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Imagine looking out over the battlefield, the clash of steel ringing in your ears. Your soldiers stare the enemy down, the air is thick with tension. Then, you give the command to charge. If you’re interested in testing your cunning as a military commander, you may be intrigued by our diverse selection of War games. Whether you’re a major history buff or prefer fantasy warfare, Big Fish offers a wide variety of options. Lead a platoon of musketmen in the Civil War or strategically position your tanks in entirely new worlds!

Don’t worry if you’re not a mastermind when it comes to Strategy games, we also offer fun-filled titles that take a different approach to historic battlefields. Have you ever wanted to solve the mysteries left behind by secret societies and great generals? Then try one of our Hidden Object War Games!

war-on-folvosget-this-game toy-defenseget-this-game great-little-war-gameget-this-game hidden-mysteries-civil-warget-this-game
war-chessget-this-game the-dark-side-collectors-editionget-this-game pengu-warsget-this-game skybornget-this-game


Are you anxious to join the ranks of legendary military leaders such as Alexander the Great and Abraham Lincoln? Then be sure to browse our selection. The Big Fish library has a mixture of downloadable and online games. We also have streaming War Games on our Big Fish Unlimited page. Play instantly today!

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