find some items to make it work.
  • Find the FUSE in the pile of old junk in the basement (B) and continue to the forest.
  • On your way to find next items get the NOTEPAD near the hotel's gate (C).
  • Find the WATER CONTAINER near the cliff viewpoint (D), in a pile of old dolls.
  • Find the MEASURING BOTTLES in the old shack (E).
  • Find the DUCT TAPE near the crashed car (F), in the pond. Go back to the generator room in the basement.

Chapter 4: The Generator

  • Use the FUSE to fix the generator, placing it where the old one burnt down (A).
  • Use the DUCT TAPE to fix the cable (B).
  • Place the WATER CONTAINER and MEASURING BOTTLES near the generator.
  • Solve the generator puzzle by putting exactly four units of liquid on the weight. One sample method to achieve this is to fill the bottle with 3 units, then pour it to bottle with 5 units. Repeat. Pour the content of bottle with 5 units back to water container. By now you should have 1 unit in bottle with 3 and an empty bottle with 5 units. Pour this 1 unit to 5 unit bottle, fill the bottle with 3 units and add it to get the exact 4 units in 5 unit bottle (C).
  • Pull the lever to turn the generator on, this time for good.

Chapter 5: Hotel Room

  • Talk to the hotel owner in the lobby again and use the phone (A) there. You'll get the KEY to room 106 upstairs.
  • Go upstairs (B) and unlock your room with the KEY from the owner. Enter your room.
  • Read the mysterious letter (C) left on your bed.
  • Try to exit your room. Someone has locked you in!
  • Open the drawer (D) and grab the HAIR PIN.
  • Find the SCREWDRIVER in the bathroom (E).
  • Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the cover from the lock in the door.
  • Use the HAIR PIN to lift the tumbler and unlock the door.

Chapter 6: Tea Party

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Go to the cliff viewpoint and meet with whoever left you the mysterious letter.
  • Visit the old lady in her hotel room upstairs.
  • Find the TEA CUP in the old lady's room, on her cupboard.
  • Find the TEAPOT in the kitchen (A) on the second floor.
  • Give the TEA CUP and the TEAPOT to the old lady and let her read your future. Carefully watch pictures of symbols showing in the tea cup and find their matches in the cards scattered on the table.

Chapter 7: Lost in the Forest

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Before heading for the town ruins go back to the kitchen and get the RUST REMOVER.
  • Go to the forest where the old shack is. Take the left road (A) and follow old lady's directions. Go: left, right, left, left, right.
  • Do as the girl says and investigate the mysterious road to the highway.
  • You wake up in your room. Get MATCHES from the bathroom. They'll be useful later.
  • Go downstairs to the hotel lobby and talk to the girl.
  • Meet with the girl on the road to the town ruins and enter them (B).

Chapter 8: Pet Shop's Door

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Find a COIN on the school's playground (A).
  • Find hidden Codeminion logo on the school's fence (B).
  • Use RUST REMOVER on the rust covered ad (C) in the phone booth.
  • Insert the COIN into the phone's coin slot (D).
  • Dial SECRET on the phone, which is: 732738. You'll get a combination to the lock.
  • Use the combination learned through the phone to open the lock on the pet shop's door.

Chapter 9: Abandoned Town

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Find garden SHEARS in the pet shop (A).
  • Enter the school building and use the SHEARS to cut the vines (B).
  • Find a GEAR in the classroom inside.
  • Find another GEAR in the bar (C) close to the pet shop.
  • Enter the ruined house (D).

Chapter 10: Ruined House

  • Investigate the basement (A) in the ruined house.
  • Find the third GEAR in the room upstairs (B). Read the notes on the wall to get some insight into recent events. Notice a mysterious cube. It'll be useful later.
  • Go back to the girl on the road to the town ruins and report what you saw.
  • Go back to the hotel picking some items on the way:
  • Find FUEL CANISTER in the old shack in the forest.
  • Find the HATCHET on the cliff near the hotel, where the dolls are.

Chapter 11: The Elevator

  • Meet with the girl in the hotel's basement.
  • Go to the elevator and use three GEARS to repair it. See the picture for the right arrangement.
  • While still in the hotel you can collect PIANO KEYS which will be useful later. The ones in the hotel are on the hotel's porch, in the old lady's room and near the hotel's gate. You can come back for them later, when you'll need them though.
  • Use the elevator in the basement and go to the pier.

Chapter 12: The Pier

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Use the HATCHET to cut the rope holding the boat.
  • Enter the boat and open the control box (A).
  • Find the right combinations of knobs under the cloth (B) to set the correct fuel pressure in the boat.
  • Use the FUEL CANISTER to fuel the engine (C).
  • Enter the right combination of knobs (D), which is: 12, 4, 10, 5.
  • Use the boat to get to the cemetery on the other coast of the lake.

Chapter 13: Cemetery's Lodge

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Find the old lady on the cemetery, near her husband's grave (A) and listen to her story.
  • Find the CHISEL near the cemetery's entrance (B).
  • Break the fish statue (C) near the keeper's lodge with the CHISEL.
  • Retrieve the GOLDEN GLOBE from the fish statue.
  • Insert the GOLDEN GLOBE into the cross near the cemetery's monument.
  • Retrieve STONE CROSS from the cross.
  • Insert the STONE CROSS into the gravestone (D) near the lodge to open the door.

Chapter 14: Finding Piano Notes

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Collect first piano note (LA) from the piano's small tablet.
  • Use the MATCHES (from your hotel room) to light the candle near the memorial tablet (A).
  • Collect two piano notes (RE) lightened up on the memorial tablet.
  • Find the other notes. See the pictures for specific locations:
  • RE, DO outside the cemetery's lodge.
  • MI, FA, MI near the bench and memorial tablet.
  • FA, MI near the cemetery's entrance.
  • RE, SOL near old lady's husband grave.

Chapter 15: Finding Piano Keys

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Find PIANO KEYS in the hotel if you haven't done it yet. There are three: on the hotel's porch, in the old lady's room and near the hotel's gate.
  • Find the other two:
  • Get one PIANO KEY from the ground near old lady's husband grave (A).
  • Get the last PIANO KEY from the keeper's lodge (B).
  • Insert the missing PIANO KEYS in the piano in the lodge.

Chapter 16: The Piano & the Crypt

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Play proper tune on the piano. See the picture for details.
  • Enter the trapdoor in the lodge and investigate the crypt.
  • Open the coffin and solve the puzzle there. See the picture for sample solution.
  • After solving the puzzle, go outside and notice that lanterns have changed their colors. Time to find a place where you can get a proper view of the whole scene.
  • On your way back to the hotel's cliff get the CROWBAR from the cemetery's lodge and find a MYSTERIOUS KEY near the cemetery's entrance. You can also find a SEARCHLIGHT near the old lady's husband grave.

Chapter 17: Mysterious Cube

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Go to the cliff viewing point.
  • Look through the spyglass and note the pattern down using the NOTEPAD.
  • Go back to the town and enter the room in the ruined house.
  • Use the noted light pattern to open the mysterious cube.
  • Take the VALVE from it.

Chapter 18: Diving Suit

  • Time to find missing parts of the diving suit! Find the diving suit IRON BOOT in the town's bar.
  • Find the diving suit HELMET GLASS inside the pet shop.
  • Find the diving suit GAUNTLET in the school's classroom.
  • Enter the basement with the diving suit and find the right combination of levers to lower the diving suit. It's always random!
  • Attach the SEARCHLIGHT, HELMET GLASS, GAUNTLET and BOOT to the diving suit.

Chapter 19: Sewers

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Investigate the pump in the diving suit basement and attach the missing valve.
  • Find the right pressure to turn the pump in the diving suit basement on. You need to turn on the valves that sums up as exactly 150.
  • Enter the city sewers from the diving suit basement.
  • Solve the puzzles in the city sewers. The small screen above the main one shows you which digits are correct in your previous try (green), which are wrong (red) and which are present in the combination, but in the wrong place (yellow).
  • Each solved puzzle will light up the way for you to go.

Chapter 20: Chessboard

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Find the QUEEN chess piece near the limo in the sunken town.
  • Find the HORSE chess piece in the residence, near the old picture.
  • Find the TOWER chess piece near the chessboard in the residence.
  • Put the chess pieces on the right spots on the chessboard.
  • Solve the chessboard puzzle to open secret doorway in the sunken residence.
  • Enter the hidden room in the residence and grab vial of POISON from the desk (A).
  • Find a hidden Codeminion logo under the desk (B) to get the trophy.

Chapter 21: Sunken Church

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • To enter the church you need to find 18 pieces of the photograph floating everywhere in the sunken city. Check the pictures for exact locations.
  • Use the PHOTO PIECES to reconstruct the picture on the sunken church's door.
  • Enter the sunken church and find the MYSTERIOUS KEY.

Chapter 22: Mysterious Keys

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Time to find the rest of the keys!
  • While in the city use the CROWBAR to break the cupboard in the pet shop ruins and retrieve the MYSTERIOUS KEY.
  • Find the MYSTERIOUS KEY on the playground near the school ruins.
  • Find the MYSTERIOUS KEY in the room with dead body in the town ruins.
  • Find the HOOK NECKLACE in the hotel's basement.
  • Use the HOOK NECKLACE to retrieve the MYSTERIOUS KEY from the fish tank in the hotel lobby.

Chapter 23: The Hotel Owner's Story

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Investigate the picture (A) in the hotel hall and solve its mystery by finding differences between two pictures to retrieve last MYSTERIOUS KEY. You should have all 7 now.
  • Open the mysterious door (B) in the hotel's basement with the keys you've already found.
  • Investigate the secret hideout in the hotel's basement and find the hotel ownership deed.
  • Confront the hotel owner and present him the blood-stained deed.
  • Watch the final vision telling the hotel owner's story.

Chapter 24: The Old Lady's Story

Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Travel to the cemetery and visit the old lady's husband grave.
  • Confront the old lady and present her the vial of POISON.
  • Watch the final vision telling the hotel owner's story.
  • You already got one piece of HEART KEY from the hotel owner, now you'll get another one and the key is complete. It's time to use it and learn the girl's secret!
  • Use the boat to get to the church's tower and use the heart pieces to open the lock.

Chapter 25: The Church Tower

Phantasmat Phantasmat Phantasmat
  • Enter the church's tower and learn the mystery of the hotel girl.
  • Find the engagement RING on the girl's corpse (A).
  • Use the rope (B) to ring the bell to make the bird's nest fall.
  • Investigate the nest (C) and grab the LIGHTER and the NAIL FILE.
  • Use the LIGHTER to light the candles (D).
  • Use the NAIL FILE to lift the lock on the cupboard (E).
  • Find the HAMMER in the cupboard.
  • Break the stained glass with the HAMMER and grab the SHARP PIECE OF GLASS.

Chapter 26: The Girl's Story

  • Use the SHARP PIECE OF GLASS to cut the vines.
  • Present the wedding RING to the girl.
  • Watch the final vision telling the hotel owner's story.
  • Go through the forest road to the highway to leave this place.

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